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Robert F. Binnie Memorial Scholarship
Read Jones Christoffersen Ltd. - John H. Read Scholarship
Ken Strauss Memorial Scholarship in Civil Engineering
Arthur S. Hawkes Scholarship in Chemistry
Larry S. Weiler Memorial Scholarship in Chemistry
Forty-First Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference Scholarship
Lefevre Medal and Prize in Chemical Engineering
K. B. Mathur Prize
Francis E Murray Scholarship in Chemical Engineering
Kit Malkin Scholarship
Craig Adams Sandercock Memorial Scholarship
David Maw Scholarship
S. H. Zbarsky Scholarship
Community Prize for Chinese Studies
Community Prize in South Asian Studies
Asa Johal Fellowship in Asian Studies
Chris Lin Memorial Scholarship
Harmandeep Kaur Rai Memorial Prize in Asian Studies
Harry and Frances Adaskin Scholarship
Karen Bomstead Memorial Scholarship in Piano
Sharon Louise Brewster Memorial Scholarship
Brissenden Scholarship in Humanities
British Columbia 1958 Centennial Scholarship
Conrad Crocker Memorial Scholarship
Dena Wosk Scholarship in Music
George Davidson -- Harry Cassidy Prize
Dr. Jack Diamond Scholarship
Erika Nalos Kurth Scholarship in Voice
Fukien Chinese Association Award
Golden Leaf Scholarship in Music
Beatrice Wellington Gonzales Memorial Scholarship in Social Work
William and Nona Heaslip Scholarship
Laura Holland Scholarship
Cortland Hultberg Memorial Scholarship
John C. and Anne J. Clark Scholarship in U.S. Studies
Martin and Mary Bernice Klemanski Scholarship in European Studies
Margaret Lawrence Scholarship in Arts
Isabel Jane Lownsbrough Memorial Scholarship
McGill Graduates' Scholarship
Belle Mulholland Memorial Prize in Religious Studies
Prize for Musicology
Native Brotherhood of B.C. Jubilee Scholarship
Martha C. Piper Arts Award in Global Citizenship
Paul S. Plant Memorial Scholarship in Canadian Studies
Joseph I. Richardson Scholarship
William Robbins Memorial Prize in British Literature
Shaw Memorial Scholarship
Laura Steiman Memorial Scholarship in Children's Literature
Maurice Taylor Scholarship in Music
Erich Wagner Memorial Scholarship
Norman Young Scholarship in Theatre
Westcoast Energy Inc. Education Abroad Language Scholarship
Sun-Rype Founders' Scholarship
B.C. Hydro Scholarship in Engineering
Leelan Hanna Scholarship in Engineering
Stantec Scholarship in Engineering at UBC Okanagan
Francis Alexander Memorial Scholarship
Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists Scholarship
Helen L. Balfour Prize
G. E. "Ted" Baynes Student Award
Edith Grace Buchan Scholarship
Eric P. Newell Leadership Award in Engineering
EXPO 86 Award
Elizabeth and Leslie Gould Scholarship in Nursing
Elizabeth and Leslie Gould Scholarship in Engineering
Hamber Scholarship in Nursing
Lily Lee Scholarship in Nursing
Dorothy J. Logan Memorial Scholarship in Nursing
Kiyoharu and Kiyoaki Momose Memorial Scholarship
Pat and Betty Love Scholarship in Applied Science
Marion Ricker Memorial Scholarship in Nursing
Abraham Rogatnick Book Prize
Triple "A" Scholarship in Applied Science
Women's Canadian Club of Vancouver Scholarship in Nursing
Biely Memorial Scholarship
Charles River Laboratories Scholarship in Animal Welfare
C. W. Roberts Jr. Memorial Scholarship
British Columbia Institute of Agrologists, Dean Blythe A. Eagles, Scholarship
Canadian Vintners Association Scholarship
Vladimir J. Krajina Prize in Plant Ecology
John N. Sandness Prize
Adam F. Szczawinski Prize in Botany
Charlotte Whitton Prize
Vancouver Geotechnical Society Scholarship
Unifeed Graduate Fellowship
University of BC Rehabilitation Sciences Alumni Margaret Hood Scholarship
University of B.C. Nursing Division - Golden Jubilee Scholarship
University of B.C. M.B.A./M.Sc. (Bus.Admin.) Alumni Scholarship
University of BC Library, Archival and Information Studies Alumni Samuel Rothstein Scholarship
University of B.C. Library, Archival and Information Studies Alumni Margaret Burke Scholarship
University of B.C. Architecture Alumni Henry Elder Prize
Thompson Berwick Pratt & Partners Scholarship
Harry E. Taylor Canadian Indigenous Graduate Prize in Education
Cathy Stratmoen Memorial Scholarship
Nancy R. Stilwell Prize
Michael W. Stahl Memorial Graduate Scholarship
Margaret Fergusson Smith Memorial Scholarship
Simons Foundation Doctoral Scholarship
Gordon Selman Award
Schulich Fellowship for Entrepreneurship
Sally M. Rogow Graduate Research Scholarship
Harold James Russell Scholarship in Rehabilitation Sciences
Rafii Architects Scholarship
Robert S. Wyly Scholarship in Urban Studies
Physiotherapy Association of B.C. Prize
Perry & Associates Scholarship in Landscape Architecture
Douglas D. Paterson Scholarship in Landscape Architecture
Tim and Ann O'riordan Fellowship
Stanley M. Oberg Scholarship
C. K. Morison Memorial Prize
Louise McGregor Memorial Scholarship in Neurorehabilitation
Marpole Women's Auxiliary Scholarship in Rehabilitation Sciences
Donald S. McPhee Fellowship
Joyce Lewison and Anne Lewison Travel Scholarship in Architecture
T.K. Lee Scholarship
Les Lavkulich Scholarshp for Resources and Environment
Gertrude Langridge Graduate Scholarship in Humanities
William T. Lane Memorial Prize in Planning Law
Insurance Corporation of British Columbia Scholarship in Occupational Therapy
Amy M. Hutcheson Scholarship in Library Services for Children
The Hung Hing Ying and Leung Hau Ling Charitable Foundation Graduate Scholarship
Stephen Howard Memorial Scholarship
Neal Harlow Prize
William and Dorothy Gilbert Scholarships in Bio-Medical Sciences
Fraser Valley Regional Library Scholarship
McLean Fraser Summer Research Fellowship
Sara Lee Bursary
CAFP - Don McPhie Family Memorial Bursary
Award of Achievement - York University
HSBC Scholarship
Univlever Canada Undergraduate Award in Environmental Studies
Great Canadian Bagel Limited Award
Van-Rob Inc. Award
Malcolm Streete Bursary
Ray & Joe Abramson Award in Mathematics and Statistics
David F. Denison and Maureen Flanagan Award
Hyacinth Taylor Owen Entrance Bursary
John S. Proctor Entrance Scholarship
York University Athletic Financial Award
Chemistry Hall of Fame Award
BMO Financial Group Scholarships
Kinesiology and Health Science Entrance Scholarship
York University Entrance Scholarships
Canada Basketball Scholarship Program
Epilepsy Scholarship
Simon Fraser Scholarships
Simon Fraser Alumni Leadership Scholarship
Gordon M. Shrum Scholarships
Kenneth Strand Scholarships
Academic Excellence Scholarships
Lohn Foundation Entrance Awards
Stanley Morisse Memorial Scholarship
Community Entrance Awards
Special Graduate Entrance Scholarship (SGES)
ASI Graduate Student Awards
Gary Brent Global Asset and Wealth Management Scholarship in Business Administration
Graduate Entrance Scholarship in Business Administration
Thelma Finlayson Graduate Entrance Scholarship
Global Asset and Wealth Management Business Council Scholarship in Business Administration
Graduate Entrance Scholarship in Geography
O.H. Sorila Memorial Graduate Scholarship in Philosophy
Special Graduate Entrance Scholarship
Doreen Wilkinson Memorial Graduate Scholarship in Economics
Grace Woodsworth MacInnis Graduate Award
Faculty of Applied Sciences Dean's Fund Graduate Fellowships
President's PhD Research Stipends
BC Council of Garden Clubs - Mildred Wells Scholarship
Alan Boag Scholarship
Canron Limited Sidney Hogg Memorial Graduate Scholarship
CanWest Global Graduate Fellowship in Communications
David and Rachelle Chertkow Healthy Families Essay Prize
Cook Conference Scholarship
Isabel Dawson Memorial Scholarship in Gerontology
Manuela Dias Memorial Scholarship In Publishing Studies
Robert Hancock Dunham Memorial Scholarship in English
Dr. E. A. Fattah Graduate Scholarship in Criminology
French Memorial Graduate Scholarship
Glen Geen Graduate Scholarship in Marine Biology
Sidney Hogg Memorial Graduate Scholarship
Frank A. Linville Graduate Scholarship in Sensory Science
H.R. MacCarthy Graduate Bursary
MacMillan Bloedel MBB Graduate Scholarship
Catherine Ann McKay Publishing Award
Methanex Graduate Scholarship in International Marketing
Marshall Noble Memorial Graduate Bursary in Chemical Ecology
NSERC Graduate Student Conference Travel Grants
Dr. L. B. Peter Rae Memorial Award in Business Ethics
Viswanathan-Delord Graduate Endowment Fund
Delcan Corporation Bursaries
Management of Technology Master of Business Administration Bursary
Master's of Public Policy Program Bursary
Keith Gilbert Loughlin Bursary in Gerontology
Ancie and Arthur Fouks Bursary in Publishing Studies
Dr. Tom Richardson Memorial Graduate Entrance Bursary
Vancouver Foundation First Nations Bursary
Father Della-Torre Bursary
The Honourable Angelo E. Branca and Mrs. Branca Bursary
Laura (Pat) Band and Richard W. Band Bursary for First Nations Students