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The Sudbury Regional Hospital Auxiliary/Volunteer, Laurentian Site Scholarship

Value: $1,000. Recipient: a Franco-Ontarian student who has completed the 1st year at a university or college in a health-related field with an average of 75% or more. Application required before September 30.

Anne Selley (nee McKillop) and Annie Truesdall Bursaries

Each bursary is to be awarded to an entering or returning student in the Faculty of Arts or the School of Music at Brandon University. A past recipient who maintains a minimum...

Mr. Sub Scholarship

Donated by Mr. Sub, a scholarship valued at $500 awarded to a full-time student in 2nd or 3rd year of the Commerce program, who has met the minimum academic standing with the...

John Rostron Award

1 award, $150; for students in Career & Academic Preparation (ABE) at the Nanaimo Campus who demonstrate exceptional dedication and motivation in returning to learning,...

Senator Lazarus Phillips Scholarship in Art History

Established in 1986 by friends of Senator Lazarus Phillips in honour of his 90th birthday and awarded to a student for excellence in the Honours or Major program. Awarded on the...

Edward Rosenthall Memorial Prize in Mathematics

Established in 1985 by family, friends and colleagues of the late Professor Edward Rosenthall to commemorate his contribution to the Department of Mathematics and to the...

Faculty of Science Scholarships Fund

Established in 1992 by the University to provide awards based on academic achievement to students in the top 5% of the Faculty. Granted by the Faculty of Science Scholarships...

The Inco Scholarship in Environmental Science (S)

To be awarded to a student entering Level III, IV (or Year V of a Co-op program) in the Honours Earth and Environmental Sciences program who, in the judgment of the School of...

Ivy Power Memorial Bursary

This award is available to a student in the Nursing program. The student must attend on a full-time basis and have a demonstrated financial need. The student must also reside...

Canadian Forest Products (Taylor Pulp Division) Award

Award Criteria: FSJ student in ABE demonstrates dedicated work habits commitment to his/her education

David M.C. Chan Scholarship in Medicine

Scholarships totalling $1,050 have been endowed in honour of Professor David M.C. Chan for students in the M.D. program participating in an international elective or exchange.

Master of Pest Management Graduate Entrance Scholarship

One award for a student entering a graduate degree program leading to the Master of Pest Management degree in the Centre for Environmental Biology.

Madeleine Nelson/Megan Thomas Bursary

Granted to graduate or undergraduate students based on demonstrated financial need and satisfactory academic performance. Preference will be given to mature female students...

Marc Garneau, P.Eng. Scholarship

Eligible students are Nova Scotia students registered in the fourth and fifth years of an undergraduate engineering programme in the Faculty of Engineering. The scholarship is...

Dr. Robert H. Martin Prize

This award valued at $500.00, is awarded to a member of the graduating class in Nuclear Medicine with the highest combined evaluation in clinical and academic performance over...

Lou Thomas Glassworker

Criteria: -Third period -Academic achievement -Attitude, attendance and leadership -Organizational skills and initiative

Calgary Horseshoe Club

Criteria: -Second semester -Financial need -Alberta resident

Lentia Enterprises Ltd.

Criteria: -Primary consideration based on highest GPA -Secondary consideration exceptional skills development, achievement and a desire to have an impact on the baking...

Morgan Chetty Machinist and Welding

Criteria: -Fourth semester -Highest academic achievement in overall theory and shop -Preference given to a female student

Frank M Jacobs Bar None Award

Conditions: Awarded to a student with satisfactory academic standing entering second, third, or fourth year of the Bachelor of Science in Agriculture or the Bachelor of Science...

Friends of the University Scholarship in Early Childhood Education

Conditions: To be awarded annually on the basis of high academic attainment to a student entering the fourth year of the BEd program, specializing in Early Childhood Education.