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The Guntley-Lorimer Science and Arts Scholarship

(4) Sponsored by Dr. Edith Guntley-Lorimer and Professor Michael Lorimer, two Science scholarships valued at $3.000.00 each and two Arts scholarships of $2,000.00 each are available to students enrolled in Science and Arts programs at the university and college levels.


The National Scholarship Fund uses the following criteria to determine scholarship eligibility:

A) Academic achievement,

B) Financial need,

C) Service to the Black and wider communities, and

D) Other unique criteria as determined by scholarship donors (e.g. study of a particular subject; focus on a specific career, etc.)

TIMELINES (subject to change)

Tuesday, March 1, 2016 The application form for the 2016 BBPA National Scholarships will be posted online.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016 Deadline to submit completed applications for a 2016 BBPA National Scholarship.

Thursday, August 25, 2016 Decisions regarding 2016 scholarship recipients will be announced.

Thursday, September 29, 2016 2016 Awards Ceremony, BBPA National Scholarships. Scholarship recipients will be advised.

Undergraduate Student Research Awards (USRA)

These awards are meant to stimulate your interest in research in the natural sciences and engineering. They are also meant to encourage you to undertake graduate studies and...

H.Y. Louie Entrance Awards

H.Y. Louie Entrance Awards recognize financial need and demonstrated commitment to volunteer activities. Minimum average of 80% is required.

Kenneth Strand National Scholarships

All secondary high school students with average of 90%+ or 32 IB points are eligible.

Real Estate Foundation of BC Bursary

2 bursaries, $500 each; for financial need; available to students enrolled in real estate related courses and planning to pursue a career in the real estate field.

The Rhea Desjardins Memorial Award

A gift from the friends and colleagues of the late Rhea Desjardins, former supervisor of Health Services at the University and a great contributor to her profession in Nursing....

Frederick M. Connell Award

Established in 1998 in memory of Frederick M. Connell, the founder of Conwest Exploration Company Ltd., for an undergraduate student having completed at least one year in an...

The Women's Art Association Scholarships (H)

Two scholarships to be awarded: (a) one to a student entering Level II and (b) one to a student who has completed Level I and an additional 30 - 45 units of a program in Honours...

Royal Canadian Legion Bursary, Branch #62

A $550 award offered to students at the Salmon Arm Campus of OC. Preference will be given to members or relatives of members of the Legion.

Zoeann Rea Armstrong Memorial Bursary

Beginning in 94/95 Winter Session, the award is offered to a student in the two year program for registered nurses and in alternating years, it is offered to a medical student...

Dr. Harold L. Chambers Memorial Prize in Urology

A prize of $200 is offered to an undergraduate medical student who has shown interest and proficiency in the field of Urology. This award is made on the recommendation of the...

C. Colin Jackson Memorial Bursary in Medicine

It is awarded to a student in the Faculty of Medicine. Preference may be given to mature students.

Richard Owen Memorial Prize

It is awarded to a student with outstanding personal qualities who has achieved high rank in the first two years of the medical course.

Kathleen Elliott Memorial Scholarship

It is made on the recommendation of the Faculty of Education to a student enrolled in the Bachelor of Education (Elementary) program who has demonstrated abilities in art and...

Don Wright Scholarship in Instrumental Music Education

The scholarship is awarded on the recommendation of the Department to a full-time student in the Music Education program who has demonstrated a talent and achievement in the...

Liana Lam Scholarship

It is awarded on the recommendation of the School to a student of piano who combines talent with a commitment to performance or teaching.

Kawai Canada Entrance Scholarship

Eligibility: -First-year student entering full-time undergraduate studies in the Department of Music, Faculty of Fine Arts -Based on audition and academic merit

Faculty of Science Graduate Entrance Scholarship

One award for a student from the University College of the Fraser Valley entering the MSc program in a department in the Faculty of Science at Simon Fraser University.

William and Jane Saywell Graduate Scholarship in History

One or more awards for graduate students in History.

Squamish Nation Bursary

The bursary, based on financial need and community service, is granted to a student who is a member of the Squamish Nation. The bursary may be granted to graduate or...

Frank Foulds Bar None Entrance Leadership Award

Conditions: To be awarded annually to a student who has been a resident of Canada for fewer than 16 years with satisfactory academic standing entering the University of Alberta...