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Kenneth Tang Memorial Scholarship

Value $1000. Awarded annually to an outstanding student entering the First year of the Electrical Engineering program.

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Real Estate Foundation of BC Award

1 award, $500; available to students who demonstrate financial need, high academic achievement, and are enrolled in second year of any of the following programs: 1) Financial...

Dorothy Osborne Xanthaky Scholarships

Two scholarships, bequeathed in 1993 by the late Dorothy Xanthaky. Awarded on the basis of distinguished academic standing to students who have completed at least one year of an...

Mcgill University Athletics Awards

These awards are offered by the University to entering and in-course students who participate in its Intercollegiate Sports program. Granting of these awards follows the...

The Joan Frances Bowling Entrance Scholarships

Two scholarships to be awarded to students entering Music I, who in the judgment of the School of the Arts, have demonstrated excellence in classical music.

The Canadian Society For Chemical Engineering (CSCHE) Scholarship (E)

To be awarded to a student entering Level II of a program in the Department of Chemical Engineering who has attained the highest academic standing in Level I.

Pythian Order Career, Technical & Vocational Program Bursary

Created by the Knights of Pythias #64 and the Pythian Sisters #7, these entrance bursaries are available to students enrolling at North Island College in a career, technical, or...

Nikki MacDonald Memorial Award

Award Criteria: Fort Nelson student ABE student committed to his/her program

Michael McQueen Scholarship

The scholarship is awarded to a student entering third or fourth year in the Department of Theatre, who has demonstrated an aptitude and dedication for technical theatre and who...

Lefevre Medal and Prize in Honours Chemistry

It is awarded to the student standing highest in general proficiency and research ability in Honours Chemistry program in the Faculty of Science. The award is based on the work...

Harold Krivel Prize in Paediatrics

A $275 prize has been endowed by the family of Dr. Harold Krivel in his honour. The award is offered to a student in third year medicine who excels in paediatrics. The award is...

Peter Howard Memorial Scholarship

A $1,800 scholarship is awarded to a student deserving of financial assistance, who has demonstrated a high level of academic ability and interest in the field of law and who...

Rogers Communications Inc. Scholarship

Scholarships totalling $3,600 have been endowed by Rogers Communications Inc. and the Province of British Columbia for students entering the Electrical Engineering program in...

Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists Scholarship

Four $1,500 scholarships are awarded to students entering second year engineering. The awards are made on the recommendation of the Faculty of Applied Science based on the...

Jaron Arntzen Memorial Scholarship

Must have been 3 years in the 4-H Beef Program, First Consideration is given to Flagstaff County, East Central and Provincial members. Must be in an apprentice or college or...

Jarrett Alley Memorial

Criteria: -Trojan men's hockey player -Enrolled in diploma or certificate program -Minimum GPA 2.00 -Demonstrated athletic excellence -Attendance at all training...

Rotary Club of Calgary West - Colonel Macleod

Criteria: -Third semester -Successfully completed first year in the top 25% of the class

Kay Rackett Memorial

Criteria: -Third semester -Academic achievement (minimum GPA 2.67) -Female student -Canadian citizen

Paulsell Memorial

Criteria: -Second period -Financial need -You must be an active participant in activities and the program. -Leadership and attendance is also a consideration


AVAILABLE TO: A First Nations student who has excelled in their studies in the UCFV Theatre program and who will be continuing in further studies.

William Chmiliar Bursary in Accounting

Conditions: Awarded to a student with satisfactory academic standing entering third year of the Accounting degree program in the School of Business. Recipient will be selected...