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Ben Wosk, C.M. Scholarship

It is made on the recommendation of the Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration to a student entering second year of the B.Comm. program. Financial circumstances of the candidate may be considered.

Miss Cecil Essadelle Rombough Bursary

Provided from the estate of Miss Rombough for students who enter Brandon University from a Winnipeg high school.

Lloyd-Carr Harris Foundation Entrance Scholarship in Business Administration

Awarded to top applicant admitted directly to the Faculty of Business.

The Sudbury Regional Hospital Auxiliary/Volunteer, Laurentian Site Scholarship

Value: $1,000. Recipient: a Franco-Ontarian student who has completed the 1st year at a university or college in a health-related field with an average of 75% or more....

Jean Brown Award

Established in honour of Jean Brown's contribution to the Students' Society. Undergraduate, graduate and FMT program students in good academic standing who have made a...

Richard S. Lea Tutorial Bursaries

The late Mrs. Wanda Lea, widow of the late Richard S. Lea, Consulting Engineer and graduate in Applied Science of McGill University, provided a fund of $5000, the revenue of...

Commerce 1925 Awards

Three awards made to the students obtaining the highest marks in Accountancy at the end of the Third Year of the Commerce course. Value: $1,000, $750 and $500.

The Scott Bartlett Memorial Prize (B)

To be awarded to a student who has completed Level I and an additional 60 - 75 units of the Honours Commerce Program and who, in the judgment of the Faculty of Business, has...

The Gerald And Verna Simpson Memorial Scholarship (S)

To be awarded to the student who has completed Level I and an additional 30 - 45 units of the Honours Physics program with the highest Sessional Average.

Johnny Tashoots Memorial Award

Award Criteria: First Nations student attending full-time or part-time in the Stikine Region preference to a student studying in the Natural Resource field.

Arthur Crooker Prize

The prize is awarded on the recommendation of the Department of Physics to a student in the third or fourth year honours program who shows the most aptitude for experimental...

ASHRAE Prize in Mechanical Engineering

A $1,000 prize is offered by ASHRAE, American Society of Heating, Ventilating, & Airconditioning Engineers Inc., to an undergraduate student in Heating, Ventilating and Air...

Agnes Merle Turnbull Scholarship

A scholarship of $500 is offered to the highest ranking student in first year of the B.Sc. (Food, Nutrition & Health) program, majoring in Nutritional Sciences or Food &...

N. M. Skalbania Ltd. Scholarship in Civil Engineering

The award is made to a student demonstrating proficiency in the fourth year of the Civil Engineering program and continuing with studies in civil engineering at the graduate...

Rosa Wai Wai Ho Scholarship in Asian Studies

A $2,100 scholarship is awarded to an undergraduate student in Asian Studies. The scholarship is awarded on the recommendation of the Department of Asian Studies.

Dean's List Award

Students enrolled in a computer science major 20-credit programme (BCS or BSc) with at least 1.5 credits of courses offered at Dalhousie in the academic term being assessed, are...

3M Canada Bursary

Two bursaries in the amount of $1,000 each are given to students entering their graduating year of studies in Science or Commerce who have maintained grades establishing them in...

Ernest and Ellen Wood

Criteria: -Third semester -Primary consideration given to ability to succeed while enrolled in program (academic achievement), leadership and community involvement...


AVAILABLE TO: An outstanding UCFV Biology student. CRITERIA: Highest average marks in the best 3 courses of 2nd year biology taken in the same school year as the award.


AVAILABLE TO: UCFV students demonstrating financial need who are enrolled in the Dental Hygiene program. CRITERIA: 1. Satisfactory academic performance 2. students...

Forestry and Forest Management Leadership Award

Conditions: Awarded to a student with satisfactory academic standing with a minimum GPA of 2.5 entering or enrolled in the third or fourth year of the BSc Forestry or BSc Forest...