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Narcissa Farrand (Mrs. N. Pettes) Scholarships

Established in 1914 by Mr. and Mrs. H.V. Truell, of Sweet Acre, Knowlton, Quebec. Awarded to candidates from the Eastern Townships who obtain high marks for admission to any full-time degree course and who have had their domicile in the Eastern Townships for at least five years. While academic standing is of primary importance, account may also be taken of financial need and/or qualities of leadership in community and school activities. Awarded by the University Committee on Scholarships and Student Aid and renewable provided the holder maintains an academic standing satisfactory to the Committee.
Value: minimum $2,000 each.

Jack Diamond Awards

Athletic award, by nomination only. Contact SFU Varsity coaches.


Three bursaries, available to students in academic programs in the Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. Awarded on the basis of financial need. Value: $1,000 each.

Dow-Hickson Scholarships

Established in 1957 by a bequest from the late Dr. J. William A. Hickson and awarded to students entering the penultimate or the final year of the Honours programs in English...

Gluskin-Sheff Travelling Scholarships

Established with a donation from Gluskin-Sheff Associates Inc. of Toronto, Ontario (Gerald Sheff, B.Arch. 1964) to assist undergraduate students to participate in exchange...

John Stuart Foster Scholarship in Physics

Established by colleagues and friends in recognition of his contributions to the University as Chairman of the Department of Physics, founder and Director of the Foster...

The Megan Lawrence Scholarship (SS)

To be awarded to a student who has completed 90 units of the Kinesiology program and who, in the judgment of the Department of Kinesiology, demonstrates excellence in...

Cliff and Lois Serwa Award

Cliff and Lois Serwa have established an annual award of $1,500 for a mature female student entering full-time study in the Early Childhood Education program at the Kelowna...

The Pioneer Group Inc. Prize (SS)

To be awarded to a student in a Gerontology program who, in the judgment of the Department of Health, Aging and Society, has achieved notable academic standing, and demonstrates...

Adult Basic Education Association of BC Achievement Award

Award Criteria: full time ABE student good study habits assists other students in learning

Morris Bahm Memorial Award - AME

Award Criteria: financial need enrolled full-time

Lambda Kappa Sigma - Dr. J. O. Runikis Memorial Scholarship

The award is made on the recommendation of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences to a student who is completing first or second year and is an active member of the fraternity....

Mechanical Engineering Communication Prize

A $200 prize has been endowed to promote and recognize outstanding communication skills in written or seminar presentations. The award is made on the recommendation of the...

Bruce H. McColl Memorial Prize

The prize is given to an undergraduate achieving excellence in Human Rights Law courses. In the event a course in this area is not offered, it will be given to a student...

Hon. R. L. Maitland Memorial Scholarship

A scholarship of $700 is awarded to the student who attains the highest standing in the second year of the Law course and is proceeding to the third year of the course.

Dr. Wilfred Arthur Jefferies Memorial Scholarship

The award is made on the recommendation of the Faculty of Dentistry to a student entering fourth year who has demonstrated special interest and aptitude in crown and bridge work.

Dorothy Somerset Memorial Scholarship in Theatre

It is awarded to a student at the graduate level in the Department of Theatre at the University.

UPS Foundation Fellowship

These fellowships are available to graduate students majoring in transportation and logistics in the Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration. Stipends can be as much as...

W. H. MacInnes Memorial Scholarship

Scholarships totalling $5,900 are made to students in the Faculty of Arts.

Jacob Biely Scholarship

A $1,500 scholarship is to be awarded to a student in Poultry Science. The award is made on the recommendation of the Poultry Science Section of the Department of Animal Science.

Canfor Legacy First Nations Scholarship

Eligibility: Available to a full-time student enrolled in one of the following Graduate program areas: Natural Resources Management, Health, or Education. Preference will...