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Entrance Leadership Awards


This competition is open to students entering the U of A from high school. To compete for a Leadership Award, you must

-be entering an undergraduate degree program at the University of Alberta in September 2008;

-possess exceptional leadership qualities as demonstrated by community service and involvement;

-have an award average of 80% or higher based on Grade 11 and/or Grade 12 final marks.

CellFor Community Education Excellence Graduate Award

This award recognizes an outstanding Co-op student from the graduating class in Environmental Technology Co-op Program. In the School of Arts and Science, students enrolled in...

Laurentian University Entrance Bursaries

Bursaries are non-repayable awards offered to students who demonstrate financial need. These awards are valued at $600 to $1,000 each. Eligibility is based on financial need....

The Bank of Montreal Bursaries

Value: $1,000/ea. Recipients: full-time students entering any year of the Commerce program, specialized program in Economics, or the Master of Business Administration, on the...

Charles William Snyder Memorial Scholarships

Four scholarships founded by the late L.P. Snyder, Esq., in memory of his son, Charles William Snyder, a student of First Year Arts who was killed in the Battle of Sanctuary...

Helene Gombay Memorial Prize

Awarded to a student in the Schulich School of Music in order to encourage excellence in the performance of classical music. Established in 1990 by her sons in memory of Helene...

Willy Levain and William Viner Memorial Award

Awarded to a deserving student in the Schulich School of Music for excellence in performance and/or composition. Established in 1991 by Ann-Laure Levain Viner. Value: $150.

The Kit Memorial Scholarship (H)

To be awarded to a woman student either on completion of Level I and at least an additional 30 units on the basis of journalistic ability or on completion of Level I and an...

The Rand Memorial Prize Of Class '98 (H)

To be awarded to the student who has completed Level I and an additional 60 - 75 units and who, in the judgment of the Department of English and Cultural Studies, has made the...

The Margaret A. Service Book Prize (S)

To be awarded to the student who upon completion of Level I attains the highest average in BIOLOGY 1A03 and 1AA3. Value: $120 for books

Jacob Biely Scholarship

In recognition of his personal contribution to the University of British Columbia, as well as his numerous scientific contributions in the field of poultry science, the many...

Dr. Earl B. Gillanders Memorial Scholarship

The award is made to a student entering the final year in Geology, and planning to go into the mining industry upon graduation or alternatively, to continue post-graduate...

Joel Harold Marcoe Memorial Scholarship

It is awarded to a deserving student who has completed the first year of Science and is proceeding to the second year of a B.Sc. program with high academic standing.

Balbinder Singh Dodd Bursary

The award is offered to a student in the Department of Political Science.

McCarthy Tetrault Diane Mason Memorial Prize in Contract Law

The award is made on the recommendation of the Faculty of Law to a student who achieves excellence in Law 209 (Contracts).

Bruce McColl Memorial Prize in Alternate Dispute Resolution

The award is offered to a student demonstrating excellence in alternate dispute resolution and is made on the recommendation of the Faculty of Law.

Ethel Barbara Tuck Graduate Scholarship in Education

A two-semester award for a graduate student pursuing a master's degree in education who intends to practice as a teacher specializing in remedial reading with children or youth...

Karin Simpson

Criteria: -Third semester -Financial need -Any diploma program offered by the Business Department -Preference given to female applicants with dependents

Talisman Energy Inc.

Criteria: -Enrolled in any one of the following fields of study: Earth Sciences, Engineering, Commerce, Economics -Financial need -Academic achievement

Bruce Pratt Memorial

Criteria: -Third semester -Positive attitude -Willingness to assist other students in the program -Financial need


AVAILABLE TO: A student who has completed the UCFV Automotive Technician certificate program. STIPULATIONS: The recipient will have earned high marks in all studies, and will...