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The Basu Medal (B)
The M. Banker Bates Scholarship (B)
The Bates Residence Scholarship (O)
The Barbara and Ronald Bayne Gerontology Internship Award * (SS)
The Beale-Lincoln-Hall Travel Scholarship (O)
The Louise E. Bettger Scholarships In Music (H)
The J.P. Bickell Foundation Mining Scholarship (S)
The Binkley Medal (S)
The Abe Black Memorial Prize (S, SS)
The Brian Blakey Memorial Scholarship (H)
The Hilda Dorothy Borman Scholarship (H)
The Joan Frances Bowling Scholarships (H)
The Brien Scholarship In Philosophy (H)
The Josephine Staples Brien Scholarship (O)
The CAE Scholarships in Computing and Software Engineering (E)
The Betty Taylor Campbell Scholarship (SS)
The Ella Halstead Campbell Prize (H)
The Canadian Federation of University Women (Hamilton) Past President's Prize (E)
The Canadian Federation of University Women (Hamilton) Ruby Brown Book Prize (O)
The Canadian Federation of University Women (Hamilton) Scholarship (O)
The Canadian Institute Of International Affairs Prize (AS, H, SS)*
The Canadian Society For Chemical Engineering Prize (E)
The Grace Dorothy and William P. Carpenter Award (E)
The Norman N. Caskey Memorial Prize (H)
The Maria Chan Scholarships for International Studies in Business (B)
The Citizen Action Group Prize (SS)*
The City of Hamilton Economic Development Department Scholarships (B)
The Hugh Clark Scholarship (SS)
The Class Of '44 Scholarship (O)
The Class Of '50 Scholarship In Honours Economics (SS)
The Class of '92 Science Legacy Award (S)
The Classics Prize (H)
The Denton Coates Memorial Scholarship (E, S)
The Comparative Literature Prize (H)*
The Consul General of Italy Book Prize in Italian (H)*
The Beatrice Corrigan Memorial Book Prize (O)
The Edwin Marwin Dalley Memorial Scholarships (O)
The Douglas Davidson Scholarship In Genetics (S)
The Dean's Medal for Excellence in the Humanities (H)
The Dr. Rudolf De Buda Scholarship (E)
The John Deere Limited Scholarship (B)
The Margery E. Dixon Memorial Scholarship (H)
The Laura Dodson Prize (A)
The Rosemary Douglas-Mercer Memorial Prize (H)
The Dubeck Biochemistry Award (S)
The Dubeck Chemistry Award (S)
The Horace A. Dulmage Prize In Philosophy (H)
The Joan Jackson Dunbar Travel Scholarship (H)
The Helen Emery Scholarships In Environmental Science (S, SS)
The Environmental Issues Prize (S, SS)*
The Gabriele Erasmi Travel Scholarship to Italy (H)
The European History Prize (H)
The John P. Evans Travel Scholarship (O)
The Faculty of Social Sciences Inquiry Award (SS)
The Federation Of Chinese Canadian Professionals Education Foundation Scholarships (AS, E ,S)
The Barbara M. Ferrier Scholarship in Arts and Science (A)
The Neil Forsyth Prize (E, S)*
The Harold And Gertrude Freeman Scholarship In French (H)
The Klaus Fritze Memorial Prize (S)
The Merrill Francis Gage Scholarships (H)
The Samuel Geller Memorial Book Prize (H)
The R. Louis Gentilcore Prize (S, SS)
The Gwen George Award (O)
The Gwen George Medal (U)
The J.L.W. Gill Prizes (S)
The George P. Gilmour Memorial Scholarship (A)
The Daphne Etherington Graham Memorial Scholarship In English (H)
The H.B. Greening Book Prize (H)
The Gupta Family International Scholarships (U)
The Ruth And Jack Hall Prize (E, S)
The Bruce M. Hamilton Award (B)
The Hamilton Chemical Association Prize (S)
The Hamilton Port Authority Scholarship (B)
The Hamilton Utilities Corporation Energy Conservation and Alternative Energy Undergraduate Scholarship (U)
The Donald Hart Scholarship (B)
The Hawkrigg Family Scholarships in Business (B)
The Hawkrigg Family Scholarships in Kinesiology (SS)
The Hedden Hall Residence Scholarship (O)
The Anna Marie Hibbard Scholarship (O)
The Dr. Harry Lyman Hooker Scholarships (O)
The Bertram Osmer Hooper Scholarship (B, H, SS)
The Nina Louise Hooper Scholarship (O)
The Hughes Scholarship (H)
The Human Rights Award (SS)
The William D.G. Hunter Prize (SS)
The Paul Hypher Prize (B)
The Intermetco Limited Scholarship (E)
The Inter-Residence Council Scholarship (O)
The IODE Memorial Scholarship (HSc)
The Municipal Chapter Of Hamilton, IODE, Muriel E. Skelton Award (O)
The ITCA Community Involvement Prize (H)
The Ivey Scholarship (H)
The H.L. Jackson Memorial Scholarship (S)
The Herbert M. Jenkins Prize (A)
The Lawrence and Kathleen Mary Johnston Memorial Prize (SS)
The Robert H. Johnston Undergraduate Scholarship In History (H)
The Frank E. Jones Prize (SS)
The Dr. Ronald V. Joyce Awards for Athletes (U)
The Stanford N. Katambala Earth Sciences Prize (S)
The Ernest Robert MacKenzie Kay Scholarships (S)
The George P. and Leatha M. Keys Scholarships (S)
The Kinesiology Prize (SS)
The Kinesiology Prizes (SS)
The Kit Memorial Scholarship (H)
The KPMG Scholarship (B)
The Ruth Landes Prize (SS)
The Gary Lautens Memorial Scholarship (O)
The E. Doris Lawrence Scholarship (H)
The Megan Lawrence Scholarship (SS)
The James B. Lawson Scholarship (H)
The Sakarkhanu K. Lila Memorial Scholarship (HSc)*
The Linguistics Prize (H)
The Claude G. Lister Scholarship (B)
The William MacKenzie Memorial Prize (SS)*
The Betty MacMillan Prize (SS)
The MAPS Centennial Award (O)
The Eleanor Dornbush Marples Prize In Art History (H)*
The Eleanor Dornbush Marples Prize In Theatre & Film Studies (H)*
The John Mayberry Scholarships (E)
The John R. McCarthy Scholarship (A, H, S, SS)
The McGregor-Smith-Burr Memorial Scholarship (H)
The McKay Hall Residence Scholarship (O)
The Alexander Gordon McKay Scholarship (H)
The Janet McKnight Award (HSc)*
The Boyd McLay Scholarship In Physics (S)
The Walter Scott McLay Prize (H)
The McMaster Nursing Alumni Memorial Prize (HSc)*
The McMaster University Futures Fund Graduand Award (O)
The McMaster University Futures Fund In-Course Awards (O)
The McMaster University Retirees Association Prize (SS)
The McMaster University Retirees Association Scholarship (SS)
The Simon McNally Scholarship (E)
The John D. McNie Achievement Award of Excellence (0)
The Peter McPhater Memorial Scholarship (H)
The Medical-Surgical Excellence in Clinical Nursing Award (HSc)
The Audrey Evelyn Mepham Award in Gerontology (SS)*
The J.J. Miller Prize (S)
The Dr. F.A. Mirza Scholarship (E)
The MMG-Neosid Canada Limited Ceramic Engineering Prize (E)
AIA Achievement Award
BCWWA Water Quality and Environmental Engineering Technology Award
Canadian Federation of University Women - Kelowna Entrance Bursary
Central Okanagan Real Estate Board Bursary
Cliff and Lois Serwa Award
Coast Capri Hotel Athletic Awards
Egon Braam Memorial Scholarship
Ev McKee Bursary
Francis H. Turton Memorial Scholarship
Gerry Hastings Memorial Award
The Modern Languages Travel Scholarship (H)
The Moffat Family Prizes (O)
The Molson Scholarship In Environmental Studies (E, S, SS)
The John F. Moore Prize (E)
The Michael J. Morton Memorial Book Prize (S)
The Elizabeth Mosgrove Scholarship (O)
The Motorola Software Engineering Scholarship (E)
The Anne Murray Scholarship (H)
The Elaine Nardocchio Memorial Scholarship Fund (H)
The P.L. Newbigging Prizes (S, SS)
The P.L. Newbigging Scholarship (S, SS)
The Niemeier Scholarship (HSc)
The Robert Nixon Scholarship (O)
The Nortel Networks Scholarships in Information Technology (E, S)
The Ontario Association Of Social Workers Prizes (SS)
The Ontario Professional Engineers Foundation for Education Undergraduate Scholarships (E)
The Connie O'Shaughnessy Memorial Prize (O)*
The Gladys Ballantyne Parker Prize (H)
The F.W. Paulin Scholarship (E)
The Irene Pearce Scholarship (H)
The Harry L. Penny Prize (SS)
The Pevensing Scholarship (SS)
The Pioneer Group Inc. Prize (SS)
The Pitcher-Ratford Awards (SS)
The Political Science Honours Essay Prize (SS)
The Bill Prestwich Scholarship in Medical and Health Physics (S)
The PricewaterhouseCoopers Scholarships (B)
The Psychology Society Prizes (S, SS)
The Sharon Reeves Scholarship (H)
The Retired Teachers of Ontario Hamilton/Haldimand District Prize In Gerontology (O)
The Ella Julia Reynolds Scholarships (H)
The Gladys Richards Scholarship (H)
The Jack Richardson Memorial Scholarship (SS)
The Rosart Properties Inc. Scholarship (SS)
The Abraham Rosenberg Memorial Prize (H)
The Morris And Sarah Rosenhead Memorial Prize (O)
The Ellen Bouchard Ryan Scholarship (SS)*
The E.T. Salmon Scholarship (H)
The Noel Sandusky Memorial Prize (A, H)*
The Larry Sayers Prize In East Asian History (H)*
The Dr. Sina Sazgar Memorial Scholarship (S)
The Sheila Scott Scholarship In English (H)
The Larry Sefton Scholarships (SS)*
The Margaret A. Service Book Prize (S)
The Albert Shalom Travel Scholarship (H)
The Louis J. Shein Scholarship (H)
The Shell Canada Prizes In Engineering And Management (E)
The Gerald And Verna Simpson Memorial Scholarship (S)
The Richard Slobodin Prize (SS)
The Patricia L. Smye Memorial Prizes (H, SS)
The Social Work Prize (SS)