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The Larry Sayers Prize In East Asian History (H)*
The Sheila Scott Scholarship for Brandon Hall (O)
The Grace Senra-Fontes Memorial Prize (HSc)*
The Stobo Scholarship (O)
The Tinnerman Palnut Engineered Products Scholarship in Mechanical Engineering (E)
The Eleanor Morris Academic Grant (HSc)
Geoffrey and Anita Tozer Memorial Award
Okanagan College - Okanagan Nation Students Bursary (SPECIAL APPLICATION REQUIRED)
Okanagan College Business Policy Simulation Award
Okanagan College International Study Exchange Awards (for Non-Specific Schools)
Okanagan Japanese United Church Bursary
Valley First Credit Union Award
Diamond Jubilee Chapter I.O.D.E. Canadian History Scholarship
Diamond Jubilee Chapter I.O.D.E. English Scholarship
Rotary Club of Salmon Arm Scholarship
Rotary Club of Vernon Scholarships
Catherine and George Ahdemar Memorial Award(s)
Coldwater Indian Band Award
Felix & Bernice Squakin Memorial Award
Helen Meilleur Library Awards
Brian Scott Fine Art Ltd Scholarship
Scotiabank Scholarship
Jane-Claire Inkster Memorial - Women's Bursary
Certified General Accountants Association of BC - Academic Excellence Scholarship
North Island College - Foundation Scholarship
Shirley Wagner Memorial Scholarship
Lazo Women's Institute Scholarship
Gail Kuzma Memorial Bursary
Kiwanis Club of Port Alberni Bursary
Burlington Resources Canada Ltd. Award (Aboriginal)
Busy Bee Culinary Arts Award
Cailes Memorial Award
Credit Union Foundation of B.C. - Lucille Sutherland Bursary
Dawson Co-op ABE Award
Fort Nelson Campus ABE Instructor Selection Award
Fort St. John Lions Club Award
Kin Club of Dawson Creek Award
Nikki MacDonald Memorial Award
Oil and Gas Commission Award
Pacific Northern Gas (NE) Award
Talisman Land and Resource Management Award
Lucille Sutherland Bursary
Golden Spruce Awards
Made in the North Awards
Vera Henry Memorial Award
Faculty of Agricultural Sciences Bursary
UBC Alumni Meloche Monnex Scholarship
Ranjit Singh Azad Memorial Scholarship
Alice Diane Bray Memorial Bursary in Nursing
A. George Oikawa Scholarship
Yvonne Firkins Prize
IODE Fine Arts Foundation Scholarship
D. G. Laird Prize in Soil Science
C. A. Rowles Alumni Scholarship
Geography Alumni Scholarship
Kelly and Diane Gibney Bursary in Science
Walter G. Hardwick Scholarship in Urban Studies
Jamie Smith Memorial Award
Jeanette Lindsay Memorial Bursary
Elizabeth McNevin Memorial Bursary
David Miller Memorial Bursary
Mildred Catherine Orr Memorial Scholarship in Family and Nutritional Sciences
Pacific Regeneration Technologies Inc. Silviculture Scholarship
Dr. A. C. Skerl Memorial Scholarship in Geology
Thomas M. C. Taylor Prize in Botany
Kinder Morgan Canada Inc. Bursary
Bonnie Colleen Thurston Memorial Bursary
Dr. Christopher Westerman Memorial Scholarship
Universal Buddhist Temple Scholarship
Dan F. Wilson Memorial Bursary in Religious Studies
Chien's Cultural Foundation Bursary
F. E. Buck Prize in Ornamental Horticulture
H. Peter Oberlander Medal and Prize
J. J. McRae Memorial Prize
Apotex Inc. Award in Pharmaceutical Sciences
College of Pharmacists of British Columbia Scholarship
Marion L. Pearson Scholarship in Pharmaceutical Sciences
Frederick and Agnes Eatock Memorial Fellowship
Muriel Upshall Memorial Scholarship
Thomas and Dorothy Burgess Bursary in Music
Cy and Emerald Keyes Fellowship in Mining and Mineral Process Engineering
Alcan Research Fellowship
Frank A. Forward Memorial Scholarship in Metallurgy
Hon. Thomas A. Dohm, Q.C., Bursary in Medicine
Mary and John D. Gibson Memorial Bursary
Graduating Class of Medicine 1968 Bursary
Hargrave Bursary in Medicine
Victor Hertzman Memorial Prize in Cardiology
Peter Jepson-Young Bursary
Kiwanis Club of Uptown Vancouver Ted Lewis Memorial Medical Bursary
Harcharan Kaur Mann Memorial Scholarship in Medicine
Medicine Class Act CARMS Bursary
Dr. John S. Monteith Prize in Family Medicine
Susan Matties Nadel Memorial Prize
Pacific Blue Cross Medical Entrance Scholarship
Ameena Patel Memorial Bursary in Medicine
Elizabeth J. Pullen Bursary
Harry and Martha Virginia Small Bursary in Medicine
Brian Graham Memorial Service Award
Mechanical Engineering Communication Prize
Agricultural Bursary
Faculty of Agricultural Sciences Bursary
Dr. G. F. R. Barton Memorial Scholarship
Douglas F. Johnston Bursary
James and Mildred Oldfield Scholarship
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Schachter Bursary in Food, Nutrition and Health
Allard and Company Scholarship in Law
Borden Ladner Gervais Prize in Conflicts Law
Oswyn John Boulton Bursary
Tim Cameron Memorial Bursary in Maritime/Fisheries Law
Credit Union Foundation of British Columbia R.J. McMaster Bursary
Wilson Duff Memorial Scholarship
Edwards, Kenny & Bray Founders Scholarship
Faculty Women's Club Anne Wesbrook Scholarship
Theresa Galloway Memorial Bursary in Law
Graduating Class of Law '59 Scholarship
Graduating Class of Law 1962 Bursary
David Neil Hossie, Q.C., Prize in Corporation Law
Bull Housser & Tupper LLP Prize in Succession
Odlum Brown Limited Bursary in Commerce
Frederick Read Memorial Scholarship
Mr. Justice Walter Kirke Smith Memorial Scholarship
Joseph Atkinson Storrow and Caroline Mary Storrow Memorial Scholarship in Law
C.A. Stuart DeVitt Memorial Scholarship
Liu Lin Ping Memorial Scholarship
Jessie Grant McGregor Memorial Bursary
Ursula Knight Abbott Travel Scholarship in Agricultural Sciences
Peter N. Affleck Memorial Graduate Scholarship in Forest Policy
Michael Ames Scholarship in Museum Studies
Arthritis Society Vancovuer Community Group James Kwan Scholarship
Roman M. Babicki Fellowship in Medical Research
Dr. Isabel MacInnes Memorial Scholarship
David Miller Memorial Bursary
Dr. Christopher Westerman Memorial Scholarship
Backman Scholarship in Forest Resource Management
Ian T. Cameron Memorial Bursary
Ralph M. and Elizabeth E. Cochran Scholarship
Braham G. Griffith Memorial Scholarship in Forest Resources Management
H. R. MacMillan Prize in Forestry
University of B.C. Forestry Alumni Division Entrance Scholarship
University of B.C. Forestry Alumni Division Scholarship
Joan Livesey Prize in French-Canadian Literature
H. Norman Lidster Prize in Documentary Filmmaking
Captain C. Y. Wu Scholarship
Roy Nodwell Memorial Prize
Judith Anderson Memorial Bursary
Paul G. Stanwood Prize in English
Sony of Canada Ltd Applied Science Scholarship
A. Josephine Dauphinee Bursary
Marilyn Hunnings Memorial Scholarship in Education
Henry and Lily Kung Award in Education
R. R. Smith Bursary in Education
WOMEN in Technology Teacher Education Prize
College of Dental Surgeons of B.C. Scholarship for Dentistry
Dr. Earl Ellison Prize
Western Canada Dental Society: Dr. Cal Waddell Memorial Scholarship
Antonio "Tony" Tan Uy Memorial Scholarship
Arthur Beedle Prize
Thomas A. Garvey Prize
Dr. and Mrs. W. Clarke Horning Scholarship
Michael and Sonja Koerner First Nations Fellowship
Stuart Olson Construction Inc. Scholarship
Vancouver Security Traders Association Award in Finance
Sherman Chen Scholarship in Chemical Engineering
Andy and Julie Sun Scholarship in Asian Studies
Brissenden Scholarship in Humanities
Margaret Ruth Crawford Scholarship
Conrad Crocker Memorial Scholarship
David Dodge Graduate Scholarship in Economics
Family Studies Graduating Prize
Bayard Haddock Memorial Scholarship
John C. and Anne J. Clark Scholarship in U.S. Studies
Ann Liisa McCutcheon Memorial Award
Severnian Scholarship in Music
St. Leonard's Youth and Family Services Scholarship
Erich Wagner Memorial Scholarship
Charles and Jane Banks Entrance Scholarship (from Colleges or Universities)
Charles and Jane Banks Entrance Scholarship
Ahmad Bhimani Memorial Scholarship
Alice Diane Bray Memorial Scholarship in Nursing
EXPO 86 Award
Meg Hickling Prize in Sexual Health Education and Development
Jessie MacCarthy Scholarship in Nursing
Pat and Betty Love Scholarship in Applied Science
Merrill Prindle Book Prize in Engineering
SAG Mining Engineering Scholarship
Pearl MacKenzie Scheel Scholarship in Nursing
Triple "A" Scholarship in Applied Science
George E. Winkler Memorial Scholarship
Francis Reif Scholarship
Paul Wisnicki Book Prize
Vancouver Geotechnical Society Scholarship
University of BC Library, Archival and Information Studies Alumni Samuel Rothstein Scholarship
William James Tough Memorial Scholarship
Sociology Graduate Scholarship
Schulich Fellowship for Entrepreneurship
Rafii Architects Scholarship
Robert Rutherford Rae Scholarship