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Nanaimo Riptide Swim Team Alumni Award

2 awards, $500 each; available to continuing students in any program who are current or former members of the Nanaimo Riptide Swim Team (for a minimum of 3 years). Preference will be given to students who have performed volunteer work with the team. Applicants must submit a cover letter describing how they meet the award criteria. Apply to Financial Aid & Awards office by April 30. Funds awarded as a tuition credit for the fall term.

Phillippa Saul Memorial Bursaries in Arts and Music

To be awarded to students in financial need enrolled in any year of study in the Faculty of Arts or the School of Music at Brandon University.

BDO Dunwoody Business Administration Bursary

Awarded to a first year student entering Business Administration studies or first year studies at Brandon University.

Robert Martin History Scholarship

The Robert Martin Scholarship was established by Robert Martin, a retired Camosun College instructor who wanted to recognize achievement in and commitment to, the field of...

Malaspina University-College Board Members Award

1 award, $400; based on academic performance and financial need, for students entering third year of any Malaspina degree program. Apply to Financial Aid & Awards office by...

Coast Realty Award

1 award, $500; for academic achievement and community involvement, available to students returning to any year of the BBA Degree program, in the Marketing option. Apply to...

The Laurentian Association of Mature and Part-time Students "LAMPS" (1997) Bursaries

Donated by the Association of Laurentian Part-time Students. Value: up to $500/ea. Recipients: part-time students who are Ontario residents as defined by OSAP, have demonstrated...

Barbara Scott Scholarship

Bequeathed in 1880 by Barbara Scott for the student "excelling in Classics in the initial year". Value: $1,800.

P.R. Wallace Prize in Physics

Established in 1989 by colleagues and friends of Emeritus Professor P.R. Wallace, Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada, in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the...

Alma Mater Scholarships

Established in 1982 by generous contributions to the Alma Mater Fund from many graduates who designated their gifts to the area of scholarships and student aid. Awarded to...

The Daphne Etherington Graham Memorial Scholarship In History (H)

To be awarded to the student, registered for a first degree after completing Level I, who attains the highest standing in 15 units of History, all taken in the same session,...

Helen Pitt Bursary in Fine Arts

Bursaries totalling $4,230.00 are offered by the late Mrs. Helen Pitt, through the Vancouver Foundation, to assist students entering third or fourth year in the Fine Arts...

Sam and Jack Bass Bursary

A $800 bursary, the gift of Sam and Jack Bass, is awarded to a student entering the final year in the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences with high standing who needs financial...

Isaac Lipovsky Award in Nutrition

The award is offered to a student whose academic focus is the study of nutrition. The award is made on the recommendation of the Faculty of Land and Food Systems.

Vancouver Foundation First Nations Bursary

Bursaries will be available annually in the fall semester to undergraduate or graduate Aboriginal students (First Nations, status or non-status, Metis or Inuit) who permanently...

Level 1-4 Scholarships

Level 1-4 Scholarships valued at $1,500 are awarded to the students who obtain the highest average exam mark, first time writing, in each of Levels 1 to 4; the Levels to be...

Global Education Network

Criteria: Enrolled in a program that participates in the Global Education Network: please check with your Program Coordinator for details on how to apply. -Academic...

American Concrete Institute

Criteria: -Third semester -Academic achievement in concrete and strength of materials subjects -Interest in concrete and design


AVAILABLE TO: An outstanding UCFV Biology student. CRITERIA: Highest average marks in the best 3 courses of 1st year biology taken in the same school year as the award.

Canative Housing Corporation Aboriginal Bursaries

Conditions: Awarded to undergraduate or graduate students of Aboriginal or Metis ancestry who do not have access to financial support for postsecondary education under present...

Bill Elder Scholarships in Geology

Conditions: Offered on the basis of academic standing and financial need at the end of the first, second, or third years of either the Honors or Specialization in Geology programs.