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The Niemeier Scholarship (HSc)
The Robert Nixon Scholarship (O)
The Derry Novak Scholarship (SS)
The Fredric P. Olsen Book Prize (S)
The Ontario Association Of Social Workers Prizes (SS)
The Ontario Professional Engineers Foundation for Education In-Course Scholarships (E)
The Ontario Professional Engineers Foundation for Education Undergraduate Scholarships (E)
The Gladys Ballantyne Parker Prize (H)
The F.W. Paulin Scholarship (E)
The Irene Pearce Scholarship (H)
The Harry L. Penny Prize (SS)
The Pevensing Scholarship (SS)
The Tony Pickard Memorial Scholarship (O)
The Pioneer Group Inc. Gerontology Prizes (SS)
The Pioneer Group Inc. Prize (SS)
The Pioneer Group Inc. Prizes In Nursing (HSc)
The Pioneer Group Inc. Scholarship (SS)
The Pitcher-Ratford Awards (SS)
The Brian Pocknell Memorial Scholarship (H)
The Political Science Honours Essay Prize (SS)
The Political Science Prize (SS)
The Bill Prestwich Scholarship in Medical and Health Physics (S)
The Psychology Society Prizes (S, SS)
The Dr. John A. Pylypiuk Scholarship (H)
The Rand Memorial Prize Of Class '98 (H)
The Lloyd Reeds Prizes (S, SS)
The Sharon Reeves Scholarship (H)
The Religious Studies Prizes (SS)
The Retired Teachers of Ontario Hamilton/Haldimand District Prize In Gerontology (O)
The Ella Julia Reynolds Scholarships (H)
The Gladys Richards Scholarship (H)
The Jack Richardson Memorial Scholarship (SS)
The Herbert A. Ricker Scholarships (E, S)
The Abraham Rosenberg Memorial Prize (H)
The Morris And Sarah Rosenhead Memorial Prize (O)
The Ellen Bouchard Ryan Scholarship (SS)*
The E.T. Salmon Scholarship (H)
The E. Togo Salmon Prize In History (H)
The Noel Sandusky Memorial Prize (A, H)*
The Hilda Savage Memorial Scholarship (O)
The Larry Sayers Prize In East Asian History (H)*
The Dr. Sina Sazgar Memorial Scholarship (S)
The Fedor Schneider Scholarship in Italian (H)
The School of the Arts Scholarship In Music (H)
The Sheila Scott Scholarship for Brandon Hall (O)
The Sheila Scott Scholarship In English (H)
The Sheila Scott Scholarship for Wallingford Hall (O)
The Larry Sefton Scholarships (SS)*
The Grace Senra-Fontes Memorial Prize (HSc)*
The Margaret A. Service Book Prize (S)
The Albert Shalom Travel Scholarship (H)
The Louis J. Shein Scholarship (H)
The Shell Canada Scholarships In Engineering And Management (E)
The Shenstone Prize (S)
The Gerald And Verna Simpson Memorial Scholarship (S)
The Richard Slobodin Prize (SS)
The Patricia L. Smye Memorial Prizes (H, SS)
The Social Work Prize (SS)
The Sociology Prizes (SS)
The Somerville Scholarships (O)
The Sons Of Italy Of Ontario Scholarship (H)
The South Ontario Economic Development Council Scholarships (S, SS)
The Robert Sowerby Memorial Scholarship (E)
The Marnie Spears Scholarship (D)
The Sport Coaching Prize (SS)
The S.L. Squire Scholarships (E, S)
The Stantec Consulting Ltd. Engineering Scholarship (E)
The Anne Stein Memorial Prize (SS)
The Leona Allerston Ryan And Gordon Henry Stevens Memorial Scholarship (H)
The Mabel Stoakley Scholarship (O)
The Marie L. Stock Scholarship (H)
The Mark John Stojcic Scholarships (E)
The Dr. Andrew Szendrovits Memorial Scholarship (B)
The Kenneth W. Taylor Book Prize (SS)*
The Hugh R. Thompson Memorial Prize (S, SS)
The Dr. R.A. Thompson Prize In Mathematics (S)
The Michael Thomson Memorial Book Prizes (O)
The Tinnerman Palnut Engineered Products Scholarship in Mechanical Engineering (E)
The Graham Ronald Toop Scholarship (H)
The Corelene Helen Tostevin Scholarships (HSc)
The John Toth Memorial Prize (H)*
The John H. Trueman Prize (H)
The John H. Trueman Scholarship (H)*
The Thomas Truman Memorial Prize (SS)
The University Prizes For Special Achievement (O)*
The University (Senate) Scholarships (O)
The University Scholarships (O)
The Valley City Manufacturing Co. Ltd. Scholarships (S)
The Varey Scholarship (H)
The Jim Waddington Prize in Physics and Astronomy (S)
The Harry Waisglass Book Prize (SS)
The Melinda Wapshaw Achievement Award (SS)*
The F.W. Waters Scholarship In Philosophy (H)
The F.W. Waters Scholarship in Philosophy for Part-time Students (H)
The Ralph Weekes Scholarship (A, SS)*
The Weisz Family Foundation Scholarship (B)
The Howard P. Whidden Scholarship (O)
The Whidden Hall Residence Scholarship (O)
The T. Russell Wilkins Memorial Scholarships (S)
The Marjorie And Charles Wilkinson Scholarship (SS)
The Thomas E. Willey Scholarship (H)
The Emanuel Williams Scholarship In Physics (S)
The David Winch Memorial Scholarship (SS)
The Women's Art Association Scholarships (H)
The Woodstock Hall Residence Scholarship (O)
The Ivor Wynne Memorial Prize (SS)
The Marguerite Z. Yates Scholarship (O)
The Lillian And Manuel Zack Scholarship (HSc)
The Margaret Elizabeth Burke Memorial Academic Grant (HSc)
The William F. Campbell Academic Grant (E, S)
The Hatch Academic Grant In Engineering (E)
The Jack Howett Academic Grant (E)
The Kneale Brothers '37 Academic Grant (S, SS)
The Taylor Leibow Academic Grant (B)
The Eleanor Morris Academic Grant (HSc)
The Manson Olson Academic Grant (S)
The Pollock Family Academic Grant (E)
Gorman Bros. Lumber and the Rotary Club of Kelowna Vocational Award for Nursing
Grant Thornton LLP Scholarship
Jennifer Cusworth Memorial Bursary
Jennifer Urton Memorial Award
Jordy Koenig Telus Scholarships
Kalamalka Fly Fishers Bursary
Kelowna & District Association of Japanese Canadians Award
Kelowna & District Dental Society Bursary
Kelowna Bar Association Award
Kelowna Chartered Accountants Association Award
Kiwanis Joe Collins Memorial Award
Kiwanis Learning Assessment Research Clinic (KLARC) Award
McGillivray Bursary
Michael Doyle Memorial Bursary
Nursing Opportunity Bursary
Okanagan Chefs' Association Award
Okanagan Wine Festivals Society Award
Pushor Mitchell Bursary
Pushor Mitchell Lawyers Scholarship
RV Technician Award
Rotary Club of Kelowna - Capri Fellowship Award
Rotary Club of Penticton - Okanagan Automotive Award
Snowbird RV Show Award
Telus Team Technology Award
Telus Team Trades Award
Thompson-Okanagan Dental Society Bursaries
Vernon Dental Association Bursary
BCFGA Rob Hall Award
BMO Bank of Montreal Scholarship
CGA Academic Excellence Scholarship
Computer Science Department C.I.S. Award
Credit Union Foundation of BC Bursary
Donna Michele Hill Humanitarian Award
Geoffrey and Anita Tozer Memorial Award
John and Nancy Woodworth Entrance Award
Lois Carrie Butler Scholarship
OSTEC Technology Awards
Okanagan College - Okanagan Nation Students Bursary (SPECIAL APPLICATION REQUIRED)
Okanagan College Aboriginal Students Bursary (SPECIAL APPLICATION REQUIRED)
Okanagan College Alumni Association Distinguished Alumni Award
Okanagan College Business Policy Simulation Award
Okanagan College International Education Awards (SPECIAL APPLICATION REQUIRED)
Okanagan College International Study Exchange Awards (for Non-Specific Schools)
Okanagan College President's Entrance Scholarships (SPECIAL APPLICATION REQUIRED)
Okanagan College Tuition Bursary (SPECIAL APPLICATION REQUIRED)
Okanagan College Tuition Entrance Awards for Mature Students
Okanagan College Tuition Entrance Scholarships for AACP/ESL Students Proceeding to Post-Secondary Study
Okanagan College Tuition Entrance Scholarships for Regional Secondary School Graduates
Okanagan College Vocational, Health and Foundational Programs Graduate Scholarships
Okanagan Japanese United Church Bursary
Ruth St. John Memorial Bursary in Science
SNC - Lavalin Inc. Bursary
SNC - Lavalin Inc. Entrance Scholarship
Sun-Rype Products Scholarship
Syd Dalzell Memorial Award
TD Bank Financial Group Bursary - Business Adminstration
TD Bank Financial Group Bursary - Office Administration
Valley First Credit Union Award
Vernon Valley Lodge #18 Independent Order of Oddfellows Bursary
Banee of Oliver Award
Berry & Smith Trucking 2nd Year Bursary
British Columbia Wine Information Society Bursary
Canadian Vintners Association Scholarship
Diamond Jubilee Chapter I.O.D.E. Adult Academic and Career Preparation Award
Diamond Jubilee Chapter I.O.D.E. Canadian History Scholarship
Diamond Jubilee Chapter I.O.D.E. English Scholarship
James Miltimore Memorial Scholarship
Joe Winkelaar Memorial Bursary
Kiwanis Club of Penticton Business Award
Kiwanis Club of Penticton Science Scholarship
Okanagan Fest of Ale Hospitality Award
Oliver Lions Club Bursary
Penticton & Wine Country Chamber of Commerce Business Scholarship
Penticton Business and Professional Women's Club Bursary
Penticton Campus Applied Business Technology Prize
Penticton Campus Arts Entrance Scholarship
Penticton Campus Practical Nursing Prize
Penticton Campus Science Entrance Scholarship
Penticton Campus Social Sciences Scholarship
Penticton Lions Club Business Scholarship
Ruth St. John Memorial Bursary in Environmental Studies
Ruth St. John Penticton Campus Memorial Award
Skaha Rotary Club Arts/Science Scholarship