Established in 1994 by Joy Harvie Maclaren, a 1944 Macdonald dietetics graduate, in recognition of the 50th anniversary of her graduation and in honour of her late father. Eric Harvie was made Honorary Chief Old Sun by the Blackfoot Tribe of Alberta in recognition of his great interest in their native culture and making it possible for this to be recorded for future preservation. Chief Old Sun and Chief Crowfoot together signed Treaty No. 7 with the Canadian Government in 1874, for land, peace and education. Preference to Canadian aboriginal students (followed by students from Western Canada) who are entering undergraduate studies in dietetics, human nutrition or environmental sciences on the Macdonald Campus. Applicants must demonstrate academic achievement, community involvement, leadership and financial need. The scholarship is renewable for a maximum of two years pending satisfactory standing and full time student status. Awarded by the Scholarships Committee, Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.

Value: $4,000.

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