Lockward Memorial Scholarship

Eligibility and Conditions:

-The scholarships are open to matriculants from Nova Scotia high schools. Schools in Queen's County may nominate more than one candidate (Liverpool Regional and North Queen's Rural High Schools); however, each high school in Nova Scotia outside the preferred areas may recommend one student for consideration.

-Students must have a minimum Admissions Average of 80% to the first year of an undergraduate program as of March 15.

-Awards will be made on the basis of financial need, academic standing and character.

-Candidates will be screened for both the Lockward and entrance awards. A student may not hold a Lockward and a Dalhousie Entrance Renewable Scholarship. A student may, however, hold a Lockward and Dalhousie Entrance Scholarship (non'renewable).

-Recipients of Lockward Memorial Scholarships must begin full time studies at Dalhousie in the academic year following the date of notification of their awards.

-The renewable scholarships are tenable for the duration of an undergraduate programme or a maximum of four years (whichever comes first) based on a 2.7 SGPA over 30 credit hours.

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