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Anne Molson Prize in Chemistry

For award to a graduating student achieving high academic merit in the Honours program in Chemistry.
Value: $400.

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The Registered Nurses Association of Ontario, Sudbury and District Chapter Bursary

Value: $100. Recipients: students in the Nursing program who are members of the Sudbury and District Chapter and who require financial assistance. Apply in writing to: Mrs. Liz...

Baylis Scholarship

Founded in 1911 in memory of Mr. and Mrs. James Baylis of Montreal. Awarded to a student entering the Second year who is in need of financial assistance and will be renewed if...

Misawa Homes Prize in International Business

To a student in the final year of the B.Com. program for outstanding performance in the International Business Management Concentration Group. To be awarded on recommendation of...

Nicola Tribal Association Award

1st or 2nd year Indigenous/Academic Studies, highest GPA for year. No application. Department selection.

Sales and Marketing Executives of Vancouver James B. Warren Scholarship

The scholarship of $1,500 is available to a student entering the third year of the Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration. The award is made on the recommendation of...

George K. Fujisawa Q.C. Memorial Scholarship

The award is offered to an outstanding student entering Law and is made on the recommendation of the Faculty of Law.

Bruce McColl Memorial Prize in Alternate Dispute Resolution

The award is offered to a student demonstrating excellence in alternate dispute resolution and is made on the recommendation of the Faculty of Law.

Linda and K. C. Mack Bursary in Early Childhood Education

Preference is given to a student taking courses in early childhood education in the Faculty of Education.

Steve House Memorial Scholarship

The award is made to a student in the Faculty of Commerce with preference given to a student who is disabled or has made a concerted effort in his/her schooling while having to...

W. H. MacInnes Memorial Scholarship

Scholarships totalling $5,900 are made to students in the Faculty of Arts.

Adam F. Szczawinski Prize in Botany

The award is made to an undergraduate student of high academic standing in the field of mycology.

Werner Forster Memorial Scholarship in Architecture

Scholarships totalling $2,000 are awarded to students in the architecture program in the School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture. The award is made on the...

James Fraser Memorial Prize

The award is made to a top ranking student in the first year in the M.A.S. program in the School of Library, Archival and Information Studies.

Univlever Canada Undergraduate Award in Environmental Studies

Eligibility: -Environmental Studies applicants -Admission average of 80% or higher -Financial need -Canadian citizen/permanent resident/protected person and Ontario...

Dr. M. Sheila O'Connell Graduate Scholarship in Children's Literature

One scholarship will be awarded in the spring semester to a graduate student majoring in the field of children's literature within the Faculty of Education or the Department of...

The Rod Shoveller Memorial Bursary

The award of $500 is made to a student who is maintaining an acceptable academic standard in the penultimate term of study in any faculty. Award is made on the basis of...

Reginald Hartzler Memorial

Criteria: -Third semester -GPA within the top 25% of the class -Leadership qualities

Alberta Hotel and Lodging Association

Criteria: -Third semester and fourth semester -Financial need -Academic achievement (average or better than average marks) -Hotel industry experience -Interest in...

Colin Main Memorial

Criteria: -Third semester -Financial need -Attitude and aptitude -Preference given to a mature student with dependants

DG Revell Bursary in Dentistry

Conditions: To be awarded annually to a student(s) with satisfactory standing in any year of an undergraduate degree program in Dentistry. Recipient(s) will be selected on the...