William McMahan Scholarship

A scholarship of $2,700 is offered to students entering their second, third, or final year in chemical, civil, electrical, or mechanical engineering, or in forestry. This scholarship is open to sons and daughters of employees of the logging or pulp operation,or head office of Canadian Forest Products Ltd., or, failing a suitable candidate from these operatins, to sons and daughters of employees in other operations of the Company. If, in the judgment of the University, there are two students deserving of the award, it will be divided between them. If no such candidate is available, or, in the opinion of the University, no candidate has a sufficiently good academic record to merit the award, the University may grant the scholarship to a worthy and deserving student in Engineering or Forestry from the student body at large. Candidates in the preferred categories should submit their names and details of family service with the Company on their application.

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