The National Deans' Entrance Scholarships for Excellence

Value: $20,000/ea ($5,000 renewable for four years). These are awarded annually and include a mentorship with the Dean of the faculty or a distinguished faculty member selected by the dean, a guarantee of a single room in residence (residence application required and residence fees applicable), and a study carrel in the Library. A scholarship is awarded in each of the four faculties (Humanities, Social Sciences, Professional Schools, Faculty of Management and Sciences and Engineering) to a student who has achieved at least 90% on her/his best six Ontario Academic Credits (OACs) or U/M courses. He or she must have also demonstrated leadership qualities and made a significant contribution to her or his school and community. To keep this scholarship in subsequent years of the undergraduate program, the student must maintain a min. 80% average. National Deans' Entrance Scholarship for Excellence application required.

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