S.F.U. President's Ph.D. Research Stipend

1. The President's Ph.D. Research Stipend (PRS) is a one-semester award valued at $6,250 (effective September 2003).

2. To be eligible to hold a PRS, a person must be registered as a full-time, regular (not "on-leave" or "part-time") student in good standing in the Ph.D. program at Simon Fraser University

3. At the time of tenure, a student must have completed all departmental and University requirements for the degree (e.g., courses, comprehensive or qualifying examinations), except the thesis and, in the case of students in the Clinical Psychology Program, the internship.

4. Students are eligible to hold no more than one PRS.

5. In any given semester, a student may not hold more than one award from the following group of internal, single-term awards -- Graduate Fellowship, Faculty of Applied Sciences Dean's Fund Graduate Fellowship, and President's Ph.D. Research Stipend.

6. The President's PhD Research Stipend is intended to provide students with a period of time that they can devote largely to graduate studies and research. Departments may build this principle into their criteria for awarding the stipend. There is no restriction on PRS recipients receiving income for other work during the tenure of the PRS. Recipients should be aware that some external awards may restrict students from holding a PRS at the same time as the external award.

7. Application is made through the student's Graduate Program Committee, on the Application for a President's Ph.D. Research Stipend form, by the end of the second month of the semester preceding the semester of desired tenure.

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