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College of Pharmacists of British Columbia Entrance Bursary

A bursary of $750, the gift of the College of Pharmacists of British Columbia, is available to a student entering the first year of the Pharmaceutical Sciences course who has good scholastic standing and is in need of financial assistance.

Special Graduate Entrance Scholarship (SGES)

It is a one-year award valued between $3,000 and $7,000, intended primarily as a means of recruiting to this University outstanding applicants who are considering enrolling at...

Nicholas Plecas Forest Resources Scholarship

1 award, $1,000; for academic achievement and proficiency in the field; available to returning second-year Forest Resources Technology students. No application necessary. Funds...

Malaspina University-College Centennial Bursary

1 bursary, $500; for financial need; available to second-year students; must be permanent residents of School District #68. Preference will be given to students in Business...


Established in 2002 by friends and family in memory of Jon Hartwick, former Professor of Organizational Behaviour in the Faculty of Management. Awarded by the Faculty of...

Herbert J. Brennen Scholarships

Six awards, established in 1992 by a bequest from H.J. Brennen, B.Sc. 1919, for deserving students majoring in Chemistry or Mathematics. Awarded by the Faculty of Science...


Established in 2001 by Gerald Hatch, B.Eng. 1944, and Sheila Baillie, B.Arch. 1946, in celebration of the 55th anniversary of the latter's graduation from the School of...

The Canadian Society For Chemical Engineering Prize (E)

To be awarded to the student who is entering his/her final year of study of a program in Chemical Engineering and who attained the highest Sessional Average.

The Hamilton and District Heavy Construction Association Scholarships (E)

A maximum of two scholarships to be awarded to students who, in the judgment of the Department of Civil Engineering, have demonstrated outstanding academic achievement and who...

The Ivor Wynne Memorial Prize (SS)

To be awarded to a student who has completed Level III of the Kinesiology program and who attained the highest Cumulative Average.

Norman Richard Ferguson Memorial Bursary

A $200 bursary has been endowed in memory of Norman Richard Ferguson by his wife, Connie M. Ferguson, for a student in Landscape Architecture or a student majoring in Botany.

Eldridge Memorial Prize

A prize of $200 has been endowed by the late Mrs. H. E. B. Eldridge. The award is made to the graduating student with the highest standing in Mining and Mineral Process...

Aunna Currie Memorial Prize

It is awarded on the recommendation of the Faculty of Education to an outstanding student entering the final year of the B.Ed. (Secondary) program who intends to teach social...

Gordon Sinclair Wilson Memorial Scholarship

The award is offered to a Teacher Education student in the Faculty of Education and is made on the recommendation of the Faculty.

Marsh Canada Limited Scholarship in Commerce

One of these scholarships, an award of $1000, is offered to students at the University of British Columbia who are registered in the Faculty of Commerce and Business...

Flora S. Musgrave Scholarship in Nursing

Scholarships totalling $12,200 are offered to students in Nursing. The awards are made on the recommendation of the School of Nursing and, in the case of graduate students, in...

Harold Naugler Memorial Prize

The award will be given to a student achieving excellence in the study of electronic records. The award is made on the recommendation of the School of Library, Archival and...

Phyllis Carter Burr Graduate Scholarship in Developmental Biology and Cell Biology

One award annually for graduate students in any department who intend to pursue an academic research career specializing in developmental biology and/or cell biology. Currently...

Becton Dickinson Award of Excellence in Endocrine Studies

This $500 award will be presented to the student who has the highest mark in Pharmacy 3060 (Endocrine PBL block) at the College of Pharmacy.

Aviva Adelman Memorial

Criteria: -Financial need -Currently completing the program

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Criteria: -Third semester -Attitude -Commitment -Academic achievement -Financial need