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CLA Dafoe Scholarship
BCIT Alumni Association Entrance Awards
BC Radilogical Society Entrance Award
BCIT Board of Governor's Entrance Awards for Bachelor's Degrees
BCIT December 6 Memorial Award for Women in Engineering
Citytv Vancouver Entrance Awards
Allan G. Goodbrand Memorial Entrance Awards
Jiro Hamaguchi Memorial Entrance Awards
Oracle Corporation Vancouver Entrance Award
Teck Cominco Limited Entrance Award
TimberWest Forest Corp. Entrance Award
The BCIT Staff - High Tech, High Promise Capital Campaign Entrance Award
Ramsay MacDonald Memorial Entrance Award
James Ehnes Scholarship in Strings
James Harvey Tolton Memorial Scholarship
Pallister Entrance Scholarships
Delameter-Wood 50th Anniversary Scholarship
Phillippa Saul Memorial Bursaries in Arts and Music
Anne Selley (nee McKillop) and Annie Truesdall Bursaries
Brandon Regional Health Center Auxilliary Bursary
James of Goodlands Bursaries
Scotiabank Scholarship for Aboriginal students in financial need
Dr. Doreen (Rowse) Pachal Bursary
Manitoba Blue Cross Entrance Bursary
Manitoba Blue Cross Traveller's Bursary
Dr. Kevin and Mrs. Els Kavanagh Entrance Bursary
Dr. Jack Norman Edmison Memorial Bursary
Coast Salish Employment Training Society Award
The Bolen Books English Essay Award
Robert Martin History Scholarship
Geography Faculty Award
Applied Chemistry & Biotechnology Program Achievement Award For Biotechnology
Associate of Science Degree Award ~ Second Year
Dave and Bev Knapton Associate Degree of Science Scholarship
Air and Waste Management Association - Co-op Education Continuing Student Award
CellFor Community Education Excellence Graduate Award
CellFor Community Education Excellence Graduate Award
URSUS Environmental Excellence in Biodiversity Award
Ted Adkin Memorial Award
Jack O. Hurlbut Scholarship
Florence Montgomery Scholarship
Nat Bailey Scholarships
Garland Commercial Ranges Scholarships
ARAMARK Canada Scholarship
Andrew Peller Limited Scholarship
John E. Coles Scholarship
Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Scholarship
Gordon Food Service Scholarship
Boston Pizza Scholarship
Cara Operations Scholarship
Granite Club Scholarship
The Garland Group Scholarship
Trimen Food Equipment Group Scholarship
Yum! Restaurants International (Canada) Culinary (2-Year Program) Scholarship
Jack Hemmings Scholarship
Metro Toronto Convention Centre Scholarship
Church Service Scholarships
OuttatownLeadership Scholarship
Richard Lewar Scholarships
Scholarship for Public Affairs and Policy Management Students Entering in Fall 2007!
Scholarships for Transfer Students
The Association of Canadian Financial Officers Prize
Bank of Nova Scotia, Carleton University Branch, Award in Commercial Law
Dr. M. Ralph Berke Award in Chemistry
Dr.Thomas Betz Memorial Scholarship
The Canadian Corporate News Scholarship in Journalism
Chipworks Award
W.H. Collins Memorial Scholarship
W.R. Davis Engineering Scholarship
Lord Dundonald Chapter, I.O.D.E. Scholarship
Department of French Scholarship
Golder Associates Award
Thomas Henry Hartman Award in Humorous Writing
David Carton MacDonald Memorial Award
Helen Nininger Scholarship in Music
Ontario Power Generation Award
Ontario Professional Engineers Foundation for Education Fund; Entrance Scholarships
Ottawa Citizen Scholarship
Ottawa Citizen Scholarship in Journalism
Ottawa Hydro Carl F. Kropp Recognition of Academic Excellence Award
The Page and Steele School of Architecture Scholarship
Prince Memorial Achievement Award
Purvins Memorial Award
Barbie Ross Memorial Award
E. Norman Smith Memorial Award
Kenneth Tang Memorial Scholarship
Norman and Carole Zagerman Varsity Basketball Scholarship
Northern Research Internships
Industrial Undergraduate Student Research Awards (USRA)
NSERC Postgraduate Scholarships (PGS) D
Industrial Innovation Scholarships (IIS) Master's Level
Industrial Innovation Scholarships (IIS) Doctoral Level
Postdoctoral Fellowships (PDF)
University Faculty Awards (UFA)
Visiting Fellowships in Canadian Government Laboratories (VF)
In-course Scholarship
75th Anniversary Concordia Guild Scholarship
Peter Balback Memorial Bursary
Reverend and Mrs. Carl R. Baron Bursary
John Chomiak Political Economy Bursary
Concordia Guild Scholarship
Concordia Leadership Award
Concordia Students' Association Award
Edmonton Realtors' Charitable Foundation Bursary for Disabled Students
Edmonton Rotary Club Bursary
Carl J. Hennig Memorial Scholarship
K. T. W. Scholarship
Mature Students' Association Scholarship
Elaine Susan Margaret Miller Memorial Scholarship
Samuel and Amalia Rosnau Memorial Scholarship
Royal Bank Scholarship
Constable Peter Schiemann Memorial Scholarship
Walter Wangerin Scholarship
TEAL Mary Ashworth Scholarship
Simon Fraser Scholarship
Gordon M. Shrum Scholarships
Shad Valley Gordon M. Shrum Scholarship
H.Y. Louie Entrance Awards
Community Entrance Awards
Lloyd-Carr Harris Foundation Entrance Scholarship in Business Administration
International Summit Scholarships
Tadeusz Specht Memorial Scholarships
Honourable William H. Hamilton Scholarships
Ken Caple Scholarships
The BBPA Harry Jerome Legacy Scholarships
The Robert K. Brown Scholarship
The CIBC Scholarship
The TD Bank Scholarships
The National Deans' Entrance Scholarships for Excellence
The Leadership Awards Program
Laurentian University Entrance Bursaries
Jacqueline Labelle Award
The Gerald (KStJ) and Marguerite Lougheed Scholarship
The Dowling Horseshoe Club Bursary
The Association des etudiantes et etudiants francophones Scholarship
The Laurentian University Faculty Association Scholarship
The Thomas Balfe Memorial Award
The Mason C.F. Kossatz Memorial Scholarship
The Senator Rheal Belisle Scholarships
The Marsh A. Cooper Award in Geology
The Dr. Baxter Ricard Scholarship
The Chapitre des Caisses populaires de Sudbury Award in the School of Education
The Laurentian University Administrative and Professional Staff Association Scholarship
The Elizabeth Burton Award
The Pearl Hagen Memorial Awards
The Helen Byrnes Memorial Award
The Margaret Fyfe-Orange Memorial Awards
The Mrs. Dominga de la Riva Memorial Scholarships
The Joe Fabbro Memorial Award
The Herbert Babiasch Memorial Award
The Elizabeth May Devereux Memorial Award
The Inco Limited Mining Awards
The Sylvain L. Dugas Scholarship
Laurentian University Karate Club Scholarship
History Department Prize
The Edwin J. Wiley Scholarship
The Brian J. Croteau Memorial Scholarship
The Dr. M. Yousaf Memorial Scholarship in Mathematics
The Dr. George and Mary Walker Memorial Scholarship
Sudbury and District Chartered Accountants Association Scholarship
The Purchasing-Management Association of Canada (Sudbury District) Scholarship
The Harold and Ethel Bennett Memorial Scholarship
The Dr. Dorothy E. Zaborszky Memorial Scholarship
The R.D. Parker Memorial Scholarship for Women in Mining Engineering
The Ontario Professional Engineers Foundation for Education Upper-year Scholarships
L.U. - Louise de Kiriline Lawrence Scholarships
The F. Jean MacLeod Conservation Endowment Scholarships
L.U. In-Course Scholarships
The Thayer Lindsley Scholarship
The Carl and Lyle Sanders Scholarships
The Carl J. Sanders Scholarships
The Frank S. Ressel Memorial Scholarships
The L.U. 35th Anniversary President's Scholarships
The Peter Barott Scholarship
The R.J. Askin Memorial Scholarship
Aurora NanoDevices Entrance Award
BC Lions Society Advanced Education Fund Entrance Award
CIBC Entrance Awards
Frank Ney Memorial Entrance Award
Herold Engineering Entrance Award
Nora Fulton Gibson Entrance Awards
Malaspina University-College Degree Entrance Scholarships
Associated Canadian Travelers Award
BMO Bank of Montreal Awards for Aboriginal Students
Canadian Federation of University Women - Cowichan Valley Award
Canadian Federation of University Women - Nanaimo Scholarship
Canada Millennium Scholarship Foundation National In-Course Awards
CanWest Global Communications Scholarship
Cloverdale Paint Award
Coastal Community Credit Union Award
Cowichan Dogwoods Chapter of the IODE Award
Credit Union Foundation of BC Awards
CUPE Local 1858 Scholarship
Cyril S. White & Family Award
Elizabeth Newham Award
Gerry Goodwin Memorial Scholarships
Global Studies Award