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Established in 2004 by Professor Derek Drummond's friends and colleagues, the McGill Alumni Association, and the University, in recognition of his service to the University as Vice-Principal (Development and Alumni Relations) 1996-2003, the Derek Drummond Award in Architecture is awarded by the Director of the School of Architecture to a student in the professional program who has made an outstanding contribution to extracurricular activities in the School of Architecture.
Estimated value: $2,000.

Charles William Snyder Memorial Scholarships

Four scholarships founded by the late L.P. Snyder, Esq., in memory of his son, Charles William Snyder, a student of First Year Arts who was killed in the Battle of Sanctuary...

Moe J. Polisuk Memorial Prize in Biochemistry

Established by Mrs. Moe J. Polisuk, awarded to a graduating student achieving high academic merit in the Honours program in Biochemistry. Awarded on the recommendation of the...

The Faculty of Social Sciences Inquiry Award (SS)

To be awarded to the student who attains the highest standing in INQUIRY 1SS3.

Pat Bevan Rural Student Bursary

This award is available to a mature rural student with a demonstrated financial need. The student must be in their second or further semester of full-time or part-time studies...

Harry R. Bell Scholarship

Harry R. Bell, P.Eng., has endowed three scholarships of $1,150 each for outstanding undergraduates in Engineering. Preference is given to students in Civil Engineering who have...

T. Halpert-Scanderbeg Memorial Prize

A prize of $350, a memorial to Tadeusz Halpert-Scanderbeg, long-time professor of Polish language and literature at the University of B.C., is offered for graduate work in the...

Moosa Essop Mia and Shera Tavaria Mia Memorial Bursary

An $1,100 bursary has been endowed in memory of Moosa Essop Mia and Shera Tavaria Mia for third or fourth year students. Preference is given to students taking courses in Islam...

John H. McNeill Scholarship

Scholarships totalling $5,000 have been endowed by alumni and friends of John H. McNeill, former Dean of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, for undergraduate and graduate...

Dr. William Campbell Memorial Bursary

The bursary of $400 is awarded to a student who is entering the third year of Medicine, has satisfactory scholastic standing, and needs financial assistance.

Dennis Harris Memorial Prize in Psychiatry

It is awarded to a third year medical student who excels in psychiatry and is made on the recommendation of the Department of Psychiatry.

Ellen L. Bateman Bursary in Social Work

Bursaries totalling $900 have been endowed through a bequest by Ellen Leona Bateman for students studying Social Work in the School of Social Work and Family Studies.

Joyce A. McRae Memorial Bursary in Education

A $275 bursary has been endowed by family, colleagues and friends in memory of Joyce A. McRae for a student in the Bachelor of Education (Elementary) Program.

Louis J. Gall Award in Mining Engineering

Service awards totalling $9000 have been endowed by Louis J. Gall for students with satisfactory academic standing in the Department of Mining Engineering who have demonstrated...

Robert Rutherford Rae Scholarship

A $1,600 scholarship has been endowed by the late Robert Rutherford Rae to support a student in oceanography. The award is made on the recommendation of the Department of Earth...

Donald S. McPhee Fellowship

A bequest from the late Donald S. McPhee funds fellowships totalling $20,620.00 for students pursuing graduate programs in forestry.

Robert Sherwood Memorial Scholarship

Awarded to an applicant from West Central 4-H Region. If no suitable applicant can be found in the region, the scholarship may be awarded to an applicant elsewhere in Alberta.

Intuit Canada Scholarship

Intuit Canada Scholarship of $1,000 is awarded to the student who obtains the highest grade (first time writing) in Management Information Systems (MS1).

Benjamin Towers Memorial

Criteria: -Minimum GPA 3.85 from first to third semesters -Consistent demonstration of attaining culinary excellence -Professionalism, leadership and relates well with...

Harold Craigmile Memorial

Criteria: -Second or third period -Academic achievement (average mark of 80% or better) -Program involvement -Financial need -Canadian citizen -Alberta resident

Carstar Automotive Canada - Rising Star

Criteria: -First period -Academic achievement -Financial need -Preference given to a student who plans to seek employment with a franchised collision repair shop in...