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Strategic Management Scholarship

A scholarship of $1,700 is awarded to an MBA student studying in the field of Strategic Management. The award is made on the recommendation of the Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration in consultation with the Faculty of Graduate Studies.

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Early Childhood Educators of BC Scholarship

1 award, $200; for academic achievement and instructor recommendation regarding potential; available to students continuing to second year of the Early Childhood Education &...

Malaspina University-College Centennial Bursary

1 bursary, $500; for financial need; available to second-year students; must be permanent residents of School District #68. Preference will be given to students in Business...

Dr. Andrew Miller Bursary

2 bursaries, $150 each; for satisfactory academic standing and financial need; available to students in the Home Support Resident Care Attendant program. Apply to Financial Aid...

McGill Alumnae Hilda Diana Oakeley Scholarship

Established in 1979 in memory of the late Hilda Diana Oakeley, first Warden of Royal Victoria College. Awarded to a distinguished student with preference to women. Value: $2,000.

The University Scholarships (O)

Twenty scholarships to be awarded to part-time students who have attained the highest Cumulative Average at the most recent review.

Jumonji Award

Award Criteria: FSJ student female NLC student enrolled full-time demonstrates interest in Japanese language and culture has an association with the Jumonji...

Okanagan Photographic Art Workshops Scholarship in Visual Arts

A $1,000 scholarship is offered by the Okanagan Photographic Art Workshops to students entering the second, third or fourth year of the Bachelor of Fine Arts Program...

Joan le Nobel Prize in Environmental Sciences

A $700 prize has been endowed by Joan le Nobel for an outstanding student in environmental sciences. The award is made on the recommendation of the Faculty of Science.

Elmore Ozard Art Education Prize

They are awarded to students in art education teacher certification and diploma programs, who have achieved well in their course work and show excellent teaching potential.

Graduate Entrance Scholarship in Geography

One award for a student entering a graduate program in geography.

Glen Geen Graduate Scholarship in Marine Biology

One award for a graduate student in Biological Sciences with a concentration on marine biology.

Dr. L. B. Peter Rae Memorial Award in Business Ethics

One award to recognize a student pursuing an MBA or EMBA and whose thesis or MBA project addresses issues in business ethics.

Liz Smith and Associates

Criteria: -Third semester -Academic achievement (minimum GPA 3.00 from first and second semesters)

Richard R. Bittner and Family

Criteria: -Second semester -Academic achievement in first semester -Willingness to get along with others -Leadership/community involvement -Financial need


AVAILABLE TO: A student attending the University College of the Fraser Valley and enrolled in the Co-op Education program. STIPULATIONS: The applicant must have a minimum...

Sports Wall of Fame T4K Scholarships

Conditions: To be awarded annually to students with superior academic achievement entering the University of Alberta from high school or transferring to the University of...

Jean Patoine Scholarship

Conditions: Awarded annually to an Albertan, entering Campus Saint-Jean, whose first language is French. Recipients will be selected on the basis of academic standing and...

Natalka Horeczko Scholarships in Painting and Print-Design

Conditions: To be awarded annually to an undergraduate student with superior academic achievement entering the third or fourth year of studies, specializing in painting or...

Alison White/Faculty of Arts Honors Scholasrhip

Conditions: To be awarded annually to graduands with superior academic achievement in the Honors program of the Faculty of Arts. Recipients will be students who maintain the...

Carol Wilson Field Hockey Award

Conditions: To be awarded annually to an undergraduate student with satisfactory academic standing who is a member of the Pandas Field Hockey team, eligible for competition in...