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Willow Park Wines & Spirits


-Highest mark in Beverage Management

Canadian Restaurant & Foodservices Association Scholarship

Who Can Apply College students in the first year of a minimum two-year culinary diploma program Applicants must not have received any other Canadian Hospitality...

Laurentian University Entrance Bursaries

Bursaries are non-repayable awards offered to students who demonstrate financial need. These awards are valued at $600 to $1,000 each. Eligibility is based on financial need....

Nicholas Plecas Forest Resources Scholarship

1 award, $1,000; for academic achievement and proficiency in the field; available to returning second-year Forest Resources Technology students. No application necessary. Funds...

Nora Mitchell Bursary

1 bursary, $500; for financial need; available to First Nations students.

The Laura Baldwin Scholarship (H)

To be awarded to a student registered in a program in English who, in the judgment of the Department of English and Cultural Studies, has submitted an original literary work or...

The J. Douglas Bankier Memorial Scholarship (S)

To be awarded to the student who has completed Level I and at least 60 units of an Honours program in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, who attains the highest...

The Betty Taylor Campbell Scholarship (SS)

To be awarded to a student who has completed Level I in a program in Kinesiology and who, in the judgment of the Department of Kinesiology, demonstrates academic excellence and...

The Grace Senra-Fontes Memorial Prize (HSc)*

To be awarded to a student in Level III or IV of the Nursing program and who, in the judgment of the School of Nursing, best demonstrates excellence in scholarship and...

The Shenstone Prize (S)

To be awarded to the student who has completed Science I and who attains the highest average in any four of the Level I courses in Chemistry, Physics and Biology.

Muir Family Bursary

This entrance award is available to a full-time or part-time student entering NIC from School District No. 71. The recipient must have graduated from City Centre School or NIDES...

Sharon Louise Brewster Memorial Scholarship

In making the award, preference is given to a student entering the final year of the program majoring in percussion. In the event that no student qualifies, the award may be...

Faculty Women's Club Anne Wesbrook Scholarship

It is awarded to a woman student who has obtained a baccalaureate degree from this university and is continuing her studies at graduate level or in the Faculties of Medicine,...

Dave Diamond Bursary

A $300 bursary has been endowed through a bequest by David Diamond for graduate or undergraduate students in the Faculty of Land and Food Systems.

Graduating Class of Law 1968 Bursary

A $1,000 bursary is offered by the Graduating Class of Law 1968 to support a deserving student in the Faculty of Law who faces financial challenges in furthering his or her...

C. K. Morison Memorial Prize

The award is made on the recommendation of the School to a student graduating with a Master of Library Science degree, who has specialized in some aspect of public library work,...

Elizabeth Young Lacey Scholarship in Psychology

Scholarships totalling $29,775 are awarded to students in experimental psychology. The awards are made on the recommendation of the Department of Psychology and, in the case of...

Fine Arts Talent Awards

Eligibility: Based on performance in your audition or evaluation

Northrock Resources Ltd.

Criteria: -Academic achievement -Successful completion of ENVS-402 and enrolled in ENVS-470 -Preference given to an Aboriginal applicant

Duffin Family

Criteria: -One award for successfully completing the first period and one award for the second period -Financial need

Lehmann Prize in Chemistry

Conditions: Awarded to the student making the best record in Chemistry 102, provided such student's record is otherwise satisfactory to the Faculty Council.