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AVAILABLE TO: A UCFV female student who has successfully completed the first two years of university studies and will be proceeding to a degree. One award is given to a third year student and one to a four year student.

STIPULATIONS: Applicant must be a Canadian citizen or landed immigrant. Applicants must maintain a high academic standing, must reside in the District of Chilliwack, Cultus Lake, Agassiz, Harrison or Hope, must be registered as a full-time student entering third or fourth year studies, and this award can only be received once by the same student.

Apollo Award

1 award, $500; for students in a Graphic Design program; based on academic achievement and faculty recommendation. No application necessary. Funds issued in April.

The Edgar R. Ashall Scholarship (O)

Established in 1965 by bequest of his wife, Edith M. Ashall. Value: $200 for books

The Eleanor Dornbush Marples Prize In Theatre & Film Studies (H)*

To be awarded to the student who attains the highest grade in THTR&FLM 2C03.

The Anne Stein Memorial Prize (SS)

To be awarded to the student who successfully completes SOC WORK 3DD6 and attains the highest grade in SOC WORK 3D06 in the same session.

Peter Robinson Award of Excellence - Fine Arts Entrance Scholarship

The purpose of this award is to recognize an outstanding Fine Arts student from within the North Island College region. The applicant must be entering their first year of North...

BC Rail Scholarship Award

Award Criteria: enrolled in a program which pertains to the transportation industry or a program related to economic development with a link to the transportation industry...

Northern Rockies Regional District

Award Criteria: Fort Nelson student shows marked self-advancement through dedication, hard work, regular attendance, and a positive attitude

Sydney Elizabeth Price Memorial Bursary

The bursary is awarded on the basis of financial need to a woman student entering her third year in the Faculty of Arts and taking a major or honours course in Political Science.

Gordon Robert Smith Scholarship

It is offered to an outstanding student entering second, third or fourth year in the Department of Plant Science and specializing in horticulture. The award is made on the basis...

Leona R. Goodeve Memorial Bursary

Bursaries totalling $2,400 are made to undergraduate pharmacy students who combine satisfactory academic standing with a need for financial assistance.

Pharmasave Drugs Pacific Ltd. Bursary

A bursary of $1,000, gift of Pharmasave Drugs Pacific Ltd., is awarded to a student who has successfully completed at least one year in the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences...

Leon H. Lotzkar Memorial Scholarship

A scholarship of $700 has been endowed by the late Leon H. Lotzkar, to assist a deserving student in the Faculty of Medicine. Where possible, the recipient should express...

J.K. Zee Memorial Scholarship

Scholarships totalling $6,500 are offered to an undergraduate or a graduate student in the Faculty of Applied Science, on the recommendation of the Faculty, and in the case of a...

The Sam Ando Memorial Bursary

This $1,000 bursary is awarded annually to a student studying in his/her fourth year of Mechanical Engineering. To be eligible, a student must be in good academic standing and...


Criteria: -Minimum GPA of 3.00 -Leadership -Canadian citizen -Trojan men's volleyball player for the entire season

Trimac Transportation Systems

Criteria: -Third semester - Accounting major -Outstanding academic achievement in first and second semesters

Reginald Hartzler Memorial

Criteria: -Third semester -GPA within the top 25% of the class -Leadership qualities


AVAILABLE TO: UCFV 3rd year students CRITERIA: -Highest average percentage in all Physics courses 300 and above -Must be a 3rd year student (defined as a 3rd year...

Serecon Consulting Group Leadership Scholarship

Conditions: Awarded annually to a student with superior academic achievement entering the first year of an undergraduate degree program in the Faculty of Agriculture, Forestry,...

Douglas E Smith Memorial Scholarship in the Faculty of Arts

Conditions: To be awarded annually to one student carrying a full course load who has completed first-year studies and to one student who has completed second-year studies in...