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Hazel and Jack Grimmett Scholarship
A. Hattrick Scholarship in Education
Karen Hawkins Memorial Scholarship in Education
Marilyn Hunnings Memorial Scholarship in Education
Jimmar Memorial Scholarship in Education
Hilda Ellen Silver Karst Memorial Bursary
Kathleen Vawden Kermode Memorial Bursary
Henry and Lily Kung Award in Education
Heather Lawson Memorial Scholarship
Mathilde MacInnes Memorial Scholarship
Linda and K. C. Mack Bursary in Early Childhood Education
V. Z. Manning Memorial Bursary
Barbara Jean Mazzoli Memorial Bursary
Barry C. Munro Memorial Scholarship in Educational Psychology
Joan Porret Memorial Bursary
R. R. Smith Bursary in Education
Tsutae and Hanako Sato Prize
Neville and Gladys Scarfe Memorial Prize
Barbara Schrodt Award in Human Kinetics
Jack Young Prize
Captain C. Y. Wu Scholarship in Human Kinetics
Janie and Hector Wright Memorial Scholarship
WOMEN in Technology Teacher Education Prize
Canadian Foundation for Economic Education David Dodge Scholarship
Economics Undergraduate Scholarship
Dal Grauer Memorial Scholarship
Albert Whiteley Memorial Fellowship
Academy of General Dentistry British Columbia Chapter Prize
M. C. Bagnall Scholarship
College of Dental Hygienists of B.C. Gold Medal
College of Dental Surgeons of B.C. Scholarship for Dentistry
Dr. Earl Ellison Prize
Susan Foy Memorial Service Award
Dr. Clay Hallman Memorial Scholarship for Proficiency in Removable Prosthetics
Dr. Wilfred Arthur Jefferies Memorial Scholarship
Dr. Lorin O. Lind Memorial Prize
Max Nacht Memorial Prize in Dentistry
Robert W. Scott Memorial Award
Roy Sofield Memorial Prize in Dentistry
Sunstar G-U-M Scholarship in Dental Hygiene
Western Canada Dental Society: Dr. Cal Waddell Memorial Scholarship
Western Canada Dental Society Scholarship
Brissenden Scholarship
Bruce N. Robinson Memorial Scholarship in Creative Writing
Maxine Sevack Memorial Scholarship
Harry and Hilda Smith Foundation Scholarship
Teresa Tenisci Memorial Prize
Greer Family Scholarship
David Shum Memorial Prize in Computer Science
Antonio "Tony" Tan Uy Memorial Scholarship
Adera Development Corporation Scholarship
Arthur Beedle Prize
Canadian Council of Financial Analysts Prize
Dorothy Anne Dilworth Memorial Prize
Captain Donald Francis Elliot Memorial Scholarship
Jack Evans Prize in Accounting
Dan Gardiner Award
Thomas A. Garvey Prize
Colin C. Gourlay Medal and Prize
Naomi Grigg Scholarship
Dr. and Mrs. W. Clarke Horning Scholarship
David House Memorial Scholarship
Michael and Sonja Koerner First Nations Fellowship
KPMG Scholarship
Parrish E. Lalonde Memorial Scholarship
H. R. MacMillan Scholarship in Commerce and Business Administration
L. Jack Mitten Scholarship
Stuart Olson Construction Inc. Scholarship
W. Maurice Young Memorial Scholarship in Commerce
William F. J. Wood Prize
James A. Winton Memorial Award in Real Estate
Madhu Varshney Scholarship
Vancouver Security Traders Association Award in Finance
Vancouver Port Authority Scholarship
Vancouver Executives' Association Scholarship
UPS Foundation Fellowship
PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP - Donald McLeod Anderson Memorial Scholarship
Peter Frost Teaching and Learning Memorial Scholarship
Murray Pezim Scholarship
Dr. C. Guarnaschelli Research Scholarship
Read Jones Christoffersen Ltd. - John H. Read Scholarship
Walter Shukin Memorial Scholarship
N. M. Skalbania Ltd. Scholarship in Civil Engineering
Ken Strauss Memorial Scholarship in Civil Engineering
Gladys Estella Laird Research Fellowship
Charles A. McDowell Fellowship
Ed Shuter Scholarship
Larry S. Weiler Memorial Scholarship in Chemistry
Stuart D. Cavers Memorial Scholarship
Chemical Engineering Entrance Scholarship
Sherman Chen Scholarship in Chemical Engineering
Ecowaste Industries Scholarship
Forty-First Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference Scholarship
Pacific Liaicon Associates Inc. Award in Engineering
Leonard M. Staley Scholarship
Joel Bert Memorial Scholarship
Frances Chave Memorial Graduate Scholarship in Botany
S. H. Zbarsky Scholarship
Attariwala-Dley Prize
Timothy Martin Canfield Memorial Scholarship
Asa Johal Fellowship in Asian Studies
Konarak Prize in South Asian Studies
Andy and Julie Sun Scholarship in Asian Studies
Universal Buddhist Temple Scholarship
Goel Scholarship in South Asian Studies
Nora Black Memorial Scholarship
Karen Bomstead Memorial Scholarship in Piano
Brissenden Scholarship in Humanities
Pearl Schneider Chan Memorial Scholarship in Music
John S. Chappell Memorial Scholarship
Margaret Ruth Crawford Scholarship
Conrad Crocker Memorial Scholarship
Dr. Jack Diamond Scholarship
David Dodge Graduate Scholarship in Economics
Family Studies Graduating Prize
Fung Hang Memorial Prize
Eileen R. Gilley Soroptimist Scholarship in Music
Bayard Haddock Memorial Scholarship
William and Nona Heaslip Scholarship
Edwina Heller Scholarship in Music
Cortland Hultberg Memorial Scholarship
John C. and Anne J. Clark Scholarship in U.S. Studies
Ruth Parnum King Memorial Prize in Music
Jack and Isabel Kirkpatrick Scholarship in Social Work
Liana Lam Scholarship
Margaret Lawrence Scholarship in Arts
Isabel Jane Lownsbrough Memorial Scholarship
McGill Graduates' Scholarship
W. H. MacInnes Memorial Scholarship
Monica Mason-Rooke Memorial Scholarship in Music
Ann Liisa McCutcheon Memorial Award
Pearl Kerr Mossfield Memorial Scholarship
Hector Gordon Munro Scholarship in Political Science
Prize for Musicology
Penny Hicks Service Award
Paul S. Plant Memorial Scholarship in Canadian Studies
Joseph I. Richardson Scholarship
Robert and Kazuko Barker Award
Robert Rogers Prize in Piano
Phyllis Schuldt Memorial Scholarship
Severnian Scholarship in Music
Ernest Wesley Cubitt Sharpe Memorial Scholarship
Shaw Memorial Scholarship
Eva L. Shea Scholarship in Piano
Robert Silverman Prize in Piano
Queen Sinclair Scholarship in Music
Florence Muriel Smeltzer Scholarship
St. Leonard's Youth and Family Services Scholarship
Frank Stevens Scholarship in Studio Art
Robert A. Tipple Scholarship in Music
University Women's Club of Vancouver Ruby B. Riddell Scholarship in Music
Vancouver Youth Symphony Orchestra - Murray Euler Scholarship
Erich Wagner Memorial Scholarship
B.C. Hydro Scholarship in Engineering
Leelan Hanna Scholarship in Engineering
Stantec Scholarship in Engineering at UBC Okanagan
Francis Alexander Memorial Scholarship
Charles and Jane Banks Entrance Scholarship (from Colleges or Universities)
Charles and Jane Banks Entrance Scholarship
G. E. "Ted" Baynes Student Award
Thomas Beeching Scholarship
Ahmad Bhimani Memorial Scholarship
Alice Diane Bray Memorial Scholarship in Nursing
Edith Grace Buchan Scholarship
Donald J. Evans Scholarship in Engineering
Sybren Hendrik De Jong Memorial Scholarship
EXPO 86 Award
Louis J. Gall Award in Mining Engineering
Stephanie Gnup Scholarship in Nursing
Hamber Scholarship in Nursing
Meg Hickling Prize in Sexual Health Education and Development
Mary Graham Holland Scholarship in Nursing
Jessie MacCarthy Scholarship in Nursing
Helen Russell McKechnie Scholarship
Karen Elaine Florence Madsen Memorial Scholarship
Nursing Undergraduate Society Leadership Award
Pat and Betty Love Scholarship in Applied Science
Doris Pearson Memorial Scholarship
PMC-Sierra Inc. Founders' Award in Electrical and Computer Engineering
Merrill Prindle Book Prize in Engineering
SAG Mining Engineering Scholarship
Pearl MacKenzie Scheel Scholarship in Nursing
Triple "A" Scholarship in Applied Science
George E. Winkler Memorial Scholarship
Francis Reif Scholarship
Biely Memorial Scholarship
Albert B. and Mary Steiner Summer Research Award
British Columbia Institute of Agrologists, Dean Blythe A. Eagles, Scholarship
Vladimir J. Krajina Prize in Plant Ecology
Bruce MacDonald Horticulture Travel Scholarship
John N. Sandness Prize
Paul Wisnicki Book Prize
Weldwood of Canada Limited H. Richard Whittall Scholarship
Werner Forster Memorial Scholarship in Architecture
Vancouver Sun David Baines Scholarship in Journalism
Vancouver Geotechnical Society Scholarship
University of B.C. Nursing Division - Golden Jubilee Scholarship
University of BC Library, Archival and Information Studies Alumni Samuel Rothstein Scholarship
University of B.C. Library, Archival and Information Studies Alumni Margaret Burke Scholarship
William James Tough Memorial Scholarship