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Mark William Powrie Memorial Scholarship
Mae and Douglas Raymond Memorial Bursary in Music
Doug Spence Memorial Scholarship in Music
Magdalena Stekl Memorial Scholarship in Music
Canadian Institute of Mining Metallurgy and Petroleum Georgia Strait Branch Bursary
Lt. Eric Soulis Ditmars Memorial Scholarship
Dunsmuir Scholarship
Eldridge Memorial Prize
Husky Energy Scholarship
Cy and Emerald Keyes Fellowship in Mining and Mineral Process Engineering
Cy and Emerald Keyes Scholarship in Mining and Mineral Process Engineering
Frederick Armand McDiarmid Scholarship
William Alexander MacKenzie Scholarship
Dr. F. J. Nicholson Scholarship
Rio Algom Scholarship
Harold A. Steane Memorial Award
Westmin Resources Limited - Dr. G. M. Furnival Scholarship
Acuren Scholarship in Metallurgy
J. Keith Brimacombe Memorial Scholarship
Frank A. Forward Memorial Scholarship in Metallurgy
Greater Vancouver Mining Women's Association Bursary
Ernest Peters Prize
John H. Reid Memorial Scholarship
John K. Weglo Bursary in Metals and Materials Engineering
Sales and Marketing Executives of Vancouver Ben Benwell Scholarship
Sales and Marketing Executives of Vancouver Frederick H. Siller Scholarship
Sales and Marketing Executives of Vancouver James B. Warren Scholarship
Saturn Scholarship in Marketing
Daniel Ulinder Scholarship
Dr. C. Guarnaschelli Research Scholarship
Jack B. Mitchell Memorial Bursary in Mining and Mineral Process Engineering
Teck Cominco Limited Scholarship in Mining
Aramark Scholarship in Management
Ed and Rose Hoffman Family Entrance Scholarship from Secondary School
Dr. A. M. Agnew Memorial Prize
Zoeann Rea Armstrong Memorial Bursary
Dr. Alan William Baird Brydon Memorial Scholarship
Harriet Sarah Byrne Scholarship
Dr. William Campbell Memorial Bursary
Connie and Sam Carlin Scholarship
Dr. Jay C. Cheng Memorial Prize in Psychiatry
Greg Clarke Memorial Bursary in Medicine
Cam Coady Memorial Bursary
D. Harold Copp Prize in Physiology
Elizabeth K. Craig Memorial Scholarship
Margaret Croucher Memorial Award
Dandelion Prize
George and Julie de Lange Bursary in Medicine
Tommy Diespecker Memorial Medical Prize
Max and Susie Dodek Medical Prize
Hon. Thomas A. Dohm, Q.C., Bursary in Medicine
Dr. Lore Dolman Memorial Prize
Dr. Paul Alexander Donaldson Scholarship
Millie and Ralph Drabinsky Graduate Scholarship in Medicine
Robert Driscoll Memorial Prize in Medicine
Barrie Flather Memorial Bursary
Verne D. Flather Memorial Bursary
Chris and Sophie Fornssler Bursary
Oscar Engelbert Forsberg Memorial Scholarship
Jack Fouks Memorial Prize
Graduating Class of Medicine 1966 Fred Scriver Memorial Bursary
Thomas and Myrtle Gibson Memorial Scholarship
Mary and John D. Gibson Memorial Bursary
Graduating Class of Medicine 1956 Bursary
Graduating Class of Medicine 1954 Bursary
Graduating Class of Medicine 1957 Bursary
Graduating Class of Medicine 1968 Bursary
Thomas R. Greer Memorial Scholarship
Hamber Scholarship in Medicine
Hargrave Bursary in Medicine
Dennis Harris Memorial Prize in Psychiatry
James Walls Hay Scholarship
Victor Hertzman Memorial Prize in Cardiology
Margaret Ho Scholarship in Medicine
Madge Hogarth Bursary
Abraham and Anna Horen Prize
Cynthia J. Horner Memorial Prize
Irving Clinic Medical Entrance Scholarship
Ken and Su Jang Bursary in Medicine
Dr. Laura G. Jasch Memorial Prize
Sidney Kaplan Prize in Family Medicine
Kelowna General Hospital Foundation Scholarship
Kievell Scholarship
Kiwanis Club of Uptown Vancouver Ted Lewis Memorial Medical Bursary
Harold Krivel Prize in Paediatrics
Chung Nin Lam Memorial Bursary in Medicine
Chung Nin Lam Memorial Prize in Paediatrics
Alex P. Lee Memorial Bursary in Medicine
Doretta Lee Memorial Scholarship
Samuel David Leshgold Memorial Bursary
Lisa McClintock Memorial Scholarship
Dr. Lachlan Neil MacKechnie Memorial Entrance Scholarship
Margaret Isabel McKellar Memorial Prize
John Neil McLeod Scholarship
Andrew Neil McTaggart Memorial Prize in Psychiatry
Jaswant Kaur Manhas Memorial Scholarship in Medicine
Harcharan Kaur Mann Memorial Scholarship in Medicine
Faculty of Medicine 50th Anniversary Entrance Bursary
Faculty of Medicine 50th Anniversary Scholarship
Medicine Class Act CARMS Bursary
Sheri Mescaniuk Memorial Bursary in Psychiatry
Lillian Slusman Meyers Memorial Bursary
Dr. Margaret Mullinger Prize in Paediatrics
Dr. Donald S. Munroe Memorial Scholarship
Dr. Ernest Roland Myers Scholarship
Joan Margaret Noble Bursary in Medicine
Norris-Mebius Bursary
Jane Guay Daniells Orris Memorial Scholarship
Dr. John L. Oulton Memorial Prize in Anaesthesia
Richard Owen Memorial Prize
Pacific Blue Cross Medical Entrance Scholarship
Joan and John Pavelich Bursary in Medicine
Elizabeth J. Pullen Bursary
Rhoda and Al Boggie M.D. Entrance Bursary
Richmond Medical Association Bursary
Robert S. Rothwell Bursary in Medicine
Harold James Russell Prize
Schom Bursary
Harry and Martha Virginia Small Bursary in Medicine
Ernest E. Smith Scholarship
Burrows Moore Smythe Bursary
Dollie Son-Hing Scholarship
Dr. Peter H. Spohn Memorial Prize
Joseph David Stringer Memorial Scholarship
Ram Nath Talwar Bursary in Medicine
Trapp Bursary
Dr. A. E. Trites Memorial Scholarship
William Scott Ure and Kathleen D Ure Memorial Award
Vancouver Island Disctrict PABC Bursary
Nora May Vint Bursary
C. L. Wang Memorial Scholarship
Dean M. M. Weaver Medal and Prize
John W. Whitelaw Memorial Scholarship
Dr. W. A. Whitelaw Scholarship
Albert Ho Yee Bursary in Medicine
Yu Ping Chau Scholarship
James Miller Memorial Prize
ASHRAE Prize in Mechanical Engineering
Chemetics Tatsu Ueki Memorial Scholarship in Engineering
Dale Cherchas Memorial Prize
John DeForest Bursary in Mechanical Engineering
Elephant Guard Award
Brian Graham Memorial Service Award
Jaya-Jayant Prize in Mechanical Engineering
Letson Prize
James B. McLaren Memorial Scholarship
Methanex Corporation Scholarship
David Nikkel Memorial Prize in Engineering Design
Mark Patterson Memorial Bursary in Engineering
Ian S. Ross Memorial Award in Engineering
Lilly and Leonard Schajer Memorial Bursary
Talisman Energy Scholarship in Mechanical Engineering
Frank Vernon Memorial Scholarship
Westcoast Energy Inc. Ed Johnson Memorial Bursary in Mechanical Engineering
Ron Riddell and Roy Douglas Memorial Scholarship in Mathematics
Lawrence Roberts Mathematics Entrance Scholarship
University Women's Club of Vancouver Scholarship in Mathematics Education
G. C. Webber Memorial Prize
Language and Literacy Education Graduate Prize
Agricultural Bursary
Faculty of Agricultural Sciences Bursary
UBC Alumni Meloche Monnex Scholarship
P. A. Boving Prize in Agriculture
British Columbia Institute of Agrologists Scholarship
B.C. Dietitians' and Nutritionists' Association Prize in Dietetics
Ruth S. Bryson Soroptimist Scholarship in Family and Nutritional Sciences
N. P. Casorso Bursary
Brian K. de P. Chance Memorial Scholarship in Animal Science
F. M. Clement Prize in Agricultural Economics
Dave Diamond Bursary
W. Jack H. Dicks Scholarship
Michael J. Goldstein Memorial Service Award
Douglas F. Johnston Bursary
H. M. King Prize in Animal Science
Rita Krivel Memorial Scholarship in Dietetics
Isaac Lipovsky Award in Nutrition
George and Phyllis London Bursary
J. C. "Barney" MacGregor Scholarship
Dr. D. A. McKee Memorial Prize
Jessie L. McLenaghen Scholarship
Jacob and Gertrude Narod Scholarship
N and H Farms Entrance Scholarship
George J. Okulitch Memorial Scholarship in Food Science
James and Mildred Oldfield Scholarship
Mildred Catherine Orr Memorial Scholarship in Family and Nutritional Sciences
Sperry Phillips Memorial Bursary
Dr. Alice Ravenhill Memorial Scholarship
Kenneth S. Russell Memorial Scholarship
Wilfrid Sadler Prize in Dairying
David Thom Scholarship
Agnes Merle Turnbull Scholarship
Victoria Home Economics and Dietetic Association Bursary
Waikiki Aekai Uniona Scholarship in Agricultural Sciences
Stanford and Iris Wainwright Memorial Scholarship
Westgen Scholarship
Advocis Educational Foundation Prize
Auriol Gurner Young Memorial Award in Law
Allard and Company Scholarship in Law
Joseph J. Arvay Bursary in Law
Association Internationale des Jeunes Avocats (A.I.J.A.) Prize in Public International Law