Nova Scotia Black and First Nations Students Graduate Entrance Scholarships

-The scholarships are open to Indigenous Black and First Nations students, residents of Nova Scotia (first preference) or former residents returning to Nova Scotia (second preference), who have completed a Dalhousie University undergraduate program and are entering their first Dalhousie University graduate program.

-Students must have been accepted into a Dalhousie Graduate program administered by the Faculty of Graduate Studies, with an admission GPA of 3.3 (B+) or higher. Admission GPA's are based on the last two years (six terms) of undergraduate study.

-Candidates who hold other scholarships of any kind, including scholarships internal and external to Dalhousie University, will receive the Indigenous Black and First Nations Graduate Entrance Scholarship as a 'top-up award' to their other scholarship, the total not exceeding $15,000 per academic year or $5,000 per term.

-Recipients of this scholarship must begin full-time academic study at Dalhousie in the academic year for which it has been awarded.

-The scholarship is renewable for a maximum of one year (three academic terms) for students maintaining good standing in the first year of their program.

-Applications for first awards and for renewals will be considered by a special Scholarship Committee constituted by the Dean of the Faculty of Graduate Studies. Award and renewal decisions are final and cannot be appealed.

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