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George J. Okulitch Memorial Scholarship in Food Science

The award is made on the recommendation of the Department of Food Science, to a student entering the final year in the Food Science program, who has demonstrated high academic achievement.

Dr. Donald and Mrs. Sandra Penny Bursary in Business Administration

To be awarded to a student from rural Manitoba with financial need, who is entering the Business Administration or equivalent program at Brandon University.

Dean's Scholarships

Canadian citizens and permanent residents only. Application required, including additional documentation. Only students with an average of 90% and above should apply

Pepsi Bottling Group (Canada) Co. Culinary Arts Awards

Awards, $100 each; available to top students graduating from the Culinary Arts program. No application necessary. Funds issued at graduation.


Awarded annually to a student registered in a program offered by the Department of Natural Resource Sciences who has demonstrated academic excellence. Preference will be given...

Jessie Norris Memorial Award

Awarded on the basis of academic merit to a student in the Department of English who is entering the final year. Awarded on the recommendation of the Department of English....

Cliff and Lois Serwa Award

Cliff and Lois Serwa have established an annual award of $1,500 for a mature female student entering full-time study in the Early Childhood Education program at the Kelowna...

John Anderson McLean Memorial Bursary*

This bursary will be awarded to a mature student with a demonstrated financial need. The student can be an entering or continuing student, enrolled in any full-time or part-time...

Lazo Women's Institute Scholarship

This scholarship, created by the Lazo Women's Institute, is available to a continuing full-time or part-time North Island College university studies student who has demonstrated...

Dandelion Prize

Prizes totalling $1,300 have been endowed through a bequest by Edward Donald Greathed for one or more deserving students in the Faculty of Medicine who have achieved high...

Ken and Su Jang Bursary in Medicine

A $1,000 bursary has been endowed by Ken and Su Jang for a student in the Faculty of Medicine.

Arthritis Society Vancovuer Community Group James Kwan Scholarship

A $500 scholarship has been endowed by the Vancouver Community Group of The Arthritis Society, B.C. & Yukon Division for a student in the School of Rehabilitation Sciences who...

Ella Hathaway Bursary

A $300 bursary is offered to women students in Home Economics. Preference is given to students in the Faculty of Education.

V. Z. Manning Memorial Bursary

One or more bursaries totalling $1,600 are made to students in the Faculty of Education who demonstrate financial need combined with a satisfactory academic standing.

Joseph A. Crumb Prize

A prize of $100 is awarded to the student submitting the best graduating essay in the Honours Program in Economics.

Native Brotherhood of B.C. Jubilee Scholarship

The award is made to a First Nations student from a B.C. coastal community and is open to students in the Faculties of Arts and Science.

BMO Financial Group Scholarships

Eligibility: -Glendon applicant from Canadian educational institution outside Ontario (high school, community college, other university) -Minimum admission average 80%...

Calgary Peterbilt Ltd.

Criteria: -Successfully passed level one apprenticeship exam Process: -Provide a copy of your level one apprenticeship exam completion certificate to the program...


AVAILABLE TO: UCFV student with the highest marks in Film 110 and Film 120


AVAILABLE TO: Presented to a UCFV Alumni pursuing Graduate Studies. STIPULATIONS: -Minimum of 2.67 cumulative GPA or letter -Persons should demonstrate a financial...

Betty Allard Dean of Arts Award of Distinction

Conditions: To be awarded once every three years to a student with satisfactory academic standing who has been a resident in the Province of Alberta for at least the last three...