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Burrows Moore Smythe Bursary
Dollie Son-Hing Scholarship
Dr. Peter H. Spohn Memorial Prize
Ram Nath Talwar Bursary in Medicine
Louis Lipsey Toohill Scholarship
Trapp Bursary
Ethlyn Trapp Memorial Scholarship in Medicine
Dr. H. L. W. Turnbull Memorial Scholarship
Victoria Herman Van Dine Scholarship in Medicine
Vancouver Island Disctrict PABC Bursary
Dean M. M. Weaver Medal and Prize
M. M. Weaver Prize in the History of Medicine
John W. Whitelaw Memorial Scholarship
Albert Ho Yee Bursary in Medicine
James Miller Memorial Prize
ASHRAE Prize in Mechanical Engineering
Dale Cherchas Memorial Prize
John DeForest Bursary in Mechanical Engineering
Elephant Guard Award
Brian Graham Memorial Service Award
Mark Patterson Memorial Bursary in Engineering
Ian S. Ross Memorial Award in Engineering
Frank Vernon Memorial Scholarship
Westcoast Energy Inc. Ed Johnson Memorial Bursary in Mechanical Engineering
Daniel Buchanan Scholarship in Mathematics
Language and Literacy Education Graduate Prize
Faculty of Agricultural Sciences Bursary
UBC Alumni Meloche Monnex Scholarship
B.C. Dietitians' and Nutritionists' Association Prize in Dietetics
N. P. Casorso Bursary
Gilmour and Marjorie Clark Bursary in Agricultural Sciences
Dave Diamond Bursary
Rhona Clare Gillis Scholarship
Mary Graham Holland Scholarship for Family and Nutritional Sciences
Douglas F. Johnston Bursary
Rita Krivel Memorial Scholarship in Dietetics
Ann McCullough Memorial Bursary
David A. McKee Scholarship
Jessie L. McLenaghen Scholarship
Mutual Fire Insurance Company of B.C. Bursary in Agricultural Sciences
N and H Farms Entrance Scholarship
James and Mildred Oldfield Scholarship
Sperry Phillips Memorial Bursary
Ping Hua Pu Scholarship
Dr. Alice Ravenhill Memorial Scholarship
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Schachter Bursary in Food, Nutrition and Health
Jean and Michael Shaw Scholarship
Agnes Merle Turnbull Scholarship
Waikiki Aekai Uniona Scholarship in Agricultural Sciences
Stanford and Iris Wainwright Memorial Scholarship
Women's Canadian Club of Vancouver Scholarship in Food, Nutrition and Health
Advocis Educational Foundation Prize
Auriol Gurner Young Memorial Award in Law
Adam Albright Memorial Award in Law
Allard and Company Scholarship in Law
John Anderson MBA/LLB Scholarship
Joseph J. Arvay Bursary in Law
Association Internationale des Jeunes Avocats (A.I.J.A.) Prize in Public International Law
Bob Baker Memorial Bursary in Law
Thomas R Berger Bursary in Law
Gordon Bisaro Memorial Prize in Law
Barbara Bluman Memorial Prize in Dispute Resolution
Tim Cameron Memorial Bursary in Maritime/Fisheries Law
John K. Campbell Scholarship
Richard Campbell Memorial Scholarship
Campney & Murphy William R. Mead Memorial Scholarship
Cariboo Bar Association Bursary
Lord Denning Scholarship Class of '48
Steven Dorfman Memorial Award
Leonard St. M. Dumoulin Q.C. Memorial Bursary in Law
Edwards, Kenny & Bray Founders Scholarship
Allison Elliott Memorial Bursary
Farris Scholarship in Law
Fasken Martineau DuMoulin LLP Bursary
Fasken Martineau DuMoulin LLP Scholarship
Arthur Fouks Bursary in Law
George K. Fujisawa Q.C. Memorial Scholarship
Theresa Galloway Memorial Bursary in Law
Graduating Class of Law 1950 Bursary
Graduating Class of Law '53 Scholarship
Graduating Class of Law '59 Scholarship
Graduating Class of Law 1972 Bursary
Alfred and Ann Groberman Bursary in Law
Leslie E. Harowitz Memorial Prize
Raymond G. Herbert Award in Law
Bull Housser & Tupper LLP Prize in Succession
Diana and P. A. E. Irving Bursary
John N. Paton Memorial Prize
Elaine S. McKenna Kay Memorial Bursary
Diane Kilpatrick Memorial Scholarship
McCarthy Tetrault Diane Mason Memorial Prize in Contract Law
Bruce McColl Memorial Prize in Alternate Dispute Resolution
M. Gail MacDonald Memorial Bursary
Allan McEachern Prize in Criminal Law
Judge Helen Gregory MacGill Memorial Bursary
Malcolm MacIntyre Prize in Law
Malcolm MacIntyre Memorial Entrance Scholarship in Law
Kashmir Singh Manhas Scholarship in Law
Miller Thomson LLP Entrance Scholarship in Law
Michael E. Moran Memorial Prize
Joel Nitikman and Liny Chan Bursary in Law
Lee Paikin Memorial Bursary
Ed Peck Industrial Relations Prize in Law
Provincial Court Judges' Bursary
Robert S. Reid Award in Law
Govin Rai Roopra and Priti Kaur Roopra Scholarship in Law
M. F. Jefferson Smith Memorial Award
Stan Smith Memorial Prize in Contract Law
John Herbert Frederic Stanton Award
Richard R. Sugden, Q.C. Prize in Trial Advocacy
John E. Sullivan Memorial Prize
Superior Courts Judges' Scholarship
James P. Taylor, QC Prize in Equitable Remedies
Vancouver Bar Association Bursary
Steven Volrich Memorial Bursary
Lomicra Harold Covell Memorial Scholarship
James L. and Donald A. Duncan Fellowship to Advance Excellence in Journalism
Carolyn Atwell Memorial Prize
Jessie Evelyn Drew Clark Memorial Scholarship
Gerald N. Savory Scholarship in International Relations
Fred and Margaret Coote Bursary
Peter Andrew Marron Memorial Award
Arts Undergraduate Society Bursary
Chinese Railroad Workers Commemorative Scholarship in History
History Students' Association Prize
Eberts Mills McKechnie Scholarship
Hector Gordon Munro Scholarship in History
Alice H. Sorila Memorial Scholarship in History
John and Annie Southcott Memorial Prize
Frederic H. Soward Memorial Fellowship
Professor Anne Crichton Prize
Hy and Lee Schechter Scholarship
Shaughnessy Hospital Volunteer Society Fellowship in Health Care
Murray Stratton Memorial Scholarship
Ursula Knight Abbott Travel Scholarship in Agricultural Sciences
Grace Torchy Stewart Adamson Memorial Scholarship in Nursing
A.H. Younger Memorial Scholarship in Engineering
Nancy Allan Memorial Scholarship
Amanda Araba Ocran Memorial Award
Stanley and Rose Arkley Memorial Prize
Gerhard Henrik Armauer-Hansen Memorial Scholarship
Arthritis Society Vancouver Branch Scholarship
Edith Ashton Memorial Scholarship
Ranjit Singh Azad Memorial Scholarship
Edward W. Bassett Memorial Scholarship in Reforestation
B.C. Foundation for Non-Animal Research - Evelyn Martin Memorial Fellowship
Helen J. K. Bishop Memorial Bursary
Eppich Family and German Speaking Community Fellowship
Dr. Joyce Hallamore Scholarship
Dr. Isabel MacInnes Memorial Scholarship
Beer-Pop, Can-Bottle Deposit Refund Bursary
CGGVeritas Award
David Miller Memorial Bursary
Stephen Kenneth Nelson Memorial Scholarship
Aaron Craig Nicholls Memorial Award
Steve and Therese Peto Memorial Scholarship
Christopher Riley Memorial Scholarship
Peter Schaub CHSPR Memorial Awards
Piteau Associates Dennis C. Martin Memorial Scholarship
Lisle and Sheila Jory Award in Geological Engineering
Hugh Nasmith Graduate Scholarship
Dr. Roy Graham Memorial Prize in Geological Engineering
Association of BC Forest Professionals Graduating Prize in Forestry
Association of BC Forest Professionals Scholarship in Forestry
Backman Scholarship in Forest Resource Management
Emily and Francis Binkley Scholarship
Herschel H. Boydston, Jr. Memorial Bursary in Forestry
CANFOR Corporation Bursary
Hugh Robert Duncan Chisholm Scholarship in Forestry
Coastal Silviculture Committee Bursary
Ralph M. and Elizabeth E. Cochran Scholarship
Robert J. Craig Memorial Scholarship
Barry English Memorial Award
FMIBC Scholarship in Forestry
Phil Haddock Prize in Silviculture
Harry Hobson Memorial Prize
Bert Hoffmeister Scholarship in Forest Wildlife
Ted Johnson Scholarship in Forestry
Kenneth Graham Memorial Scholarship
Malcolm Knapp Spring Camp Prize
Lumber Inspectors' Benevolent Society Scholarship
Jim and Gerry McIntosh Award in Forestry
Jim and Gerry McIntosh Scholarship in Forestry
H. R. MacMillan Prize in Forestry
H. R. MacMillan Prize in Forest Harvesting
Namkoong Family Fellowship in Forest Sciences
National Education Initiative Gerhard Kress Memorial Scholarship
P. L. Northcott Memorial Bursary
Pacific Regeneration Technologies Inc. Silviculture Scholarship
Robert (Bob) Willington Memorial Bursary
Kapoor Singh Siddoo Scholarship in Forestry
Kapoor Singh Siddoo Scholarship in Forest Ecology
J. Harry G. Smith Scholarship in Forest Resources Management
Sopron Alumni Fellowship
Paul Robert Steiner Memorial Scholarship in Wood Science
Oscar Sziklai Memorial Bursary in Forestry
Timberline Scholarship
University of B.C. Forestry Alumni Division Entrance Scholarship
University of B.C. Forestry Alumni Division Scholarship
VanDusen Graduate Fellowship in Forestry