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Annie Gertrude Tory Scholarship

Conditions: To be awarded annually to a student with satisfactory academic standing (minimum grade point average of at least 3.0 with all courses passed) entering the third year in the BSc Human Ecology program or the Nutrition major. Recipient will be selected on the basis of academic standing.

The Canadian Corporate News Scholarship in Journalism

Value $1000. Awarded annually, on the recommendation of the Director of the School of Journalism and Communication, to an outstanding student who is proceeding from one year to...

Sabo Cross Accounting Scholarship

1 award, $500; available to recognize the top Accounting student graduating from fourth year. No application necessary. Funds issued as a cheque in June.

Karr History Scholarship

1 award, $350; awarded to a returning 4th year student, majoring in History, who has achieved the highest gpa in their 3rd year of studies. No application necessary. Funds...

Around the World Travel Service Ltd. Award

1 award, $500; available for International students demonstrating outstanding achievement, on recommendation of the department. No application necessary. Funds awarded as a...

Margaret Jane Allan Scholarship

Bequeathed in 1929 to the Royal Victoria College by Mrs. Agnes W. Allan for the woman student with the highest standing in the initial year of the B.A. course. Value: $1,200.


Established in 2003 by Great-West Life and London Life for an outstanding undergraduate student in the penultimate or final year of a full-time degree program in the Faculty of...

Pauline Donalda Memorial Scholarship

To be given to a Voice student. Endowed in memory of the late Pauline Donalda by the Opera Guild Incorporated. Estimated value: $850.

BC Hydro Award

Award Criteria: full-time female student enrolled in Vocational or University Transfer (science) studies good academic (75%+) standing for 1st semester...

Fred den Ouden Memorial Award

Award Criteria: FSJ student good academic standing strong commitment to studies evidence of achievement in studies or within the community

Gerhard Henrik Armauer-Hansen Memorial Scholarship

Scholarships totalling $5,000 are for graduate students in the Faculty of Medicine or the Department of Microbiology and Immunology who are pursuing research into Hansen's...

Donald C. Gibbard Prize in Music Education

It is awarded on the recommendation of the Department of Curriculum Studies, to an outstanding student in Music Education, in the Faculty of Education.

Tax Executive Institute Vancouver Chapter Scholarship

A $2,000 scholarship is offered by the Vancouver Chapter of the Tax Executive Institute to an outstanding undergraduate student entering the fourth year of the Accounting or...

Physiotherapy Association of B.C. Prize

A $150 prize is offered by the Physiotherapy Association of B.C. to a graduating student in the Master of Physical Therapy Program who attains the highest cumulative standing in...

McLean Fraser Memorial Scholarship

Seven scholarships of $1,000 each are offered to graduates of the University of British Columbia with high academic standing and demonstrated outstanding research ability in...

Positron Engineering Scholarship (Senior Year)

Eligible students are registered in the Senior Year in Electrical and Computer Engineering. The scholarship is awarded on the basis of the applicant's academic standing of at...

Cynthia Johnson Evans Award

It is awarded to the student who has consistently demonstrated high standards of clinical practice upon completion of year three in Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound.

Mary Chiarastella Memorial

Criteria: -Second semester -Financial need -Involvement in the SAIT community -Satisfactory first semester marks


Criteria: -Third semester -Academic achievement -Clinical proficiency -Attitude of service to the patient and the community

Bunge Canada

Criteria: -One award for the highest academic achievement -One award for the highest academic achievement in cake decorating -Excellence through perseverance and...

The Dr Neil Campbell Memorial Scholarship

Conditions: Offered annually on the basis of academic achievement to a student entering the fourth year of Honors Geology.