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Paul Robert Steiner Memorial Scholarship in Wood Science
Oscar Sziklai Memorial Bursary in Forestry
TimberWest Forest Limited Fellowship in Forest Resource Management and Planning
TimberWest Forest Limited Fellowship in Forest Sciences
E.G. & W.D. Touzeau Bursary
University of B.C. Forestry Alumni Division Entrance Scholarship
University of B.C. Forestry Alumni Division Scholarship
VanDusen Graduate Fellowship in Forestry
Mary and Robert Wellwood Memorial Scholarship in Wood Science and Industry
Weyerhaeuser Aboriginal Award in Forestry
Mabelle Andison Prize
Benjamin John Edinger Memorial Prize in French Literature
David E. Highnam Memorial Prize
Joan Livesey Prize in French-Canadian Literature
Dorothea Lundell Bursary
Wilson Henderson Fellowship
H. Norman Lidster Prize in Documentary Filmmaking
Freda Springate Graduating Prize for Excellence in Film
Faculty Women's Club Ida Green Scholarship
CanWest Global Centre Scholarship
Okanagan Visual Arts Scholarship
Vernon Film Society Scholarship
Jay Wadsworth Memorial Scholarship in Special Education
Captain C. Y. Wu Scholarship
Eric A. Roenitz Memorial Award in Engineering Physics
Roy Nodwell Memorial Prize
Judith Anderson Memorial Bursary
Mabel Mackenzie Colbeck Scholarship in English
Jan De Bruyn Prize
Dr. Ira Dilworth Prize in English
English Honours Prize
Mary Quan Lee Memorial Scholarship in English
Marc Beach English Honours Essay Prize
Ann and William Messenger Graduate Scholarship in English
Frances Milburn PEO Scholarship
Ann Munton Memorial Scholarship in English
Stanley Merritt Ellery Read Scholarship in English
Norman L. Rothstein Memorial Scholarship
Paul G. Stanwood Prize in English
Dorothy M. Wallis Memorial Bursary
Barbara Anne Wiebe Memorial Scholarship
Ian and Frances Dowdeswell Scholarship in Electrical and Computer Engineering
General Motors of Canada Limited Scholarship in Electrical and Computer Engineering
Graduating Class of 1969 Electrical Engineering Award
MDSI Mobile Data Solutions Inc. Peter Kam Memorial Scholarship
Olga and Richard Murray Bursary in Engineering
Rockwell Automation Canada Inc. Scholarship in Electrical and Computer Engineering
Rogers Communications Inc. Scholarship
Sony of Canada Ltd Applied Science Scholarship
Fortis BC Scholarship in Engineering
Charles Lindsay Thompson Scholarship
Arthur John Watson Memorial Bursary in Electrical Engineering
J.K. Zee Memorial Fellowship in Electrical and Computer Engineering
Bridges Transitions Inc. Award in Education
Faculty of Education Award for Service and Leadership
Edna Baxter Memorial Prize
W. Gordon Brandreth Prize in Human Kinetics
Mary A. Bryant Scholarship in Education
Margaret Cameron Scholarship in Teacher Education
Canadian Yugoslav Community Association Bursary
C. K. Choi Scholarship in Secondary Education
Bryan R. Clarke Prize
Cromie-Dix Memorial Bursary
Aunna Currie Memorial Prize
A. Josephine Dauphinee Bursary
Bill Davison Memorial Prize
Delta Kappa Gamma Society Bursary in Education
Eleanore Vaines Scholarship
Education Students' Association Bursary
Hazel and Jack Grimmett Scholarship
A. Hattrick Scholarship in Education
Karen Hawkins Memorial Scholarship in Education
Marilyn Hunnings Memorial Scholarship in Education
Jimmar Memorial Scholarship in Education
Hilda Ellen Silver Karst Memorial Bursary
Kathleen Vawden Kermode Memorial Bursary
Henry and Lily Kung Award in Education
Albert Laithwaite Memorial Bursary
Heather Lawson Memorial Scholarship
John Francis Lidstone Scholarship
Mathilde MacInnes Memorial Scholarship
Joyce A. McRae Memorial Bursary in Education
Linda and K. C. Mack Bursary in Early Childhood Education
V. Z. Manning Memorial Bursary
Barbara Jean Mazzoli Memorial Bursary
Barry C. Munro Memorial Scholarship in Educational Psychology
Robert F. Osborne Memorial Award in Human Kinetics
Joan Porret Memorial Bursary
R. R. Smith Bursary in Education
Tsutae and Hanako Sato Prize
Neville and Gladys Scarfe Memorial Prize
Barbara Schrodt Award in Human Kinetics
John B. Service Memorial Prize in Human Kinetics
W. D. Shaffer Bursary
Jean Elizabeth Sim Memorial Bursary in Education
University of B.C. Alumni NITEP Scholarship
Chitose Uchida Memorial Prize
University Women's Club of Vancouver Jean Beaty Memorial Bursary
Jack Young Prize
Captain C. Y. Wu Scholarship in Human Kinetics
Janie and Hector Wright Memorial Scholarship
Don Wright Scholarship in Instrumental Music Education
WOMEN in Technology Teacher Education Prize
Gordon Sinclair Wilson Memorial Scholarship
Canadian Foundation for Economic Education David Dodge Scholarship
Economics Undergraduate Scholarship
Dal Grauer Memorial Scholarship
Hector Gordon Munro Scholarship in Economics
Albert Whiteley Memorial Fellowship
Academy of General Dentistry British Columbia Chapter Prize
M. C. Bagnall Scholarship
B.C. Dentists' Wives' Association Scholarship in Dentistry
Beavers Dental Bill Scott Prize
College of Dental Hygienists of B.C. Gold Medal
College of Dental Surgeons of B.C. Scholarship for Dentistry
Dean of Dentistry Scholarship
Dr. Earl Ellison Prize
Susan Foy Memorial Service Award
Graduating Class of Dentistry 1978 Scholarship
Graduating Class of Dentistry 1974 Prize
Dr. Clay Hallman Memorial Scholarship for Proficiency in Removable Prosthetics
Dr. Laura G. Jasch Memorial Prize
Dr. Wilfred Arthur Jefferies Memorial Scholarship
Dr. Lorin O. Lind Memorial Prize
Max Nacht Memorial Prize in Dentistry
Preventive Dentistry Prize
Robert W. Scott Memorial Award
Roy Sofield Memorial Prize in Dentistry
Sunstar G-U-M Scholarship in Dental Hygiene
Darlene J. Thomas Memorial Award in Dental Hygiene
Western Canada Dental Society: Dr. Cal Waddell Memorial Scholarship
Western Canada Dental Society Scholarship
Douglas and Beverly Bankson Scholarship in Creative Writing
Brissenden Scholarship
George McWhirter Prize in Poetry
Bruce N. Robinson Memorial Scholarship in Creative Writing
Maxine Sevack Memorial Scholarship
Harry and Hilda Smith Foundation Scholarship
Teresa Tenisci Memorial Prize
Greer Family Scholarship
David Shum Memorial Prize in Computer Science
Antonio "Tony" Tan Uy Memorial Scholarship
Adera Development Corporation Scholarship
Arthur Beedle Prize
Canadian Council of Financial Analysts Prize
Chartered Accountants Education Foundation Desmond O'Brien Memorial Scholarship
Deans Knight Capital Management Ltd Award
Dorothy Anne Dilworth Memorial Prize
Captain Donald Francis Elliot Memorial Scholarship
Jack Evans Prize in Accounting
Dan Gardiner Award
Thomas A. Garvey Prize
Colin C. Gourlay Medal and Prize
Naomi Grigg Scholarship
Matthew H. Henderson Memorial Prize
Hong Kong-Canada Business Association Scholarship in Commerce and Business Administration
Dr. and Mrs. W. Clarke Horning Scholarship
David House Memorial Scholarship
Kiwanis Club Scholarship
Michael and Sonja Koerner First Nations Fellowship
KPMG Scholarship
Parrish E. Lalonde Memorial Scholarship
H. R. MacMillan Scholarship in Commerce and Business Administration
Earle D. MacPhee Scholarship
Meakin Family Award
L. Jack Mitten Scholarship
Stuart Olson Construction Inc. Scholarship
W. Maurice Young Memorial Scholarship in Commerce
William F. J. Wood Prize
Leslie G. J. Wong Memorial Fellowship
Wolrige Mahon Scholarship
James A. Winton Memorial Award in Real Estate
Madhu Varshney Scholarship
Vancouver Security Traders Association Award in Finance
Vancouver Port Authority Scholarship
Vancouver Executives' Association Scholarship
UPS Foundation Fellowship
George D. Sherwood Prize
Sauder School of Business Scholarship
Harry L. Purdy Memorial Scholarship
PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP - Donald McLeod Anderson Memorial Scholarship
Peter Frost Teaching and Learning Memorial Scholarship
Murray Pezim Scholarship
Hanna E. Kassis Prize in Religious Studies
Sheldon Cherry Scholarship in Civil Engineering
Environmental Engineering Research Scholarship
Dr. C. Guarnaschelli Research Scholarship
Roy Francis Hooley Memorial Scholarship in Engineering
Lambert Scholarship
J. Fred Muir Memorial Scholarship
Read Jones Christoffersen Ltd. - John H. Read Scholarship
Walter Shukin Memorial Scholarship
N. M. Skalbania Ltd. Scholarship in Civil Engineering
Ken Strauss Memorial Scholarship in Civil Engineering
Arthur S. Hawkes Scholarship in Chemistry
Agnes and Gilbert Hooley Scholarship in Chemistry
Gladys Estella Laird Research Fellowship
Charles A. McDowell Fellowship
Ed Shuter Scholarship
Larry S. Weiler Memorial Scholarship in Chemistry