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Kiwanis Joe Collins Memorial Award

This $500 award is intended for a Kelowna resident who completes one or more years of full-time study in a university transfer or degree program at the Kelowna Campus of Okanagan College and who will be proceeding to any post-secondary institution the following September for a subsequent year of full-time study. Selection of the award recipient will be based on a combination of academic achievement and financial need, with emphasis on financial need.

David Carton MacDonald Memorial Award

Value $300. Awarded annually, on the recommendation of the Chair of the Department of English Language and Literature, to the student with highest standing in the graduating...

Dr. Alan Hall Memorial Bursary

2 bursaries, $150 each; for satisfactory academic standing and financial need; available to students in the Practical Nursing program. Apply to Financial Aid & Awards Office by...

Anne Molson Scholarship

Open only to students in the Physical Sciences proceeding from the penultimate year into the final year. Awarded on the recommendation of the Departments of Physics, Chemistry,...

The Lawrence and Kathleen Mary Johnston Memorial Prize (SS)

To be awarded to the student who has completed Level I and an additional 30 - 45 units of an Honours program in Religious Studies and who attains the highest Sessional Average.

Royston-Cumberland Lions Club Bursary

These awards are available to North Island College students with permanent disabilities who have completed at least one-semester on study and are continuing their education at...

CanWest Global Communications Scholarship

Award Criteria: full-time student enrolled in the Visual and Graphic Communication Arts program outstanding scholastic achievement

Dawson Creek Society for Community Living Home Support/Resident Care Attendant Awards

Award Criteria: Dawson Creek student enrolled in the Home Support/Resident Care Attendant good attendance, work/study habits, interest in learning positive...

Fort Nelson Campus Staff and Alumni Award

Award Criteria: Fort Nelson student high academic standard and achievement positive role model for college top all-around student

E. A. Lloyd Prize in Poultry Science

It is awarded to the student specializing in Poultry Science who achieves the highest aggregate standing in third and fourth year courses in genetics, physiology and poultry...

Martin R. Tupper Memorial Award in Civil Engineering

The award is offered to an undergraduate student in Civil Engineering who participates and provides leadership in intramurals or in the Engineering Undergraduate Society and is...

Mabel Johnston Scholarship in Nursing

A $750 scholarship is offered to a student proceeding to the Master's degree in Nursing. The award is made on the recommendation of the School of Nursing.

David F. Fanning Scholarship

Eligible students are Canadian students registered in the penultimate year of the Civil Engineering programme. The scholarship is awarded on the basis of the applicant's...

The Jason Paquet Memorial Bursary

Eligible students are to be registered in the Junior Year of the Mechanical Engineering programme of the Faculty of Engineering. The award is based primarily on financial need....

Cohos Evamy

Criteria: -Third semester -Academic achievement (minimum GPA 3.00) -Financial need -Demonstrates leadership and initiative

Andrew Summers Beattie Memorial

Criteria: -Financial need -Alberta resident -Consistent demonstration of: leadership, creative ability, productivity and commitment to culinary excellence

Cisco Systems

Criteria: -Third semester - Network Systems major -Academic achievement in first and second semesters -Financial need


AVAILABLE TO: A continuing, full-time student in the UCFV Nursing diploma or degree program. STIPULATIONS: Applicant must be a Canadian citizen or landed immigrant. The...

John and May Lockhart 'This Business of Farming' Bar None Award

Conditions: To be awarded annually to a student with satisfactory academic achievement entering the fourth year of the Bachelor of Science in Agriculture or the Bachelor of...

Gertrude Sharp Integrated Dietetic Internship Scholarship

Conditions: Awarded to a student with superior academic achievement enrolled in the Integrated Dietetic Internship component of the Bachelor of Science Nutrition and Food...

Elvin Christenson, FCA, Scholarship in Accounting

Conditions: To be awarded annually to a student with superior academic achievement entering the third or fourth year of an undergraduate program in the School of Business who...