TAC Foundation - UMA Engineering Ltd.


Candidates must be Canadian citizens or landed immigrants.

Candidates must have been admitted to qualified universities as full time students.

Candidates must intend to pursue a career in some aspect of the transportation field and meet the conditions that apply to a particular scholarship.

Candidates must be entering third or fourth year studies.

Students must have achieved an overall B level or equivalent average mark in their previous academic year.

Preference may be given to candidates with relevant work experience.

Scholarships may be awarded to individuals receiving other scholarships.

The maximum number of academic years in which an individual may receive a TAC Foundation scholarship, as an undergraduate student, is two (2) years.

On completion of the studies for which they received a Foundation scholarship, students must send a copy of their thesis or major project, if their program of study produced one.

Scholarships are for full academic year university attendance only.

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