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Frank Schapira Memorial Scholarships
Greville Smith Scholarships
Seba Abbott Smith Memorial Scholarships
Edgar and Margaret Wilson Scholarships
Morris W. Wilson Memorial Scholarships
David Wolfson Scholarships
Edward C. Wood Scholarships
TAC Foundation - UMA Engineering Ltd.
TAC Foundation - 3M Canada Company
TAC Foundation - Cement Association of Canada
TAC Foundation - Delcan Corporation
TAC Foundation - IBI Group
TAC Foundation - Municipalities
TAC Foundation - ND LEA
TAC Foundation - Provinces and Territories
Nortel Networks Entrance Scholarships
The Merrill Francis Gage Entrance Scholarship (H)
The Frank Thorolfson Memorial Scholarships (H)
The Dominic Rosart Scholarship (HSc)
The Transportation Association Of Canada Foundation Scholarship (E)
The McMaster Chinese Alumni (Toronto Chapter) International Entrance Scholarships (U)
The Accenture Inc. Scholarship (E, S, B)
The ACI (Ontario Chapter) Scholarship (E)
The Air Liquide Canada Inc. Scholarships (E)
The W.K. Allan Memorial Scholarship (S)
The Cameron D. Allen Book Prize (S, SS)
The Alumni Association Scholarship (O)
The Alumni Canadian Geography Prize (O)
The Anatomy Prize (HSc)
The Anthropology Prize (SS)
The Edgar R. Ashall Scholarship (O)
The Atomic Energy of Canada Limited Scholarships (E)
The Charles Murray Ball Scholarships in Earth Sciences (S)
The Bank of Montreal Humanities Multimedia Scholarships (H)
The J. Douglas Bankier Memorial Scholarship (S)
The William And Lida Barns Memorial Prize In History (H)
The Scott Bartlett Memorial Prize (B)
The Marion Bates Book Prize (H)
The Bates Residence Scholarship (O)
The Barbara and Ronald Bayne Gerontology Internship Award * (SS)
The Beale-Lincoln-Hall Travel Scholarship (O)
The Beauty Counselors Of Canada Scholarship (S)
The Louise E. Bettger Scholarships In Music (H)
The Abe Black Memorial Prize (S, SS)
The Brian Blakey Memorial Scholarship (H)
The Joan Frances Bowling Scholarships (H)
The Brien Scholarship In Philosophy (H)
The Josephine Staples Brien Scholarship (O)
The Dr. And Mrs. F.R. Britton Scholarship In Mathematics (S)
The Ten Broeke-Bensen Memorial Scholarship (H)
The Betty Taylor Campbell Scholarship (SS)
The Canadian Federation of University Women (Hamilton) Past President's Prize (E)
The Canadian Federation of University Women (Hamilton) Scholarship (O)
The Canadian Institute Of International Affairs Prize (AS, H, SS)*
The Canadian Society For Chemical Engineering Prize (E)
The Canadian Society For Chemical Engineering (CSCHE) Scholarship (E)
The Nancy Car Memorial Scholarship in Kinesiology (SS)
The Grace Dorothy and William P. Carpenter Award (E)
The Norman N. Caskey Memorial Prize (H)
The CGA Ont. Award For Excellence (B)
The Maria Chan Scholarships for International Studies in Business (B)
The Chemical Institute Of Canada (Hamilton Section) Prizes (E, S)
The City of Hamilton Economic Development Department Scholarships (B)
The Class Of '43 Golden Anniversary Scholarship (H)
The Class Of '44 Scholarship (O)
The Class Of '50 Scholarship In Honours Economics (SS)
The Class Of 1953 50th Anniversary Scholarship (A)
The Class of '92 Science Legacy Award (S)
The Denton Coates Memorial Scholarship (E, S)
The Douglas Davidson Scholarship In Genetics (S)
The D.M. Davies Prize (S)
The Dean's Medal for Excellence in the Humanities (H)
The Dr. Rudolf De Buda Scholarship (E)
The John Deere Limited Scholarship (B)
The DeGroote School of Business Alumni Undergraduate Scholarship (B)
The Deloitte & Touche Scholarship (B)
The Audrey Diemert Memorial Book Prize (H)
The Laura Dodson Prize (A)
The Rosemary Douglas-Mercer Memorial Prize (H)
The Dubeck Chemistry Award (S)
The Horace A. Dulmage Prize In Philosophy (H)
The Joan Jackson Dunbar Travel Scholarship (H)
The Edwards Hall Residence Scholarship (O)
The Helen Emery Scholarships In Environmental Science (S, SS)
The Environmental Issues Prize (S, SS)*
The Gabriele Erasmi Travel Scholarship to Italy (H)
The John P. Evans Travel Scholarship (O)
The Federation Of Chinese Canadian Professionals Education Foundation Scholarships (AS, E ,S)
The Barbara M. Ferrier Scholarship in Arts and Science (A)
The Klaus Fritze Memorial Prize (S)
The Merrill Francis Gage Scholarships (H)
The R. Louis Gentilcore Prize (S, SS)
The Gwen George Award (O)
The Gwen George Medal (U)
The J.L.W. Gill Prizes (S)
The Gilmour Memorial Prize (O)*
The George P. Gilmour Memorial Scholarship (A)
The Daphne Etherington Graham Memorial Scholarship In English (H)
The Greek Community Of Burlington and District Scholarship (O)
The H.B. Greening Book Prize (H)
The Group Eight Engineering Limited L.F. Eull Prize (E)
The Gupta Family International Scholarships (U)
The Hamilton and District Heavy Construction Association Scholarships (E)
The Bruce M. Hamilton Award (B)
The Hamilton Chemical Association Prize (S)
The Hamilton Industrial Scholarships (O)
The Hamilton Port Authority Scholarship (B)
The Hamilton Utilities Corporation Energy Conservation and Alternative Energy Undergraduate Scholarship (U)
The Donald Hart Scholarship (B)
The Hawkrigg Family Scholarships in Kinesiology (SS)
The Hedden Hall Residence Scholarship (O)
The Hellenic Prize (H)
The Anna Marie Hibbard Scholarship (O)
The Rose Hill Scholarships (SS)
The Dr. Shigeaki Hinohara Scholarship (HSc)
The Dr. Harry Lyman Hooker Scholarships (O)
The Human Rights Award (SS)
The Paul Hypher Prize (B)
The Intermetco Limited Scholarship (E)
The Inter-Residence Council Scholarship (O)
The IODE Memorial Scholarship (HSc)
The Ivey Scholarship (H)
The H.L. Jackson Memorial Scholarship (S)
The Burton R. James Memorial Prize (B)
The W. Norman Jeeves Scholarship (H)
The Lawrence and Kathleen Mary Johnston Memorial Prize (SS)
The Frank E. Jones Prize (SS)
The Dr. Ronald V. Joyce "Amazing" Grace Awards (U)
The Jury Prize (H)
The Stanford N. Katambala Earth Sciences Prize (S)
The Robert Alan Kennedy Scholarship (B)
The Mary E. Keyes Residence Scholarship (B)
The Kinesiology Prizes (SS)
The Kit Memorial Scholarship (H)
The KPMG Scholarship (B)
The Ruth Landes Prize (SS)
The Latin Prize (O)*
The Gary Lautens Memorial Scholarship (O)
The E. Doris Lawrence Scholarship (H)
The James B. Lawson Scholarship (H)
The Ray Lawson Scholarships (E)
The Sakarkhanu K. Lila Memorial Scholarship (HSc)*
The Feliks Litkowski Memorial Prize In Political Science (SS)
The William MacKenzie Memorial Prize (SS)*
The Betty MacMillan Prize (SS)
The Catherine MacNeill Prize (O)
The MAPS Centennial Award (O)
The Ronald E. Materick Scholarships (E)
The John Mayberry Scholarships (E)
The Charon Burke McCain Memorial Scholarship (AS)
The Esther McCandless Memorial Prize (S)
The John R. McCarthy Scholarship (A, H, S, SS)
The H.W. McCready Prize In British History (H)*
The McGregor-Smith-Burr Memorial Scholarship (H)
The McKay Hall Residence Scholarship (O)
The A.G. McKay Prize In Classical Studies (H)
The A.B. McLay Scholarship In Physics (S)
The Boyd McLay Scholarship In Physics (S)
The Walter Scott McLay Prize (H)
The McMaster Nursing Alumni Memorial Prize (HSc)*
The McMaster University Futures Fund In-Course Awards (O)
The McMaster University Retirees Association Prize (SS)
The McMaster University Retirees Association Scholarship (SS)
The Donald G. McNabb Scholarship (S)
The Simon McNally Scholarship (E)
The John D. McNie Achievement Award of Excellence (0)
The Medical-Surgical Excellence in Clinical Nursing Award (HSc)
The Audrey Evelyn Mepham Award in Gerontology (SS)*
The Merriam School of Music Scholarship (H)
The J.J. Miller Prize (S)
The Dr. F.A. Mirza Scholarship (E)
The MMG-Neosid Canada Limited Ceramic Engineering Prize (E)
AIA Achievement Award
BC Hydro Scholarship
BCWWA Water Quality and Environmental Engineering Technology Award
Berge Horn Award
Canadian Federation of University Women - Kelowna Bursary
Central Okanagan Real Estate Board Bursary
Cliff and Lois Serwa Award
Dave Perchie Memorial Award
De Mara Memorial Award
Egon Braam Memorial Scholarship
Ev McKee Bursary
FEAT Bursary
Francis H. Turton Memorial Scholarship
Gerry Hastings Memorial Award
The Modern Languages Travel Scholarship (H)
The Moffat Family Prizes (O)
The Molson Scholarship In Environmental Studies (E, S, SS)
The E.S. Moore Prize (S)
The John F. Moore Prize (E)
The Elizabeth Mosgrove Scholarship (O)
The Motorola Software Engineering Scholarship (E)
The Moulton College Scholarships (O)
The Moulton Hall Residence Scholarship (O)
The Anne Murray Scholarship (H)
The Elaine Nardocchio Memorial Scholarship Fund (H)
The P.L. Newbigging Prizes (S, SS)