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Unitron Scholarship in Audiology
Workers Compensation Board Fellowship
Konarak Prize in South Asian Studies
Harmandeep Kaur Rai Memorial Prize in Asian Studies
Ajaib S. Sangha Prize
Gregory Tso Memorial Scholarship in Asian Studies
Dr. and Mrs. A. M. Bomstead Scholarship in Violin and Piano
Karen Bomstead Memorial Scholarship in Piano
Sharon Louise Brewster Memorial Scholarship
Cervantes Scholarship
Margaret Ruth Crawford Scholarship
Dean of Arts Scholarship
Dr. Jack Diamond Scholarship
Gilean Douglas Scholarship in English
Erika Nalos Kurth Scholarship in Voice
Fung Hang Memorial Prize
Eileen R. Gilley Soroptimist Scholarship in Music
Elias and Elizabeth Healman Memorial Scholarship
William and Nona Heaslip Scholarship
Ben Heppner Scholarship
Mary Hill Scholarship in Social Work
Laura Holland Scholarship
Cortland Hultberg Memorial Scholarship
Grant F. Hurst Memorial Scholarship in Music
Jean Jure Scholarship
Jacobus and Frances Jutte Memorial Scholarship
Ruth Parnum King Memorial Prize in Music
D.C. & H.L. Knigge Entrance Scholarship in Music
Liana Lam Scholarship
W. H. MacInnes Memorial Scholarship
Monica Mason-Rooke Memorial Scholarship in Music
Ann Liisa McCutcheon Memorial Award
Pearl Kerr Mossfield Memorial Scholarship
Belle Mulholland Memorial Prize in Religious Studies
Prize for Musicology
Victoria Nagler Scholarship
Native Brotherhood of B.C. Jubilee Scholarship
Otello P. Nocente Memorial Award in Theatre
Penny Hicks Service Award
Paul S. Plant Memorial Scholarship in Canadian Studies
Roopchand Seebaran Essay Prize
Joseph I. Richardson Scholarship
Robert and Kazuko Barker Award
William Robbins Memorial Prize in British Literature
Severnian Scholarship in Music
Eva L. Shea Scholarship in Piano
Robert Silverman Prize in Piano
Queen Sinclair Scholarship in Music
Florence Muriel Smeltzer Scholarship
St. Leonard's Youth and Family Services Scholarship
University Women's Club of Vancouver Ruby B. Riddell Scholarship in Music
Fitzpatrick Walters Scholarship in Music
Sun-Rype Founders' Scholarship
Faculty of Applied Science Prize for Academic Excellence
Charles and Jane Banks Scholarship
G. E. "Ted" Baynes Student Award
Edith Grace Buchan Scholarship
C.K. Choi Scholarship in Engineering
Dumoulin Black Award in Geological Sciences
Engineering Scholarship
Environmental Engineering Scholarship
Firoz Rasul Scholarship for Fuel Cell Research
Louis J. Gall Award in Mining Engineering
Stephanie Gnup Scholarship in Nursing
Hamber Scholarship in Nursing
D.C. & H.L. Knigge Scholarship in Nursing
Lily Lee Scholarship in Nursing
Dorothy J. Logan Memorial Scholarship in Nursing
Egil H. Lorntzsen Scholarship
Jessie MacCarthy Scholarship in Nursing
Annie M. Mack Scholarship
Robert Quarrington Maxwell Scholarship
Kiyoharu and Kiyoaki Momose Memorial Scholarship
PMC-Sierra Inc. Founders' Award in Electrical and Computer Engineering
Merrill Prindle Book Prize in Engineering
Charles Victor Ryder Entrance Scholarship in Engineering
Transportation Association of Canada Foundation Entrance Scholarship
Triple "A" Scholarship in Applied Science
University Publishers Scholarship in Engineering
George E. Winkler Memorial Scholarship
C. W. Roberts Jr. Memorial Scholarship
James A. Shelford Memorial Scholarship
Albert B. and Mary Steiner Summer Research Award
British Columbia Institute of Agrologists, Dean Blythe A. Eagles, Scholarship
Vladimir J. Krajina Prize in Plant Ecology
Dean of Land and Food Systems Scholarship
Adam F. Szczawinski Prize in Botany
Paul Wisnicki Book Prize
Edythe Webster Scholarship in Library and Information Studies
David L. Vaughan, Q. C. Memorial Scholarship
Vancouver Geotechnical Society Scholarship
University of B.C. Nursing Division - Golden Jubilee Scholarship
University of BC Library, Archival and Information Studies Alumni Samuel Rothstein Scholarship
University of B.C. Library, Archival and Information Studies Alumni Lois M. Bewley Scholarship
Thompson Berwick Pratt & Partners Scholarship
Harry E. Taylor Canadian Indigenous Graduate Prize in Education
Strategic Management Scholarship
Nancy R. Stilwell Prize
Frank Stanzl Memorial Scholarship
Edward Squires Memorial Scholarship
Vinod K. Sood Memorial Fellowship
Margaret Fergusson Smith Memorial Scholarship
Dorothy Blakey Smith Memorial Scholarship
Simons Foundation Doctoral Scholarship
Schulich Fellowship for Entrepreneurship
Harold James Russell Scholarship in Rehabilitation Sciences
Abraham Rogatnick Book Prize
Robillard Scholarship
Rafii Architects Scholarship
Robert Rutherford Rae Scholarship
President's Travel Scholarship in Psychology
Perry & Associates Scholarship in Landscape Architecture
Douglas D. Paterson Scholarship in Landscape Architecture
Peter Frost MBA Memorial Award
Tim and Ann O'riordan Fellowship
Stanley M. Oberg Scholarship
Nutritional Research Fellowship
Gordon New Memorial Prize
Harold Naugler Memorial Prize
S. Stewart Murray Prize
Louise McGregor Memorial Scholarship in Neurorehabilitation
M. B. A. Exchange Student Scholarship
Hughes Condon Marler: Architects Scholarship
Kashmir Singh Manhas Scholarship in Applied Science
Rafe Mair Prize in Journalism
Mary and David MacAree Fellowship
Donald S. McPhee Fellowship
R. E. McKechnie Graduate Scholarship
Thomas and Marguerite MacKay Memorial Scholarship
Marion Judith Madsen Memorial Scholarship in Animal Welfare
W. J. Lyle Memorial Scholarship
Hugh Ladner Memorial Prize in Labour Relations
D.C. & H.L. Knigge Graduate Scholarship in Music
Stuart Keate Scholarship
Mabel Johnston Scholarship in Nursing
Ronald Jobe Children's Literature Scholarship
Insurance Corporation of British Columbia Scholarship in Occupational Therapy
The Hung Hing Ying and Leung Hau Ling Charitable Foundation Graduate Scholarship
Arthur Hullah and Dorothy Cleveland Memorial Scholarship
Richard David Hughes Scholarship in Library Sciences
Heather Howard Memorial Scholarship
Linda Smith Hawkes Scholarship in Social Work
Neal Harlow Prize
Henry Maas Memorial Scholarship
Thomas R. Greer Memorial Scholarship
Terry J. Gower Memorial Scholarship
Stephanie Gnup Scholarship in Physical Therapy
William and Dorothy Gilbert Scholarships in Bio-Medical Sciences
Donna Gibson Memorial Prize
John Gaitanakis Prize in Architecture
Ken F. Fraser Memorial Scholarship
James Fraser Memorial Prize
Gerald (Jerry) A. Feltham Scholarship
Ecolab Bursaries
Burlodge Bursary
MAFSI Bursaries
Campbell Company Bursary
CAFP - Ron Whittet Humanitarian Bursary
SaskTel Scholarships
Faculty of Arts Entrance Award
Great Canadian Bagel Limited Award
Van-Rob Inc. Award
George & Catherine Fallis Entrance Award
Tom Arnold CPMEA Entrance Scholarship
Ray & Joe Abramson Award in Mathematics and Statistics
David F. Denison and Maureen Flanagan Award
Michael H. Lawee Memorial Award in Science and Engineering
Hyacinth Taylor Owen Entrance Bursary
Merit Scholarships
Harry W. Arthurs Alumni Entrance Scholarship
The Honderich Bursary
BMO Financial Group Scholarships
Harris Steel Entrance Scholarship (BC and Alberta)
Harris Steel Entrance Scholarship (Quebec)
York University Entrance Scholarships
Fine Arts Talent Awards
Science & Engineering Scholarships
Tanna H. Schulich BBA/iBBA Entrance Scholarships
Gordon M. Shrum Scholarships
Dean's Scholarships
Tadeusz Specht Memorial Scholarships in Applied Sciences and in Science
Academic Excellence Scholarships
H.Y. Louie Entrance Awards
Ken Caple Scholarships
Stanley Morisse Memorial Scholarship
ASI Graduate Student Awards
DuPont Graduate Entrance Scholarship in Chemistry
Thelma Finlayson Graduate Entrance Scholarship
Bert Henry Memorial Graduate Scholarship
Graduate Entrance Scholarship in Political Science
Scott Paper Limited Bicultural Graduate Entrance Fellowship
O.H. Sorila Memorial Graduate Scholarship in Philosophy
Southam Inc. Graduate Entrance Scholarship in Publishing
Special Graduate Entrance Scholarship
William and Ada Isabelle Steel Memorial Graduate Scholarship
Dorothy Middler Thomas Graduate Entrance Scholarship in English
Doreen Wilkinson Memorial Graduate Scholarship in Economics
President's PhD Research Stipends