Available to students from high schools in the University College of the Fraser Valley region.

1. The applicant must be planning to attend the University College of the Fraser Valley as a full-time student (9 post-secondary credits or more per semester) in the academic year immediately following their Grade 12 graduation.

2. The applicant must have already submitted an application for admission to the University College of the Fraser Valley.

3. The applicant must have a high academic standing in Grade 12 academic courses (the minimum requirement is a B average or 3.0 GPA).

4. The applicant must meet all entrance requirements and prerequisites for the UCFV program that they have applied to.

5. The applicant should have exhibited a high level of leadership, determination and effort. They should also have made significant contributions to school life and have participated actively in the community.

6. This award is not available to students who will be receiving another UCFV Entrance Scholarship for the same academic year.

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