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The Minerva Scholarships

(4) Sponsored by Dr. Miriam Rossi and Mr. Renato Rossi. The four scholarships, $2,000.00 each, in honour of Dr Rossiís grandmother, Minerva Williams Senhouse. "For more than forty years Aunt Min counseled under-privileged young people in Boston, Mass. USA."


The National Scholarship Fund uses the following criteria to determine scholarship eligibility:

A) Academic achievement,

B) Financial need,

C) Service to the Black and wider communities, and

D) Other unique criteria as determined by scholarship donors (e.g. study of a particular subject; focus on a specific career, etc.)

TIMELINES (subject to change)

Tuesday, March 1, 2016 The application form for the 2016 BBPA National Scholarships will be posted online.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016 Deadline to submit completed applications for a 2016 BBPA National Scholarship.

Thursday, August 25, 2016 Decisions regarding 2016 scholarship recipients will be announced.

Thursday, September 29, 2016 2016 Awards Ceremony, BBPA National Scholarships. Scholarship recipients will be advised.

The Canadian Federation of University Women - Sudbury Awards

Value: $500/ea. Recipients: female students entering the 2nd and 3rd year respectively, on the basis of academic standing and financial need. Application for In-Course Awards...

Frank Ney Memorial Entrance Award

1 award, $500; available to graduates of a Nanaimo High School entering an applied, technology or university program at Malaspina. Must demonstrate financial need. Apply to...

The School of Sports Administration Bursaries

Value: $500/ea. Recipients: full-time students enrolled in the Sports Administration program (one 3rd-year student, one 4th-year student), on the basis of financial need and...

The Sudbury YWCA Bursary

Value: $250. Recipient: a mature student (female) entering any year of an undergraduate program, on the basis of financial need. Preference is given to students whose program of...

Robert D. Harris Memorial Scholarships

Established in 1998 by a bequest from Christina Harris in memory of her husband, Robert D. Harris, B.Sc.(Eng) 1940. Awarded by the Faculty of Engineering Scholarships Committee...

Ellen Ballon Piano Scholarship

To be given to a piano student. Provided by gifts made by Miss Ellen Ballon, a graduate of the Conservatorium and by the Julius Block Scholarship Fund and the Cummings...

The Canadian Federation of University Women (Hamilton) Scholarship (O)

To be awarded to the woman student who attains the highest Sessional Average in the penultimate level of any program.

The Ontario Professional Engineers Foundation for Education Undergraduate Scholarships (E)

Two scholarships to be awarded to students in the Faculty of Engineering who, in the judgment of the Faculty of Engineering, have demonstrated leadership and involvement in...

Shuswap Lake Hospital Auxiliary Scholarship

One $1,000 scholarship presented to a student of the Salmon Arm Campus of Okanagan College entering a health care related field of study.

NLC Award of Excellence

Award Criteria: graduating from a high school in the NLC region must prepare a qualifying project (essay, art project, scientific experiment, shop technique, business...

Charles Brenton Archibald Memorial Bursary in Chemical Engineering

The award is made to an undergraduate student in Chemical Engineering and consideration is given to both financial need and academic standing.

Kathleen Vawden Kermode Memorial Bursary

The bursary is offered to students in the Faculty of Education.

Summit Scholarships

Students with an admission average of 90 to 94% will receive this scholarship.

Stevenson Graduate Scholarship in Political Science

One award for a student pursuing a master's or doctoral degree in Political Science, Promise of outstanding achievement at the graduate level with particular emphasis on...

Oilfield Technical Society

Criteria: -Third semester -Academic achievement (minimum GPA 3.00) -Financial need -Community/leadership involvement -Preference given to a mature student

Carrier Western

Criteria: -Third semester -Academic achievement


AVAILABLE TO: Any first year student enrolled in the core fashion program and completed the four requisite (FD 113, 114, 163 and 164) courses. CRITERIA: A first year fashion...

Lorraine Courtrille Memorial Bursary

Conditions: Awarded to a student of aboriginal descent, as defined by the Constitution Act, 1982, Section 35(2) or persons accepted by one of the Aboriginal peoples of Canada as...

Faculty of Arts Leadership Scholarship

Conditions: To be awarded annually to students with satisfactory academic standing of 3.3 or higher who are registered in the Faculty of Arts (Fine Arts, Humanities, Social...

Ramsey Family Golden Bears Football Awards

Conditions: To be awarded annually to undergraduate or graduate students with satisfactory academic standing who are members of the Golden Bears Football Team. Recipients will...