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Workers Compensation Board Fellowship

Three fellowships of $4,500 each have been provided through an endowment established by the Workers Compensation Board of B.C. The fellowships are awarded to students entering or continuing in the M.Sc. or Ph.D program in Audiology and Speech Sciences. Recipients are selected on the basis of academic excellence.

Norman and Carole Zagerman Varsity Basketball Scholarship

Value $1,000. Awarded annually, when merited, to a full-time student proceeding from one year to another of an undergraduate program. A committee determined by the Awards Office...

Royal Bank Scholarship

An annual $500 award to a student who is registered in a minimum of 24 credits, has maintained a minimum GPA of 2.7, and demonstrates financial need. The recipient must display...

Friends of Music Award

Awarded by the Schulich School of Music Scholarships Committee to an outstanding undergraduate or graduate student. Value: $300.

Donald Mackey Memorial Award

Established in 1996 by his wife Helen, family and friends. Prof. Mackey served the Faculty of Music for over 30 years and his passionate interest was in the field of church...

Nortel Networks Entrance Scholarships

Established in 1999 by Nortel Networks. A variable number of scholarships to be awarded to students entering the Faculty of Engineering. The Nortel Network Scholarships...

The Edgar R. Ashall Scholarship (O)

Established in 1965 by bequest of his wife, Edith M. Ashall. Value: $200 for books

The MacGibbon Scholarship (SS)*

To be awarded to the student in a program in Economics who, in the judgment of the Department of Economics, stands highest in courses in economic history.

The Rotary Club Of Hamilton Scholarship (O)

Established in 1989. Value: $575

Salmon Arm Savings and Credit Union Scholarships

Three annual $2,000 scholarships are awarded to students who are Credit Union members, or the dependents of members, who have successfully completed one year of full-time study...

Harry and Frances Adaskin Scholarship

Scholarships totalling $2,100, with preference given to gifted string instrumentalists. Financial need may be a factor in the selection of recipients.

Robert Victor Brandon Bursary in Electrical Engineering

Bursaries totalling $800 have been endowed for students in Electrical Engineering.

Sony of Canada Ltd Applied Science Scholarship

$1,500 scholarship is offered by Sony of Canada Ltd. The award is offered to third year undergraduate students taking Electrical and Computer Engineering and is made on the...

Abraham Rogatnick Book Prize

A book prize of $240 is made to a graduating Architecture student, for a project that most exhibits creative, poetic talent in a design which, if carried out, would most enrich...

Albert B. and Mary Steiner Summer Research Award

Scholarships and fellowships of $8,500 are offered to students undertaking Summer Research Projects in the Faculty of Medicine.

Grande Prairie 4-H District Scholarship in Partnership with Northern Alberta Development Council (NADC)

Eligibility: -Be a resident of Alberta based on Student Finance Regulations, and have a minimum three year residency in Alberta immediately prior to the application date....

Nova Scotia Power Centennial Scholarship

The Nova Scotia Power Inc. established five awards valued at $2,000 per year, tenable for two years. Eligible candidates are registered in the Faculty of Engineering at this...


Criteria: -Third semester - Financial Services major -Outstanding volunteer contribution to SAIT in a leadership role -Academic achievement with a minimum GPA 2.00...

Canadian Pacific Railway Group

Criteria: -First semester -Female -Based on prerequisite marks submitted to enter the program

Margaret Andrekson Scholarship in Art History

Conditions: To be awarded annually to a student with superior academic achievement entering the third or fourth year of studies with a major in Art History in the Bachelor of...

Art Quinney Pandas Student Athlete Award

Conditions: Awarded to a student with satisfactory academic standing entering, transferring, or continuing in an undergraduate or graduate degree program who is a member of a...