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Elsie Boone/North Shore Lions Club Entrance Award
BCIT Board of Governor's Entrance Awards for Bachelor's Degrees
Bell Canada Enterprises Entrance Award
CTV Entrance Award
Cy and Emerald Keyes Charitable Foundation Entrance Award
Teck Cominco Limited Entrance Award
Pam and Jerry Bastien Entrance Award
Canadian Museum of Flight Association, Stan Vivian Memorial Entrance Awards
Ramsay MacDonald Memorial Entrance Award
James Ehnes Scholarship in Strings
Gerdau MRM Steel Inc. Annual Scholarship
James Harvey Tolton Memorial Scholarship
Pallister Entrance Scholarships
IBEW Local 2034 - CFL Manitoba Council Commemorative Scholarship
G.F. MacDowell Entrance Scholarships in Political Science
Phillippa Saul Memorial Bursaries in Arts and Music
Total EyeCare Bursary
James of Goodlands Bursaries
Scotiabank Scholarship for Aboriginal students in financial need
Jack Spalding Family Bursary in Music
Brandon University Students' Union Endowed Bursaries
Dr. Doreen (Rowse) Pachal Bursary
Manitoba Blue Cross Entrance Bursary
Manitoba Blue Cross Traveller's Bursary
J.R.C. Evans Masonic Bursary
Brandon University Student's Union Bursary
Manitoba Women's Institute Frances I. McKay Bursary
The Charlotte Bronte Award
Jesse Allan Forsyth Memorial Scholarship - Award of Excellence
Jesse Allan Forsyth Memorial Scholarship - Portfolio Award
MDS-Metro Award in Memory of Dr. Garth Walther: Applied Chemistry & Biotechnology Program
Associate of Science Degree Award ~ Second Year
Dave and Bev Knapton Associate Degree of Science Scholarship
Air and Waste Management Association - Co-op Education Continuing Student Award
BC Hydro Environmental Technology Scholarship
CellFor Community Education Excellence Graduate Award
Environmental Technology Program Project Award
Elementary Education Mathematics Award
Jim Mugford Mathematics Award
Leo Neufeld Linear Algebra Award
Florence Montgomery Scholarship
John H. Sexton Scholarship
Garland Commercial Ranges Scholarships
ARAMARK Canada Scholarship
Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Scholarship
The TDL Group Scholarship
A.J. Lanzarotta Wholesale Fruit & Vegetables Ltd. Scholarship
Boston Pizza Scholarship
Canadian Restaurant & Foodservices Association Scholarship
The Garland Group Scholarship
Trimen Food Equipment Group Scholarship
Unilever Foodsolutions Scholarship
George Brown College Scholarship
Jack Hemmings Scholarship
Metro Toronto Convention Centre Scholarship
Academic Entrance Scholarships
Leadership Entrance Scholarships
Church Service Scholarships
Music Scholarships
Returning Student Scholarships
OuttatownLeadership Scholarship
Chancellor's Scholarships
Richard Lewar Scholarships
Sprott Entrance Scholarship for Excellence
Scholarships for Transfer Students
The Association of Canadian Financial Officers Prize
Bank of Nova Scotia, Carleton University Branch, Award in Commercial Law
Dr. M. Ralph Berke Award in Chemistry
The Colonel John By Award for History
Certified General Accountants Association of Ontario Award for Excellence
W.R. Davis Engineering Scholarship
Deloitte & Touche Scholarships
Lord Dundonald Chapter, I.O.D.E. Scholarship
Economics Scholarship
Ernst & Young Award
Department of French Scholarship
Wim Gilles Memorial Award for 'Form Giving'
KPMG Scholarship
Ontario Association of Architects Awards
Ottawa Citizen Scholarship in Journalism
Ottawa Hydro Carl F. Kropp Recognition of Academic Excellence Award
The Page and Steele School of Architecture Scholarship
Pearson Education Forensic Psychology Honours Thesis Award
E. Norman Smith Memorial Award
Kenneth Tang Memorial Scholarship
United Empire Loyalists Scholarship in Canadian Studies
Gordon J. Wood Scholarships in English
Norman and Carole Zagerman Varsity Basketball Scholarship
Graduate Student Research Bursary
Northern Research Internships
Undergraduate Student Research Awards (USRA)
NSERC Postgraduate Scholarships (PGS) M
Canada Graduate Scholarships (CGS) D
NSERC Postgraduate Scholarships (PGS) D
Industrial Innovation Scholarships (IIS) Doctoral Level
President's Leadership Scholarship
University Entrance Scholarship
University Transfer Scholarship
75th Anniversary Concordia Guild Scholarship
Peter Balback Memorial Bursary
Concordia Guild Scholarship
Concordia Leadership Award
Concordia Students' Association Award
Arthur Leeman Hooper Memorial Scholarship
K. T. W. Scholarship
Mature Students' Association Scholarship
Right Honourable Don Mazankowski Scholarship
Irene Elizabeth Ruth Miller Memorial Scholarship
Yvonne Pitts Women's Bursary
Samuel and Amalia Rosnau Memorial Scholarship
Mildred Rowe Weston Memorial Bursary
Constable Peter Schiemann Memorial Scholarship
Walter Schienbein Memorial Scholarship
TEAL Mary Ashworth Scholarship
Simon Fraser Alumni Leadership Scholarship
Gordon M. Shrum Scholarships
H.Y. Louie Entrance Awards
SFU Surrey Awards
Community Entrance Awards
Academic Excellence Scholarship
Summit Scholarships
Jack Diamond Awards
Phi Theta Kappa International $3,500 Summit Scholarships
The BBPA Harry Jerome Legacy Scholarships
The Guntley-Lorimer Science and Arts Scholarship
The Scotiabank Scholarship
The TD Bank Scholarships
The Leadership Awards Program
Laurentian University Entrance Bursaries
The Gerald (KStJ) and Marguerite Lougheed Scholarship
The Chapitre des Caisses populaires de Sudbury Entrance Award in Commerce
The Association des etudiantes et etudiants francophones Scholarship
The Douglas Williamson Bursary
The India-Canada Association of Sudbury Scholarship
The L.U. French Immersion Scholarships
Sudbury Canada-Wide Science Fair Scholarship
The Thomas Balfe Memorial Award
The Michelle (Jane) RicherMemorial Bursary
The Inco Limited Mining Awards
The Alumni Faculty Entrance Scholarships
The Mason C.F. Kossatz Memorial Scholarship
The Laurentian University Administrative and Professional Staff Association Scholarship
The IODE Susan MacLachlan Memorial Award
The Pearl Hagen Memorial Awards
The Canadian Federation of University Women - Sudbury Awards
The Margaret Fyfe-Orange Memorial Awards
The Wallace Family Scholarship
The Dr. Janet Springer Memorial Scholarship
The Joe Fabbro Memorial Award
The Anna Leone Taverna Memorial Scholarship
The Mirjam Kallas Memorial Award
The Angela Pries - Thabo Nthama Memorial Award
The Germain Lemieux - Jean Watters Scholarship
Maurice Aumond ACFAS-Sudbury Special Undergraduate Award
ACFAS-Sudbury - General
The Inco Limited Mining Awards
Theatre Action Helene Gravel Scholarship
Laurentian University Karate Club Scholarship
Florian Robillard Memorial Awards
History Department Prize
The Dennis David Trevisiol Memorial Scholarship
The Marc St-Laurent Memorial Scholarship
The Edwin J. Wiley Scholarship
The Brian J. Croteau Memorial Scholarship
The Dr. M. Yousaf Memorial Scholarship in Mathematics
The George M. Miller Proficiency Scholarships
The Dr. George and Mary Walker Memorial Scholarship
Sudbury and District Chartered Accountants Association Scholarship
The Harold and Ethel Bennett Memorial Scholarship
L.U. - Louise de Kiriline Lawrence Scholarships
The F. Jean MacLeod Conservation Endowment Scholarships
L.U. Entrance Scholarships
The Horace J. Fraser Scholarship
The Ontario Professional Engineers Foundation for Education Entrance Scholarships
The Frank S. Ressel Memorial Scholarships
The L.U. 35th Anniversary President's Scholarships
The Peter Barott Scholarship
The R.J. Askin Memorial Scholarship
The Thomas D. Edward Scholarship
The Dr. Edna L. Moore Entrance Scholarship
The Board of Governors Scholarship
BC Lions Society Advanced Education Fund Entrance Award
Canadian Federation of University Women, Nanaimo - Re-Entry Award
Coastal Community Credit Union Award
Frank Ney Memorial Entrance Award
Hayes Stewart Little Award
Herold Engineering Entrance Award
Malaspina University-College Entrance Scholarships
Nora Fulton Gibson Entrance Awards
Royal Bank Award (Parksville/Qualicum)
Malaspina University-College Education Degree Entrance Scholarships
Associated Canadian Travelers Award
Audrey Gordon Awards
Canadian Federation of University Women - Nanaimo Scholarship
Canada Millennium Scholarship Foundation National In-Course Awards
CanWest Global Communications Scholarship