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Petro Canada Scholarship in Land & Resource Management
Read's Books Award
Real Estate Foundation of BC Awards
Robbie Stevenson Award
Rotaract Club of Dawson Creek
Roy Cunningham Memorial Award (Aboriginal)
Ruby McBeth Award
South Peace Community Resources Award
Suncor Energy Foundation Award
Suncor Energy Foundation Award (Aboriginal)
Swanberg Bros. Trucking Ltd. Commercial Transport Award
Talisman ABE Award (Aboriginal)
Talisman Forest Resources Technology Award
Talisman Land and Resource Management Award (Aboriginal)
Talisman Oil and Gas Field Operations Award
Talisman Oil and Gas Field Operations Award (Aboriginal)
Talisman Power Engineering and Gas Processing Award
Teck Cominco Award
University of Northern BC Award for Academic Writing
Westcoast Energy Instrumentation Achievement Award
William and Mary Wanka Art Promotion Award
William and Mary Wanka History Prize
William and Mary Wanka Visual Arts Award
Don Anderson Memorial Scholarship
CN Scholarships for Women
Alcan Bursary Fund
Credit Union Foundation Bursary
Credit Union Pioneers' Memorial Bursary
Michael Kelly Bursary Fund
Northern Interior Food Safe Council and the BC Restaurant and Food Services Association, North Central Branch, Endowment Bursaries
Knox United Church Bursary Fund
Prince Rupert Rotary Bursary Fund
Skeena Cellulose Bursary Fund
ASE Integrated Program Award
C.G.A. Academic Excellence Scholarship
C.G.A. Continuing Education Tuition Scholarship
Canadian Hospitality Foundation
Certified Management Accountants Society of B.C.
Eric Buss Memorial Scholarship
John Hiom Memorial Scholarship
John Wood Memorial Award (Faculty nomination)
Vera Henry Memorial Award
Freda Diesing Award
Jeff Marvin Memorial Award
Henkin Conference Scholarship
Clara Gould Abercrombie Memorial Bursary
Olive and B.K. (Keith) Acton Memorial Bursary
Acuren Scholarship in Metallurgy
Evan Adams Health Sciences Bursary
Agriculture Undergraduate Society Service Award
A.H. Younger Memorial Scholarship in Engineering
Philip Akrigg Scholarship
Francis Alexander Memorial Scholarship
UBC Alumni Meloche Monnex Scholarship
Judith Anderson Memorial Bursary
Mabelle Andison Prize
Charles Brenton Archibald Memorial Bursary in Chemical Engineering
Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists Scholarship
Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists Victoria Branch Bursary
Chan Fong Gan Au Memorial Bursary
Ranjit Singh Azad Memorial Scholarship
Helen L. Balfour Prize
Douglas and Beverly Bankson Scholarship in Creative Writing
A. F. Barss Prize in Horticulture
Dr. G. F. R. Barton Memorial Scholarship
G. E. "Ted" Baynes Student Award
Helen Belkin Memorial Scholarship in Fine Arts
Wallace Berry Memorial Prize in Music Theory
Ahmad Bhimani Memorial Scholarship
Biely Memorial Scholarship
Jacob Biely Scholarship
Earle Birney Scholarship in Creative Writing
Helen J. K. Bishop Memorial Bursary
Nora Black Memorial Scholarship
Karen Bomstead Memorial Scholarship in Piano
P. A. Boving Prize in Agriculture
Robert Victor Brandon Bursary in Electrical Engineering
Alice Diane Bray Memorial Scholarship in Nursing
Sharon Louise Brewster Memorial Scholarship
Brissenden Scholarship
British Columbia Food Technologists Prize
Botany and Zoology Student Research Award
Mary and Joseph Bryant Scholarship
Dean Fisher Memorial Scholarship in Zoology
Jamie Smith Memorial Award
CanWest Global Centre Graduating Prize
Helen Pitt Bursary in Fine Arts at The University of B.C. Okanagan
Ian Mills Fine Arts Bursary
Helen Pitt Bursary in Fine Arts
Okanagan Photographic Art Workshops Scholarship in Visual Arts
David Roy Coell Memorial Scholarship in Commerce
John D'Eathe Award in Real Estate
Mortgage Investment Association of B.C. Scholarship
P. Dermot Murphy Scholarship in Real Estate
A. George Oikawa Scholarship
Porte Realty Ltd. Scholarship
Real Estate Council Scholarship
Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver Irwin Davis Prize
Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver Douglas P. Woodley Memorial Scholarship
Yvonne Firkins Prize
I.A.T.S.E. Local 891 Bursary
IODE Fine Arts Foundation Scholarship
Peter Loeffler Memorial Prize
Michael McQueen Scholarship
Guichon Family Award
D. G. Laird Prize in Soil Science
G. G. Moe Prize in Agronomy
C. A. Rowles Alumni Scholarship
Kaspar Naegele Memorial Prize in Sociology
Kurt and Anne Paulus Memorial Scholarship in Sociology
University Women's Club of Vancouver Mary Kelly Memorial Bursary
Lynda Winkler Memorial Bursary
Leon Fus Memorial Prize
Accenture Leadership Award
Gabriel L. Allard Memorial Bursary in Computer Science
Esther R. Anderson Memorial Prize
Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of B.C. Scholarship in Geoscience
AstraZeneca Undergraduate Scholarship
Margaret E. Barr Scholarship
George Bror Boving Memorial Prize in Botany
Joseph E. Bryant Scholarship in Science
J. M. Carr Memorial Scholarship
Class Act Bursary in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Clements-Norris Memorial Prize
Teck Cominco Limited Scholarship
Computer Science Scholarship
Arthur Crooker Prize
Dolman Prize in Microbiology and Immunology
Doris M. Dowling Memorial Bursary
Edward G. Auld Prize in Engineering Physics
Family and Nutritional Sciences Bursary
Charlotte Froese Fischer Student Mobility Award in Science
Freleigh Fitz and Agnes A. Osborne Memorial Bursary
Martin Frauendorf Memorial Prize in Computer Science
Ulrich Freybe Memorial Scholarship in Food, Nutrition and Health
Geography Alumni Scholarship
Kelly and Diane Gibney Bursary in Science
Prakash Gill Memorial Prize in Pharmacology and Therapeutics
Dr. Earl B. Gillanders Memorial Scholarship
Peter Andrew Goloubef Scholarship in Forestry
Chan and Peggy Gunn Prize
Aldyen Hamber Scholarship
Walter G. Hardwick Scholarship in Urban Studies
Kurt Henze Memorial Prize
Jamie Smith Memorial Award
Roy Jure Memorial Bursary in Earth and Ocean Sciences
Janet Ketcham Scholarship
Janusz J. Klawe Memorial Science One Scholarship
Lefevre Medal and Prize in Honours Chemistry
London Drugs Scholarship
W. H. MacInnes Scholarship in Physics and Mathematics
William Eugene MacInnes Memorial Scholarship
Elizabeth McNevin Memorial Bursary
Dr. Peter Gee-Pan Mar Memorial Scholarship
Right Honourable Don Mazankowski Scholarship
Markus Meister Memorial Prize in Computer Science
Merck Frosst National Entrance Scholarship
Messing Family Bursary in Science
Moosa Essop Mia and Shera Tavaria Mia Memorial Bursary
Native Brotherhood of B.C. Jubilee Scholarship
Stephen Kenneth Nelson Memorial Scholarship
Joan le Nobel Prize in Environmental Sciences
Orbital Technologies Award in Computer Science
James M. Orr Scholarship
Pacific Regeneration Technologies Inc. Silviculture Scholarship
Clayton Person Memorial Prize in Biology
Steve and Therese Peto Memorial Scholarship
Sperry Phillips Memorial Bursary
Physics and Astronomy Undergraduate Scholarship
Physiology Prize
Robert and Kazuko Barker Award
Lawrence Roberts Mathematics Entrance Scholarship
Larry Roberts Science One Memorial Scholarship
Rottow Scholarship
Joseph P. Ruffel Scholarship in Science
Kenneth S. Russell Memorial Scholarship
Gordon Merritt Shrum Memorial Scholarship
David Shum Memorial Prize in Computer Science
Dr. A. C. Skerl Memorial Scholarship in Geology
St. Mary's Anglican Church First Nations Bursary
Kinder Morgan Canada Inc. Bursary
E. Bruce Tregunna Prize in Plant Physiology
Volkoff Scholarship in Science
G. C. Webber Memorial Prize
Larry S. Weiler Memorial Scholarship in Chemistry
Dr. Christopher Westerman Memorial Scholarship
Arthur Whitehead Memorial Science One Scholarship
Women's Canadian Club of Vancouver Scholarship in Food, Nutrition and Health
Bruce Woodsworth Bursary in Geology
Joseph I. Richardson Scholarship
Jean Bolocan Memorial Prize
Stewart L. Chambers Memorial Prize
Class Act Bursary in Political Science
Balbinder Singh Dodd Bursary
Silva M. Kohn Bursary
Sydney Elizabeth Price Memorial Bursary