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Established in 1999 through a generous gift from Mr. Hang Chang Choon, M.B.A. 1977. Presented annually by the Faculty of Arts Scholarships Committee to a student in any department in the Faculty of Arts who has demonstrated academic excellence and completed at least one year of study.
Value: $5,000.

Malaspina University-College Graduation Awards

Awards, $150 each; for top students graduating from each Malaspina University-College certificate program. No application necessary. Funds issued at graduation.

Mid-Island Co-Op Award

1 award, $1,000; to recognize potential and encourage students enrolled in full-time studies in Science, Sociology, Health, Human Services or Social Justice at Malaspina...

BC Hydro Endowment Award

1 award, $600; available to continuing students with a disability; for scholastic achievement, community involvement, knowledge of and commitment to the protection of the...

The Club Montessori/Laurentian Bursary

Value: $500. Recipient: a full-time student entering the 1st year of the Commerce program and taking a Humanities elective. Selection is based on academic standing financial...

Class of 1951 Structural Engineering Prize

Awarded to a Civil Engineering undergraduate student who has achieved the highest grades in the structural engineering core courses. In the case where two students are...

Laurie Robin Slapcoff Memorial Award

To be given to a Voice student, preferably full time. Established in June 1971 by the family and friends of the late Laurie Robin Slapcoff. Value: $800.

The Motorola Software Engineering Scholarship (E)

To be awarded to a student entering Level III in a Software Engineering program who, in the judgment of the Department of Computing and Software, has achieved notable academic...

The Dr. Andrew Szendrovits Memorial Scholarship (B)

To be awarded to the student enrolled in a Commerce program who achieves the highest average in the operations/management science courses (COMMERCE 3QC3 and 3QA3) taken in the...

SNC - Lavalin Inc. Bursary

SNC - Lavalin Inc. have established an annual award of $1,000 for a student who has completed one or more years of full-time study in any university transfer, degree or diploma...

Kinder Morgan Canada Inc.

NRT 2nd year, all round performance. No application. Department selection.

Native Sons & Canadian Daughters Bursary

These bursaries are available to North Island College students who reside in the Comox Valley. The recipients must have completed at least one full-year of study and be...

MCFD Resiliency Award

Award Criteria: Any NLC student who is a current and/or former child-in-care.

Greg Clarke Memorial Bursary in Medicine

The award is offered to a student in the Faculty of Medicine, with preference to a mature student.

Graduating Class of Law 1950 Bursary

One or more bursaries totalling $1,100 have been endowed by the Law Class of 1950. The awards are made to a student or students entering the second or third year of studies in...

CANFOR Corporation Scholarship in Forestry

A $1,150 scholarship is offered by CANFOR Corporation to an outstanding undergraduate student in the Wood Products Processing Program. Preference is given to students who have...

Sopron Alumni Fellowship

A $5,500 fellowship has been endowed by the Sopron Alumni for a student in the graduate program in the Faculty of Forestry. The award is made by nomination of the Graduate...

Ken Strauss Memorial Scholarship in Civil Engineering

The award is offered to a student in Civil Engineering in the Faculty of Applied Science and is made on the recommendation of the Faculty and, in the case of graduate students,...

Simon Fraser Alumni Leadership Scholarship

Recognize extraordinary leadership, community service, citizenship, and achievement of high academic standing.

Northeast 4-H Scholarship

The award is based on leadership skills, 4-H and community involvement. The recipient must have been in 4-H fro 3 years and be a member of a Northeast Region club. It will not...

Point Energy Ltd.

Criteria: -Third semester -Financial need -Satisfactory academic achievement (minimum GPA 2.70 from first and second semesters)