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CANFOR Corporation Bursary

Bursaries totalling $8,000 are awarded to students proceeding in a full program of studies to an undergraduate degree as follows: Forestry ($2,000), Wood Products Processing ($2,000), Engineering ($2,000) and Commerce and Business Administration ($2,000). The awards are to go to students with satisfactory academic records who have need for financial assistance.

CellFor Community Education Excellence Graduate Award

This award recognizes an outstanding Co-op student from the graduating class in Environmental Technology Co-op Program. In the School of Arts and Science, students enrolled in...

Malaspina University-College Graduation Awards

Awards, $150 each; for top students graduating from each Malaspina University-College certificate program. No application necessary. Funds issued at graduation.

BC Assessment Land and Resource Management Award (Aboriginal)

Award Criteria: Aboriginal student with the highest passing standing in the first year of the Land and Resource Management Program

Erich W. Lehmann Memorial Award

Award Criteria: high achievement in the practical skills of AME dedication to safety and professionalism in the workplace

D. Keith MacDonald Scholarship in Family Medicine

The award is made on the recommendation of the Faculty of Medicine to an M.D. student who has demonstrated leadership skills and an interest in and aptitude for family medicine.

Graduating Class of Law 1976 Bursary

The award is made to a student in the Faculty of Law.

Machinery and Supply Companies Group Forestry Scholarship

A scholarship of $400 is awarded to a student registered in the Faculty of Forestry. The award is made on the recommendation of the Faculty.

Dr. Jack Diamond Scholarship

The award is made to a student in the liberal arts on the recommendation of the Faculty of Arts.

John C. and Anne J. Clark Scholarship in U.S. Studies

Scholarships totalling $8,100 have been endowed by John C. and Anne J. Clark for undergraduate students entering third or fourth year in the United States Studies Program. The...

D.C. & H.L. Knigge Entrance Scholarship in Music

Three scholarships of equal value to a total of $2,700 have been endowed by D.C. and H.L. Knigge for students entering Music. One award is offered to a student in keyboard, with...

Pearl Kerr Mossfield Memorial Scholarship

The award is made on the recommendation of the School of Music to a worthy piano student who is specializing in vocal and/or instrumental accompaniment.

Southern Alberta 4-H Alumni

Award is based on financial need. Minimum five (5) year 4-H member and must be an Active Member in good standing with the Southern Regional Alumni. Applicants must include...

Merck Sharp and Dohme Pharmacy Award

This award, of $1,000 and the books, The Merck Index and The Merck Manual, is presented to the student entering third year who excels in pharmaceutical sciences (medicinal...

Calgary Marriott Hotels Resorts Suites

Criteria: -Third semester -Academic achievement (minimum GPA 3.0) -Work experience in the hospitality industry during academic studies

Brawn Foundation

Criteria: -Not restricted to any semester of studies -Financial need -Academic achievement -Community involvement

BASF Refinisher

Criteria: -Second semester marks -High achievement in overall theory and shop

Finning (Canada)

Criteria: -Highest marks in Diesel Engine Theory and Lab -Preference given to Alberta resident


AVAILABLE TO: Graduates of the Accounting programs at UCFV. Two awards will be given to graduates from the certificate/diploma program and one from the degree program....


AVAILABLE TO: First preference will be given to a graduating student from a secondary school in the Mission School District who has been accepted to the Criminal Justice program...

Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers Scholarship in Environmental and Conservation Sciences

Conditions: Awarded to students with superior academic achievement entering third or fourth year of the Environmental and Conservation Sciences degree program in the Faculty of...