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Erika Nalos Kurth Scholarship in Voice

A $1,000 scholarship is awarded to an undergraduate student in third or fourth year, or a masters student, enrolled in vocal programs in the School of Music. The award is made on the recommendation of the School.

Bank of Nova Scotia, Carleton University Branch, Award in Commercial Law

Value $100. Awarded annually to a student with high standing in courses in the Commercial Law field. Donor: the Bank of Nova Scotia, Carleton University Branch.

Eben Hopson Bursary for Study at McGill

Established in 1988 through a donation from the North Slope Borough of Alaska in honour of the late Eben Hopson, Mayor of the North Slope Borough from 1972 to 1980, to advance...

James Dickie Hall Scholarship

Established in memory of James Dickie Hall, killed in France in 1944 while flying with the Royal Canadian Air Force. Awarded on the recommendation of the Department of Mining,...

Anne Molson Scholarship

Open only to students in the Physical Sciences proceeding from the penultimate year into the final year. Awarded on the recommendation of the Departments of Physics, Chemistry,...

Max Bell Scholarships

Established in 2000 by the Max Bell Foundation of Calgary in memory of George Maxwell (Max) Bell (1912-1972), B.Com. 1932, Governor of McGill University from 1962-1971,...

The Samuel Geller Memorial Book Prize (H)

To be awarded to a student who has completed Level III of an Honours Program in History and who, in the judgment of the Department of History, has attained notable academic...

The Claude G. Lister Scholarship (B)

To be awarded to a student in a program in the School of Business. Value: $625

Egon Braam Memorial Scholarship

The Okanagan Chef's Association has established an annual award of $500 in memory of Egon Braam for a student who has completed the third year of the Cook Training...

The Irene Pearce Scholarship (H)

To be awarded to a student who has completed Music I or 30-78 units of an Honours Music Program who, in the judgment of the School of the Arts, has attained notable academic...

William and Mary Wanka Art Promotion Award

Award Criteria: anyone (students, staff, community members) may make application for this award applications must be clear as to the purpose of the proposed project...

Norman Richard Ferguson Memorial Bursary

A $200 bursary has been endowed in memory of Norman Richard Ferguson by his wife, Connie M. Ferguson, for a student in Landscape Architecture or a student majoring in Botany.

Janet Gormick Memorial Graduate Scholarship in Nursing

A $13,000 scholarship has been endowed through a bequest by Janet Gormick for a graduate student in Nursing. The award is made on the recommendation of the School of Nursing in...

Husky Energy Scholarship

A $1000 scholarship is offered by Husky Energy Inc. Ltd. It is awarded to a student entering the penultimate or final year in Engineering or Geology. Preference is given to a...

W. Gordon Brandreth Prize in Human Kinetics

The award is offered to a student in Health and Fitness program in the School of Human Kinetics, on the recommendation of the School.

MacKenzie Swan Memorial Scholarship

Scholarships totalling $7,200 are awarded to students registered in the second, third or fourth year of the Faculty of Applied Science requesting financial assistance to enable...

Simons Foundation Doctoral Entrance Fellowship (for Women)

The recipient is an outstanding woman scholar entering any PhD program at Simon Fraser University. The recipient must show potential for significant contribution to society...

Enerplus Resources Fund

Criteria: -Sixth semester -Primary consideration given to academic achievement from previous semester -Secondary consideration given to financial need

Chemical Institute of Canada

Criteria: -Top graduating student

Ben Radsma Memorial

Criteria: -Third period marks -High achievement in overall theory and shop

DG Revell Bursary in Dentistry

Conditions: To be awarded annually to a student(s) with satisfactory standing in any year of an undergraduate degree program in Dentistry. Recipient(s) will be selected on the...